Darwin’s Theorem and Social Set-up

Darwin’s theorems are not a mere explanation of present and past living forms. But it can be used for explanation of any kind of evolution.

Let us first examine what a social set-up is. Social set-up is characterised by its culture, customs, attitude, outlook, practices and its beliefs. A good culture is always tolerant and respectful of other cultures. It is always receptive and appreciative of new ideas, initiatives and practices of other culture perhaps as well as its own people. Its beliefs, attitude and outlook will not be static but continuously progress to be better. It forces to not harm interests of weaker-sections (the handicapped / the aged) but to help them. It always promotes well-being of all (including people of other culture) even at the cost of its people's expense. It imparts its values to other culture in a healthier, harmless way. It assimilates other culture by assimilating their good features.

But if you examine good cultures like Mayan culture of North America vanished from the earth by dominant European culture. As Jawaharlal Nehru noted, a younger civilisation is more aggressive but an older civilisation is more matured and peace loving. But why certain cultures are surviving, leaving behind certain other culture extinct such as dinosaurs of Jurassic age. Jawaharlal Nehru said a society also acts like individual if we consider the behaviour and activities of it in a higher perspective.

Let us examine evolution of society.

A self-replicating molecule (a molecule itself a catalyst for its synthesis) is the most primitive and the first form of life. Accidentally such different molecules joined together with different types self-replicating molecules, which are performing different functions but beneficial to the existence of whole molecules in the system. Such a system of different types of molecules that can exist and survive is formed and so living cells are evolved or remained. Similarly multy cell livings beings also evolved or survived. Sexual living beings produced offspring with wide range of features. Nature could not wipe all of such offspring. So sexual living beings evolved in faster rate

Struggle for existence is basic instinct of each and every individual animal of any species. But in next level, each individual understood its individual existence depends on the existence of its species. So some species like ants, elephants, monkeys and Homo sapiens (i.e. Man) become social beings.

Now let us concentrate on human societies. Men in Nile valley settlement (Egypt and African Continent), Saraswathy valley settlement (Harappa and Indian subcontinent) etc. need not fight against nature. Because their geographical area of settlement is human inhabitable in cultivation wise as well as climate wise. But men in European, Middle Asia had to fight against scorching hot climate and icy cold climate respectively. Those people took time to settle down. But in this process they acquired certain skills and learned many things about how to struggle for survival.

As their area was difficult terrain, they had to fight and try to control nature. They had to be very alert. They had to be exploring nature, curious. They had to be observant and objectively analytical. More over they were ready to take advice from and to copycat other successful people. So they learned many useful things from other developed civilisations.

As man is a thinking animal and these started to think in different ways and brain stormed with ideas of other men. Larger avenues of development got opened. But their major victory was thinking on evolution. That line of thinking was natural to them, because survival was their daily chore. So they did evolution on evolution theory.

They got successful in controlling nature, other animals and they found that next step was to control and exploit other societies. So they started. They found new dimensions to struggle for existence and survival. The struggle for existence and survival is better way achieved by struggle for dominance on other societies to exploit. In this struggle, for better benefits (i.e. Survival) they compromised and tied-up with other societies which are also aspirant of dominance of other powerless societies.

So a new social order came into effect. People who fight and attack others to dominate and exploit started to cooperate each other for mutual benefit. If any body else / any other society else challenge this social order and become dangerous, the new social-order uses warning, threat, appeasement and all other possible methods against him/them. If all else fails, the new social order will soon get tie-up with him/them. Because as any other living forms, this social order also possesses the instinct to exist and survive.

Next step of evolution in social set-up is keeping the dominance. It may appear very easy. Like any upraising against should be soon nipped in the bud. But introduction of money (which also keep dominance and help to exploit) made matters worse. If US isolate other poor countries, then there is no use of their money power. Because money gives power in dealings and interactions. So again need for dominance invent newer ideas for the evolution of social set-up.

Keeping the exploited society always submissive, making aspirations and mentality of the exploited always submissive is given priority. A new social set-up evolved which encourages the same thing. A new culture that encourages, glorifies, elevates, dignifies and justifies the same thing is framed for all including the dominant and the submissive.

When some disaster endangering exisatnce of whole man kind, is imminent, the whole man kind will come togther stopping the exploitation for a while. But funniest thing is that, sometimes the opressor comes with a fictitious disaster, or a real disater which affects only the opressor and project it as a disater to the whole or the exploited. Then the opressor will be able to stop the fight of the exploited and get their cooperation.

One millinon dollar question is what the next step of evolution in social set-up will be.


So importance of dominance and exploitation in Evolution theory demands careful analysis on the topic exploitation.

Controlling and utilizing nature, other species, and individual of same species is need of better survival and existence. For that one needs constant, tireless observation and learning about the subject to be exploited. One has to act continuously, systematic and disciplined way to exploit and keep the exploited always under exploitation.

Exploitation is mainly restricting one’s freedom and making one to yield to demands by promising complete / partial / fictitious freedom. Making one to be powerless and hence vulnerable for exploitation is another method. We must know different types of possible exploitation so that we could cope up. Let us examine different types of exploitation.

  1. Exploiting by use of muscle power: - Restricts all kind of freedom except freedom on thought

Exploiting by muscle power is primitive and basic form of exploitation. But now a days it is not so predominant.

2. Exploiting instincts -: Not restricting any freedom but allowing one to restrict his own freedom

We exploit animals using its basic instincts. But we can exploit man using his social instincts like need of recognition and acceptance.

  1. Exploiting using addictive foods -: Restrict freedom to choose
  2. We, Keralaites use this method to snatch away land of Kerala adivasees by giving alcohol and making them alcoholic.

  3. Exploiting using addictive habits -: Not restricting any freedom but allowing one to restrict his own freedom
  4. Usually governments use TV, festivals, and games to turn the attention of people form serious matters and keep them engaged in activities which is not detrimental to the government.

  5. Exploiting using wrong spirituality (‘Athmeeyatha’)
  6. Restricts freedom to think and choose

    Meaning of Spirituality is widely misunderstood.

    Spirituality that is the guiding priciple and main force motivating a man to think and act is set of beliefs that he considers great and noble. So spirituality is different for different people. Every man needs and must have spirituality.

    Brainwashing and implanting a wrong spirituality ( ‘great, noble ideas’ ) is a difficult but a best way to exploit. Once we implant, we can always exploit without any difficulty. It will become the duty of exploited to serve and sacrifice.

    Finding out right spirituality that is not against life missions, and interest of the generations is the only remedy against this type of exploitation.

  7. Exploiting by implanting wrong core beliefs.
  8. Controlled pessimism is essential for survival. But uncontrolled optimism and unlimited positive thinking is projected as panacea for all problems.

  9. Exploiting by terrorising. -: Restricts freedom to choose
  10. By frightening, one can control others and make them yield to his demands and force to compromise.

  11. Exploiting by not allowing communication and assembling. -: Restricts freedom to speak, convey, communicate and canvas.
  12. By preventing united and hence making vulnerable, it is easy to exploit. Oppressed people are made to think assembling together is against noble ideas and ethics of the society that is exploiting them. So these people never come together and form a society for their survival.

  13. Exploiting by spoiling self-esteem -: Restricts freedom to think
  14. You may think it is very difficult to exploit this way. Surely you cannot exploit a man who knows to think without restrictions. But you can find this kind of exploitation. The dominant society imposes a moral values and culture that overt project well being of the society as a whole but deceptively promote features of the dominant section as ideal features. Moreover such moral values and culture project features of oppressed peoples as bad features. A man without self-esteem has only one way to his survival and existence, toil as a slave, and please the one who he thinks perfect ( usually the fellow who killed his self esteem).

  15. Exploiting by guilty feeling -: Result of lack of freedom to think
  16. We convince one our culture as his culture. Since it is not his culture, he will likely to violate some cultural practices. Since his desire to be part of the dominant society and culture, he can be made to sacrifice his freedom.

  17. Exploiting by social customs and social recognition -: Result of freedom to think
  18. Untouchabilty still prevailing in some parts of India is exploitation by social customs.

    To get social recognition, one has to comply with the dominant society. If he goes back to his culture or develop one’s own culture, he will be denied social recognition. Here freedom of creativity is denied. The oppressed man is made to feel that some thing is wrong with him, whereas something is wrong with gauging/grading system and the people who make him feel so.

  19. Exploiting trust, goodwill, promise and integrity -: Result of freedom to think and observe
  20. The man to be oppressed is treated and recognised as trustworthy, man of integrity, goodwill. The man may be convinced of his trustworthiness, integrity and goodwill. Then it is his burden to prove his trustworthiness, integrity and goodwill. Then the man is trapped and promised or made him feel guilty and hence force him to serve.

  21. Exploiting by false promise, false interpretation and cheating -: Result of lack of thinking and observing
  22. Giving false promise and exploit. When the exploited got angry and emotional, trap him to do mistakes. Flatter / praise him and make him cool down. Then give him false interpretation of what has happened. This process may repeat again and again. Another intepretation may give to this process of repetition also. This kind of outright cheating for exploitation is not rare.

  23. Exploiting by giving some others to exploit. -: Restricts freedom to choose
  24. Exploited people are given another society to exploit, plunder and rape. The exploited people are busy with exploiting their slaves and forget to fight for real freedom. Exploited people are not given full freedom to explit their slaves. Right to exploit is given to them on belalf of their oppressors. So the exploited is always happy and thankful to their oppressors.

  25. Exploiting by implanting wrong ideas of rights, duties -: Restricts freedom to think
  26. This kind exploitation was pervasive in India.

  27. Exploiting by utilising weakness
  28. By careful study and analysis, one’s weakness is found and exploiting this weakness.

  29. Exploiting submissiveness
  30. Submissive nature, lack of interest in domination is used to dominate and exploit.

  31. Exploiting by allowing to be comfortable
  32. This is seemingly the type of exploitation by terrorising. But exploited people are allowed to be happy, comfortable, exist and survive only if they serve and empower their exploiters to dominate and exploit them. This done through social obligations that seems applicable to all but only applicable to the oppressed people. This is ultimate form of exploitation

  33. Exploiting by restricting hopes/ambitions
  34. Being equal to the dominant class is made a noble idea. Dreams / hopes of oppressed people are restricted to the idea of equality. But Struggle for survival through Fighting for Domination is the only way out.

  35. Exploitation for mutual benefit.

Exploiting each other for mutual benefit is healthier way of exploitation. The cornerstone of any society is this principle

The one who lost the freedom to think can be exploited umpteen number of ways. For example, he can be exploited for protecting him from imaginary enemies and dangers.

Dominance and Submission

Never allow dominance in any areas and never be submissive in any areas. Some areas of domination and submission are

Direct dominance is dominating by chaining

Spiritual dominance is implanting wrong spirituality

Mental dominance is restricting freedom to think

Belief / faith dominance is justifying through wrong beliefs

Muscle power dominance is self-explanatory

Cultural dominance is establishing one’s culture / features best, noble and ideal

Social dominance is establishing through social customs/obligations

Finance dominance is dominance of the rich on the poor

Esteem dominance is domination by oppressor with esteem on esteem less people

Ethics dominance is dominance through deciding ethics and avoiding the chance of thinking real ethics and moral values of oppressors.

Govern submission is how to control and govern is decided by some other dominant section.


Never lose Control and freedom on

Do not allow culture or any other influence to steal away ultimate freedoms.

Ultimate freedoms are

Tactics, strategy, theory and phylosophy of exploitation evolved to a higher level, it is very difficult for the exploited to stop it. If your people are exploited, they need motivation and encouragement. A lot of wounds needs to be heeled. Their mentality should be changed. Their confidence and self-esteem is to be boosted up. Their moral outlook and attitue is to be corrected. They have to be trained to understand the bitter truth of world.

So We must nurture, nurse, motivate, encourage, sympathise, recognize, validate, love, understand and respect our own people.

We must proud of our people. Learn, listen, observe, deduce and be disciplined against our momentary whims and fancies is our duty. We must keep in mind that working for our life missions is our responsibility.

Karna Factor

SC people have Karna factor which influence their every actions. It is based on Hindu Purananna story. Karna, son of a therally who rides chariot, mistakenly killed a cow. That cow was belonged to a Brahmin. He cursed Karna that at the crucial time he would forget what he had learned. The story goes this way that Karna forgot what he had learned and got killed in the war. If Karna had realized that killing cows of Brahmins is a great service and it was his duty to kill that Brahmin and burn his body and bury the ashes deeply so as not harm trees and other animals. If he had done so, then at the crucial time he would have remembered whatever he forget.

Remember you have got special talents. It is the destiny of the history, you must perform well at the crucial time. Understood Karna factor and avoid it. I did that and now I’m happy. My perofomance got better. I told this to my friends, they also experimented and found it good.