RE: Representation of Dalits and Tribals in Indian Census 2001

Dear Sir:

It is a great privilege for me to write to you on behalf of the over 250 million Dalits and about 150 Tribals in the great nation of India. Indeed, I am writing for the benefit of the entire Indian population, because the success of India depends heavily on the well being of all ethnic and social groups within the nation. As president of Dalitstan, I have great interest in the wellbeing of the Indian subcontinent.

I am writing to propose that Dalits and Tribals be represented as their own distinct groups in the Indian census. In previous censuses these groups have been classified together with other classes of Hindus. This in itself is not bad, except that due to the economic and social makeup of our society, this has led to the neglect of Dalits and Tribals in social and political decisions. I propose that should these groups be given distinct representations in the census, this would enhance their development and the consequent advancement of our nation.

To illustrate the importance of this phenomenon, I would humbly refer you to the representation of various racial groups in the census of the United States of America. American history provides valuable lessons for all nations. There is no doubt that the U.S. has achieved significant economic and social advancement partly because of improved representation of all racial groups in the nation. My hypothesis is that similar results would follow from adequate representation of Dalits and Tribals in the Indian census.

I am not alone in proposing this amendment in the Indian census. Several intellectuals and political leaders of our day have made similar observations. This amendment will encourage self-identification and desire for prosperity among Dalits and Tribals, which will in turn enhance literacy and advancement among the entire Indian population.

I am aware that this issue may warrant further discussion, and I do hope that we can contribute meaningfully to a constructive discussion that will result in a change of mutual benefit for all Indians. We appreciate your leadership of our nation and I hope that this proposal will meet your favorable consideration.



Helen Heklund

President: Dalitstan