The African Dispersal in the Deccan

From Medieval to Modern Times

Shanti Sadiq Ali.

ISBN 81-250-0485-8
996, xiii, 260 p., $24.50

  1. Preface, Introduction.
  2. Perceptions of the Deccan.
  3. Patterns of African immigration.
  4. Muslim penetration of the Deccan: Malik Kafur.
  5. The Afaqi-Dakhani feuds under the Bahmanis.
  6. The Nizam Shahi dynasty.
  7. The Bijapur Kingdom.
  8. Golkonda, berar and Khandesh.
  9. The Siddis of Janjira.
  10. The importation of Arabs and Africans into Hyderabad.
  11. The Portuguese and the slave trade.
  12. The Siddis of Karnataka.
  13. The Africans on the Coromandel coast.
  14. Manumitted slaves and India.
  15. Index.

From the Jacket of the Book

"One of the few studies of its kind, this book provides a historical overview of the African heritage in India from medieval to modern times. It focusses on the African dispersal in the Deccan region covering modern Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, the Coromandel Coast and western coastal India

"Beginning with their inception into the Deccan as slaves or mercenaries in local armies, we see how the Habshis integrated and were assimilated into Indian society. Some rose to the ranks of nobility and held high office in the Bahmani Kingdom, under the Nizam Shahis (1498-1634), the Adil Shahis (1500-1650), the Qutb Shahis of Golkonda (1512-1687) and the Asif Jahis (1724-1948) the most notable being Malik Ambar. Unlike most immigrant minorities, the Africans made a significant contribution to the social, political and cultural history of the Deccan."

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