Our Race, Our Blood Brothers …

[The first time I read DV, I was excited, horrified and scared. I chanced to comment my friend "This fellow VT Rajasekar is working hard for our progress. But I don’t know why he irritates US after all US is less evil. His anti Indian writings scares me." My friend solemnly said. "If you understand what real freedom is and if you know freedom is your birth right and if you know what present state of our people is, then you cannot compromise with them, you cannot forgive them. No compromise, No pardon." As I was not able to understand and appreciate it, I kept his words in mind to meditate on. Finally those words incited me to write this essay.]

Our problem is purely racial. Racism is a system of social differentiation based on an ideology that certain groups are genetically / biologically inferior. We have been facing hatred and anger without any provocation from our part or any other sensible reason. We have not been getting any co-operation and encouragement. No wonder, present Indian culture is the culture that rapes a rape victim and respects the rapist. [Proof is given separate]

We are given the hope they will consider us as one of them. But they, Aryan people, have their own racial beliefs and hence cannot consider us as one of them. They do not have any reasons to do so as we are inferior. [People without self esteem is inferior indeed]

We dream, think and wish that we have physical features of Aryan people. Actually this is a recent phenomenon that started after 1900 with massive Hindu conversion of SC/ST/BC people. Media like newspaper, TV and Radio, Hindu myths and Hindu purannas, myths, and beliefs brainwash us to believe Aryan features are superior and ideal. If you cannot visualise how you look like, you cannot have self-esteem. So we do not have self-esteem, and without self-esteem nobody can have a successful life.

Saddest thing is that govt. servants among SC/ST people in an urge to be part of Aryan society deny racial connotation of Castism. Sometimes they even deny the existence of Castism just to show the world they are also respectable people.

There is no point in blaming Aryan people. They cannot treat us equal, as we are inferior in physical features as well as psychological features. By physical features we are inferior, because Aryan people think so, we believe so and present dominant media empower such beliefs. Such beliefs cause lack of self-esteem and it in turn affect our performance and hence make us psychologically inferior.

So reasons of all kind of our inferiority are purely psychological and not real. (As till date, science does not find any race is intellectually superior.) We think that our physical features, cultural practices and customs are inferior. Such irrational thoughts make us inferior.

We must understand that we are racially different (i.e. Physical features are different). We must try to show and prove that we are really superior. Strike back, Excel them.

We must understand that we have our own different and separate culture, history, language and religion. We must recognise, recover and empower our culture, history, language and religion. Or accept a religion that gives you equal respect and controls you and makes you progress.

But converting to another religion or whatever you do or wherever you go, your race, your physical features will not change. You need not, you should not feel ashamed of your physical features that are characteristic of your race. Be proud of being yourself. And think your features are unique and distinguishable. It makes you getting individuality and a special fine personality. Love, respect, understand and proud of your race, your people. Stop watching movies / TV serials. Always be vigilant of aggression by Aryan culture, present dominant culture which insult you and inject you such shame. Proud of your race. identify your blood brothers.

Proof for "Present Indian culture is the culture that rapes a rape victim and respects the rapist".

    1. Hindus practised untouchability (raped culture of SC/ST/BC people) Once realised their mistake, they should have admired and learned from culture of SC/ST/BC people. Instead they insist SC/ST/BC people to follow their customs, practices (respecting the rapist) and they project customs and practices of SC/ST/BC people are inferior (again raping the culture of SC/ST/BC people)
    2. People of AP, Karnataka and Kerala respect Sanskrit and declare it as mother of all language (respecting the rapist). That concept is not taught in any university / school as part of syllabus. But teachers and dominant Aryan media make such impression. Moreover learning Sanskrit is encouraged by giving more marks to Sanskrit papers comparing to other language papers. They despise (again raping) Tamil as an uncultured / unrefined language. If English is raping Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, then definitely Sanskrit must have raped these languages.
    3. MK Gandhi requested Hindus (the rapist) to absorb SC/ST people as if Hindu culture is role model and ideal. He tried to change culture of SC/ST people (rape victim) as if their culture is inferior.
    4. Take any Indian rape case. The Indian culture rapes the rape victim socially and supports the rapist. In other countries, society gives moral and mental support to the rape victim. Respects her and sympathies with her. Here in India, dominant society ostracise her, blame her, despises her, mock at her, hurt her honour/feelings and even do not allow her to live.