Tamil Nadu Liberation Front
For the Liberation of Tamil Nadu from Hindi Brahminist Tranny Dedicated to Tamil Self-Determination and Re-Unification

Free Tamil Nadu !

Map of Vishala (Greater) Tamil Nadu
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Detailed Map of Periya Tamil Nadu
"A Picture says more than a Thousand Words"
This Map symbolises our Goal for a Periya Tamil Nadu
Demands of the TNLF:
  • Secession of Tamil Nadu from the artificial so-called `Indian Union'
  • The Re-Unification of Eelam with liberated Tamil Nadu
  • The Re-Unification of Kerala with liberated Tamil Nadu
  • The Restoration of lost lands to Greater Tamil Nadu, including the Kolar Gold Fields, Malnadu, Lakshadweep Islands, Maledives, and Mauritius.


Rajkumar Released

The aim of releasing Rajkumar was to bring the kindred Dravidian Kannadiga and Tamil peoples closer together in their common struggle against the Hindi Raj. This objective has been largely achieved.

  • Myth of a Tamil-Malayali Divide - Why Kerala is an integral part of Tamil Nadu.

  • Kolar Gold Fields belongs to Tamil Nadu - The fabulous gold fields are part of Tamil history.

  • How the Common Tamil knows his Land is being Exploited - A simple logical reasoning.
  • Map of Tamil Empire, ca. 1030 AD
    (click to enlarge)

    Map of Tamil Empire under Chola Dynasty
    " We salute the Tamils of the Chola Age"
    Our glorious ancestors

    Maran: A True Tamil Warrior
    Maran: Tamil Freedom-Fighter
    Fighting For Tamil Freedom
    We pay tribute to this great Tamil who has vowed to destroy anti-Tamil activities in the so-called "Indian Union"

    Tamil Nadu Liberation Army

  • Veerappan Land a Safe Haven for Pan-Tamil militants - Tamil Nadu's Robin Hood

  • Rise of the TNLA - A short history

  • TNLA in Limelight - How Brigadier Veerappan has brought the TNLA to limelight
  • Brigadier Veerappan

    Veerappan: Tamil Robin Hood
    Brigadier Veerappan, hero of

    Time, Aug. 14, 2000, Vol.156, No.7
    "Like a modern-day Robin Hood, he helps the poor with money but demands absolute loyalty in return"

    Brig. Veerappan, who has been dubbed `Robin Hood' by Time Magazine

  • `Even One Lakh Commandos would not be Enough' - STF Chief admits he can never catch Brigadier Veerappan

  • `The electric shocks were invariably applied to the genitals' - The Times of India reveals that the Indian police "puts the Nazis to shame"

  • Veerappan: Father of Periya Tamil Nadu - The Week Veerappan is raising a "huge army" to create a Periya Tamil Nadu or Greater Tamil Nadu.

  • Veerappan versus Vajpayee - Comparing Veerappan, Rajiv Gandhi and Jayalalitha.

  • " Supreme Court is telling the People to follow Veerappan " - Arundhati Roy reveals the Supreme Court's message to the people of the so-called Indian Union

  • Veerappan versus Chanakya - by Dalit Voice Veerappan and Harshad Mehta

  • Veerappan to Lead Tamil Independance Movement - by Yahoo! Veerappan the Freedom-Fighter

  • Veerappan puts TNLA in Limelight - In praise of Veerappan

  • The Moral World of Veerapan - In praise of Veerappan

Brigadier Veerappan and 
Major Sethukuli Govindan, pay homage to 
Tamil Flag Brigadier Veerappan and Major Sethukuli Govindan, pay homage to Grenadier Tamilarasan, the founder of the TNLA, (Sept. 1), under the flag of the TNLA, Photo Courtesy Nakeeran

  • Confidential STF Report on Murdering Veerappan - by Government of India : The secret STF report, leaked to the us, the TNLA and Veerappan revealing how the Union Government is planning to kill Veerappan. Veerappan knows all that the Government plans

  • The Veerapan Controversy - by Rediff Archive of news articles on Veerappan; some more articles at rediff relating to Abduction of Rajkumar

  • India Info News - by IndiaInfo Archive of news articles on Veerappan

  • India Express - by IndiaExpress Archive of news articles on Veerappan

  • Indya.com - by Indya Archive of news articles on Veerappan

  • Frontline: Calling the Tune - by Frontline A few anti-Veerappan articles.
  • This Website

    The Indian media has launched a massive negative publicity blitz against this site, forcing many of our cadre to go underground. The Indian government has registered a case against this site in a blatant attempt to censor the internet. Home minister Advani and Information Minister Pramod Mahajan have `taken note of' the FIR registered against this site by Tamil Nadu police. Their actions violate the very spirit of the Indian constitution. This website abides by the Indian constitution, which guarantees Free Speech. Our defence and responses to the charges levelled shall appear here soon.

  • Fist-fights in Indian Parliament over TNLF website - The Telegraph
  • TNLA begins cyber battle for greater Tamil Nadu - India Today
  • Policing TNLF website impossible: Karnataka CM - Karnataka CM tries to make his Hindian colleagues understand that their actions are futile
  • At last, Chera Nadu's liberation is here ! - Sunday Express
  • Tamil Extremist plot thickes - by Deccan Herald
  • Former PM downloads deadly secret - by Hindustan Times
  • Nedumaran condemns `hue and cry' over website - by The Hindu
  • Dismiss DMK Government because of website: Congress - by The Hindu
  • Vaiko 'cannot comment' on TLNF website - by The Hindu
  • `Concrete proof' against T.N. CM, says Jayalalitha - by The Hindu
  • TN: Jayalalitha demands dismissal of DMK Govt. - by The Hindu
  • Central Action sought against website - by The Hindu
  • 'Secessionist websites': police seek Central help - by The Hindu
  • Veerappan `caught' on the Net - by Indian Express Dec 8, 2000
  • TNLF goes on the Internet - by The Hindu 6 Dec. 2000
  • We would like to thank our regular visitors who have continued to visit this site despite the negative publicity blitz in the (H)Indian media. Despite the virulent hatred spewed against this site, patriotic Tamils all across the world have made this the most popular secessionist website in India.


  • Why Independence for Tamil Nadu from Indian Rule ? - by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • Hindi Imposition and Sanskrit Imperialism - by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • Hindi Imposition and Independence for Tamil Nadu - by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • Hindi Imposition through Indian Embassies - by Parameshwari Balakrishnan
  • Map of Hindia
    (click to enlarge)

    Map of Hindia, the so-called Indian Union
    The So-Called "Indian Union"

  • Further Economic Plunder of Non Hindi States of India - by K. Anantharaman
  • Sanskrit is their Father Language - by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • Rice, Wheat and Hindi - by T. Ranganathan
  • Vajpayee, You Ignorant Idiot! by A. P. Thangamani Another Lie from Pandit Vajpayee ?
  • Vajpayee's Big Lie about Hindi and Annadurai by K. Chezhian More Lies !
  • 2 Dogs and Hindi by K. Chezhian
  • Hindians take over more power in India by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • Hindi Weeks and Hindi Fortnights by Anon.
  • Quotes on Hindi Imposition by tamiltribune
  • Tamil Nationalism

  • Tamil Nadu has Nothing to Cheer about the Indian Atomic Bomb by Usha Ramanathan
  • Mauritian Tamils Rise up to Protect Tamil by
  • Remove All Indian Military Bases from Tamil Nadu by Usha Ramanathan Hindian Army out of Tamil Nadu !
  • Tamils are Unfit for self-rule (independence) in Tamil Nadu A Debate
  • Sikh-Tamil Nadu Collaboration for Freedom from Indian Rule by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • Indian Government Interferes in State Sales Tax by V. P. Govindarajan
  • Tribute to the Tamil Martyrs of 1965 by Inia Pandian
  • Indian Government Blocks Tamil Development into the Twenty First Century by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • World Reaction to Pakistan and Sri Lanka: A Comparison by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • Who is this Perunchiththiranar? by Thanjai Nalankilli
  • Tamil Nadu has no Dogs in the India-Pakistan Wars over Kashmir by Usha Ramanathan
  • Sanskritisation of Internet Tamil by Inia Pandian
  • The Demand for Dravida Nadu by Nambi Arooran (at Tamil Nation)
  • Brahminism and the Tamil Nation at Tamil National Forum
  • India's Vietnam: The IPKF in Sri Lanka at Rediff How Tamil Tigers defeated the fourth-largest army in the world. Now it is time to defeat the Union Army in Tamil Nadu itself.
  • A call for Partition at Rediff Documenting the rise of Tamil secessionism.
  • Tamil.net List at Tamil.net
  • Tamil History Forum at Maiyam
  • Liberation War !

    Tamil Flag
    Another Flag
    Flag of Vishala Tamil Nadu

    Another Flag

    Collapse of the Brahminist Empire
    by Gandasa

    Excellent political analysis by a Sikh predicting the fall of the Hindi Raj

    Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded
    by Hadwa Dom

    The Indian Union is composed of several different races and religions. We Tamils are racially predominantly Negroid Shaiva by religion.

    Self-Defence Manuals
    Guides to Self-Protection

    Due to the negative publicity blitz in the Indian media, we have had to remove the self-defence and warfare manuals from our site, which our web-hosts do not permit us to host. Another website will be set up on another host to provide this important information to our cadres all across Vishala Tamil Nadu. All our cadres, stay tuned.

    The Brahmin Nuclear Bomb
    at Dalitstan Journal

    Index at Dalitstan Journal


  • Tamil Eelam Maps - by Tamil Canadian 13 maps
  • Tamil History

    Bible of Aryan Invasions by Uthaya Naidu

    The Aryan invasion and genocide of Sudroids vividly depicted.

    The Sudroid (Indo-Negroid) Race by Hari Rao

    The Negroid descent of Sudras (Dalits and Dravidians) vividly proven by this book.

    Brahmin Gold by Shankar Nadar

    3500 years of Brahminist Exploitation of Tamil Nadu


    Selected Writings of N. Satyendra
    at Tamil Nation

    An intelligent columnist, this writer's motto is `Proud to be Tamil'

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    Tamil Tribune
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    Tamil Nationalist Association

    Sudra Holocaust Museum

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    Dalit-Dravidian Unity

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    Vote for
    Dravidian and Dalit Parties
    (DMK, PMK, BSP, Dalit Sena, etc.)


    Savarna Brahminist and Hindi Parties
    (Congress, BJP, etc.)

    which have systematically destroyed Tamil language and murdered thousands of innocent Dravidians for the last fifty years. The forging of a common Black `Sudra' front consisting of Dalits and Dravidians must be the foremost goal, followed by our

    Support Pan-Negroism

    around the world. All Black nations share a common Negro heritage, and must remain united.

    Please visit the homepage of Dalitstan Organisation to find out how you can support the Pan-Tamil cause.


    From the jungles of Tamil Nadu,
    Tamil Nadu Liberation Front.

    Dalitstan Organisation