It would be proper to start any conversation about India and Pakistan's
current situation with a thorough understanding of what exactly is
behind the enmity that continues today.  This conflict began about 3,000
years ago when nomadic Eurasian barbarians called "Aryans" infltrated in
trickles, in sweeps and through the use of flooding into what was a pure
Black nation with a race of Blacks (called Dasas) by the invaders.
The aboriginal and ancient Blacks of India created a magnificent
civilization similar to what existed in Egypt, Elam, Mesopotamia, Kush
and parts of Africa. In fact, it is well known in African history, that
Orirus (Ausar) migrated from Sudan (Ta-Seti) and established colonies
and cities in Egypt, Mesopotamia and India.  In fact two great ancient
cities called Nysa were built both in ancient Egypt and India by Osirus.
Hence, the original people of India were the two branches of the Black
race found in Africa and Asia.  They were the Black Negro-Australoids
similar to Australian Aborigines and Tribal Indians orBlack Untouchables
(see the book Black Untouchables of India www.clarity  or see
"Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and
Wealth," pub by ).  The other group in India were the
Negroids or Negritic people with curly and kinky hair still found in
Kerela, Orissa, Andaman Islands and in other parts of India.  These two
Black groups of proto-historic African racial origins fused to create
India's population, which is about half of the present population of
India today.  Most of these Blacks (300 million Black Tribals and 300
million Black Untouchables/Dalits) are among the most oppressed people
on earth and the longest of any people to be under oppression.
Millions of Blacks wiped out during long periods of war in India
Those who think that the Hindu vs Muslim problem in India  is the very
first time there has been such conflict where huge amounts of people
have been eliminated due to wars should read the history of Ashoka, the
Indian warrior king who wiped out so many of his enemies that he
repented.  They should read the attempt to systematically exterminate
millions of Black Negro-Australoid Dravidian speakers in Northern India
by the Aryan speakers from Eurasia, and the continued oppression and
enslavement of the descendants of these Negro-Australoids who compose of
the lowest castes in India today.
See more on this at "Sudrology."
Let is get one fact straight.  India is a land of thousands of castes
(tribes), hundreds of languages and many races and subraces.  The three
major races in India are the Negro-Australoids who are of African
origins and who have been genetically tested and found to be genetically
identical to Africans and cluster to Africans in 99 percent of all
genetic markers.  There are two major groups, the Black Untouchables or
Dalits who are about 300 million and the Black Tribals who live in the
remote forests and regions who are about 300 million.  The other major
group are the Indo-Aryans/Mediterraneans who live in places like Punjab
and the "Cowbelt" of the Northern parts of India and who are genetically
close to Europeans, genetically cluster towards Europeans and speak
languages related to European languages.  That group is in the Hundreds
of millions of people.  India also has a sizable Mongoloid population
living in the North-Eastern regions close to Tibet, China and Nepal.
They are called Jats, and like Blacks, they are also suffering from the
racist caste system of India, which has been the main catalyst for
thousands of years of war, including past wars that can be compared in
magnitude of slaughter only to nuclear wars.
The term "Black" and "Negro" and "Africoid" fits the aboriginal people
of India to a tee, because various groups in Africa are related to these
Blacks of India both racially and linguistically.  One finds languages
similar to Gond of India to the Gala or Omoro of Ethiopia.  One finds
members of the Black Naga tribes in India (there are also mongoloid
Nagas), similar in language and appearance to the Black Naga people of
Sudan an the Nago-Mina of West Africa. 
 All these groups have their origins in what was an emmense prehistoric
Black Cushite Empire (the first one built after the Flood by Cush and
Nimrod (Nimrod wore the helmet with one ram's horn in the middle).  In
fact, parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India is in the Hindu Kush
range.  Kush was one of the sons of Ham.  Ham is said to be the father
of the Black race after the flood (although many African traditions
point to a flood only in the Mediterranean regions). 
The oppression of Black Untouchables, Black Tribals, Black Siddis and
other groups in India is beyond anything that one sees in other lands on
this planet.  Black Untouchables who live in country areas are still
living in a state of semi-slavery, where they are obligated and forced
to do the worse types of jobs (such as carrying dead animals and
cleaning toilets).  In fact anyone who watches the movie "Ghandi," will
see the scene when Ghandi asked his wife to clean the toilet and she
mentions something about having an "untouchable" do it, or she was not
an "untouchable."  
Hence, when we think of who and which group of people in India is
steaming furiously with three thousand years of suppressed anger and who
has the potential to start a Black revolution in Asia that will
radically change Asia from India to New Caledonia, it is the Black
nation of India and the Black Melanesians/Papuans of West Papua.
Many of today's Pakistanis are descended from people who were severely
oppressed in India, according to Indian sources (see or the book, "Black Untouchables of India,"  or the book, "Susu Economics," pub. by ).  Before the Muslims and Muslim East Africans arrived
in India, the ancient religions of India dominated the region.  Many
lived under the system of caste.  The Muslims are said to have made some
changes and brought about more equality (see "Black Untouchables...").
Enemity between these groups in India flared up before the partition of
India and was made worse by it.
The world community except for Africans in Africa, the Americas, the
Caribbean and elsewhere and a few activists in Europe, have absolutely
no idea about the racial-castist problem in India, which was implemented
by the invader Eurasians as early as 1000 years B.C., when the concept
of "varna" or "color consciousness," was applied in an apartheid like
system to control the Blacks of India who were constantly fighting the
Aryan-speakers from the northern wilderness of Eurasia.
The religion brought to India by the invaders is said to have been used
to establish a four tier system of castes with Brahmins at the top,
Kshatryas or warriors next, Shopkeepers next (like many of these in the
U.S. whom Blacks find repugnant and classify as racists), Shudras who
included lots of aboriginal Blacks with some mixed people, who did the
menial work...and finally the Black Untouchables (today not all
Untouchables are darkskinned with Negro-Australoid features).  The Black
Untouchable was called untouchable because to the high castes, touching
a Black untouchable was an abomination.  Then there were the "unseables"
in which seeing one was an abomination.  Finally the "unthinkables," in
which thinking about a Black untouchable was an abomination.  NO THINK
One of the worlds greates men, Buddha is said to have broken away from
the religions of the Brahmins due to the oppression he felt. Buddha
according to M. Gopinath, was of the Naga race, and belonged to the
Sakya Clan. Representations of Buddha portray him as Black with kinky
hair and African features especially in ancient Thai, Indian and SE
Asian art during the eriod of 300 B.C. to 1200 A.D., a period when much
of South and South East Asia still had large Black Negrito and
Negro-Australoid (Dravidian speaking) kingdoms and empires such as the
Khmer (Khmet means = Black, in ancient Egyptian).
Buddha formed his own sect based on the way things were (read this great
work, "Nagaloka: The Fractured History and Forgotten Glory of the
Bahujan Inians," by M. Gopinath, Dalit Sahitya Sanghatane, No. 8 North
Street, Neelasandra, Bangalore, 560 047   INDIA }
He was fighting and working to improve the lives of the Blacks and other
oppressed peoples of India.  
This fact  of Budha's Black origins and his fight against the world's
first form of institutionalized, sanctified racism is never mentioned
when people talk about Buddha or Budhism.  In fact, they shamefully
brush away the fact that Buddha was most likely a Black Naga Prince.
(See more details on the Black history of India and Asia from this
world-famous text, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade,
Commerce, Money and Wealth," published by 1stbooks Library, 2595 Vernal
Pike, Bloomington, Indiana 47404  U.S.A 1(800) 839-8640
previews also at
The Black Negro-Australoid population of India who live in great
concentrations in southern and eastern India (see Map of Pan-Negroland ), are among India's most ancient people of the
continent.  They are enrooted in India's past, present and future and
there is no way any Negro-Australoid Indian whose ancestors were the
original people of the entire Indian subcontinent as well as Pakistan
and ancient Afghanistan, will sit back and watch ore of their lands
being destroyed.  Hence, unity among India's Black Negro-Australoids of
the Dravidian Cushitic languages is very, very important. IT IS TIME TO
unite with other Blacks in Africa, Melanesia, the Americas, Latin
America and Australia/South Pacific on working on idea to protect and
advance all Blacks in all lands.
If South Asia is going to be saved from the nightmare that is part of
the Eurasian mentality, it is time that all the Blacks of South India,
Black Dalits, Black Untouchables, Black Tribals, Negroes,  Negritoes, as
well as Negritic peoples from around Asia, Africa and the
Americas/Europe....alll unite and make known their opinions on the
issues.  Are we going to sit aside and watch a potential nuclear
holocaust wipe out about one third of the world's Black population?
Indians and Pakistanis as well a people in Africa, the America and
elsewhere should consider that.  Neither the Semites who have forced
their religions on Blacks nor the Europeans care one bit.  As long as
Black (darkskinned) peoples of the earth are destroying themselves, that
is less they have to worry about.  That is why the promote abortion and
birthcontrole in nations likeAfrica, India the Caribbean and Black
America, Black Latin America.  That is why instead of helping to destroy
AIDS, they are charging fortunes for AIDS medicine...and right now, they
are praying that India and Pakistan destroy each other, that AIDS wipe
out Africans in Africa, and racists in South America continue to
eliminate Black people in places like Brazil.
But...we shall overcome...we shall prevail.