The Honourable Chief Justice, Madras High Court,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Permanent Address of the Applicant:

Mr.Shaji.C.Kumar S/O Mr.T.Chenthilathipan and Mrs.K.Padmavathy, Sri Padmam, Kalluvettan Kuzhy,Kollemcode,Pin : 629 160, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.

Tel No: (04651) 246 373

Present Address:

Mr. Shaji.C.Kumar, Scientist "B", Analytical Chemistry Division,

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Government of India, Department of Atomic Energy, Trombay, Mumbai- 400 085,India

Tel No: +91-022-5590311 (Office) E-mail id:


Respected Sirs / Madam,

Sub: Cold-blooded murder of Late Shri.Shelin.C.Kumar on 12-06-2002 at Team Computer Education, Archana Building, Near Kollemcode Police Station, Kollemcode (Post), Kanyakumari(District) Pin.629 160, Tamil Nadu, India, Refusal and Non-Registration of Complaint (FIR), Totally corrupt practices of Inspector Mr.Ranga Swamy, destruction of evidence, Collusion with Murderers and other offences by the said Inspector..

My parents along with my three brothers were staying in the above address. My father was working outside India. We belong to Indian Hindu Kuravan caste, which belongs to scheduled caste. My mother was a retired teacher. I am Mr.Shaji.C.Kumar (Age 35 years), eldest of the family and I have three brothers Mr.Shery C. Kumar (Age 32 years), Mr.Shelin C. Kumar (Age 28 years) and Mr.Shine C. Kumar (Age 26 years). My second brother Mr.Shelin.C.Kumar had done M.Sc in Physics and various computer courses. The prime suspect Mr.Chandran and my brother Late.Shelin.C.Kumar were intimate friends. My brother had friendship with all the suspects listed in the (Annexure-1). My Late brother used to take money from my mother quite often for starting a computer-teaching centre. This computer centre he wants to open as joint venture with the prime suspect. Finally they succeed and named this education "Team Computer Education" (An Educational Partner of Team Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd), This centre is situated at Archana Building, Near Kollemcode Police station, Kollemcode (Post), K.K.Dist, Pin.629 160, Tamil Nadu.

They printed an invitation card for the opening ceremony without mentioning my brotherís name. When my mother asked my brother, why your name was not put in the invitation card, he told my mother that, the prime suspect inform him that it is not possible to manage the centre with partnership and promise him that the amount which my brother spend on the centre will be returned shortly with interest.

Prime suspect Mr.Chandran.T.Jaya, (Age 27), S/O Mr.Thankayan Nadar, residing at Pana Ninta Vilai Veedu, Kalluvettan Kuzhy, Kollemcode (PO), Pin 629 160,K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.

My (Shaji C. Kumar elder brother of victim) late brother was working in various computer centres. Mr.Chandran helped him to switch jobs a number of times. When I brought my brother to Bombay to help him for getting a better job, Mr.Chandran (prime accused) came to Bombay and took him back, promising him to help him for get a better job than what he would get in Bombay. Hence my brother went back to our hometown.

Finally, the prime accused able to succeed in opening the computer centreís name was "Team computer centre".

On the day in which the computer centre was planned to be opened there was an altercation between my brother and Mr.Chandran. It is pertinent to point out here that Mr.Chandran and my brother were friends from school days and had a long association. My brotherís friends informed my mother that altercation between my brother and Mr.Chandran took place.

Fifteen days before my brothers death Mr.Chandran (prime suspect) took my brother in a motorcycle and pushed him down according to my late brothers version to my mother. My brother had been fractured and hence my brother had to be admitted in a hospital at Karakonam (Kerala) for which records will be available in the hospital.

Instigated by the prime suspect my brother had an altercation with one person leading to physical fight two weeks earlier to the event. The person involved in this connection is known to the prime suspect (Mr.Chandran) only.

My mother with folded hands used to request Mr.Chandran (prime suspect) not to take her son with him to all places. My mother told Mr.Chandran that not to trouble my son in these ways. Since he does not have his father at that place, even relatives are away at different places.

On the day of incident i.e. 12.06.02 Mr. Chandran tried to telephone a number of times to my brothers house. Each time my mother lifted the telephone and informed Mr.Chandran that her son was asleep. Again and again when Mr.Chandran tried to telephone my brother, my mother asked him why he was troubling him. After this Mr.Chandran came directly to my home and wanted to see my brother. Mr.Chandran (Prime suspect) informed that he needed the assistance of my brother on arranging the serial lighting to be done for the computer centre, which Mr.Chandran in association with my brother and the other friends of Mr.Chandran were trying to inaugurate next day. My mother at that time told Mr.Chandran that her son does not know anything about making electric lighting arrangement and so he should not bother about all this. But after all this, he took my brother for this purpose.

After some time Mr.Suresh Kumar (Co-accused) telephoned my mother at home that my brother had got an electric shock and had been admitted in "Rita Nursing home", Medavilagam, Kollemcode Tamil Nadu attended by Dr.Stephan and Dr.Mary Latha. On hearing about my brotherís admission in hospital, my self (Unfortunately on that tragic day, I am on leave from office and at my home). My self and my other brotherís were running to the hospital with a tension-ridden mind.

After reaching, the hospital, Nurses and others present in the hospital informed us that my brother was brought dead to the hospital and hence no treatment was given. The doctor and nurses without sending the body for post Ė mortem, sent the body along with us to home in KLY 1748 ambassador car. At the time when the body was brought back to home. They took advantage of shock ridden mind and done the cremation by burning the body instead of keeping it in box and burring in our compound. The following observation by us and confusing version by the different persons present at that time are as follow:


My late brother "Mr.Shelin.C.Kumar" hands had scratch wounds and there was blood in his lips: If it is electric shock why it is So?

Incident version of Mr Suresh Kumar (Co-accused the heart and soul of the prime accused) Key figure.

Mr.Suresh Kumar (Co-accused) S/O Late.Mr.Narayanan Nair who is an Ex-serviceman (Indian Army) key figure the heart and soul of Mr.Chandran, had taken my brother purposely to his house and forced him to have tea and then brought him back to the computer centre just before his death. On the way to the computer centre they met many friends. Mr Suresh Kumar was present with my brother at the computer center until my brotherís death. When my brother was to be taken to hospital my brothers dear friend one Mr.Kuttan S/O. Late Govindan Pillai, only ran to fetch a car. When my brother was to be taken to hospital from the conversation that took place inside the car it appeared that the driver of the car seemed to know what all had happened. Mr.Kuttan and the driver of the car were all my brothersí friends driver (Mr.Shrikumaran, S/o.Chellan, Thenam thottathu Veedu, Kollemcode, K.K.Dist.

As per the planning by the Prime accused, the Co-accused (key person behind the incident) and others Mr.Suresh Kumar, Mr.Krishna kumar and Mr.Shri kumaran Nair were all in the ground floor near the meter box in order to feed the disconnected power supply. They informed that when my brother, Mr.Shelin Kumar was trying to pull out the insulation out of the wire in order to make source connection feeding the supply to the serial lighting he got the electrical shock. My mother was told by Mr.Chandranís friends (Mr.Vine Kumar, Mr.Vinesh,Mr. Prince and Mr.Krishna kumar) that on the day of her sonís death, her son was at work at the terrace of the computer centre fixing the serial lights. But after which these friends changed words and told that her son was alone at work at the terrace on that day.

Mr.Neelakandan Achari (Mr. Vellappan) S/O.Mr.Pothy Achari, Rajesh Jewellary, Lakshmi Bhavan, Kalluvettan Kuzhy, Kollemcode(Post), K.K.District, Pin 629 160 who is staying near by our house had tried to finish off my brother since my brother and his daughter were moving closely. This association was not liked by Mr.Neelakandan Achari known by (Mr.Vellappan). Several time who was arranged persons for doing the physical attacks against my brother and also he himself tried to finish my brother by using his own vehicles (both ambassador car and bike). After my brotherís death Mr.Neelakandan Achari was entertaining the suspects listed in annexure.1, especially Mr.Suresh Kumar (Co-accused) and his associates in his house along with Mr.Chandran (Prime accused).

Mr.Suresh Kumarís relatives associated and arranged for cremating the body with the direction of Mr.Chandranís relatives and Mr.Neelakandan Achari, Rajesh Jewellery, Lakshmi Bhavan, Kalluvettan Kuzhy, Kollemcode(post), K.K.Dist. And actually got it created through the following key persons

(1)Mr. Moni Kandan Nair, Devi Nivas, Elampala Mukku, Kollemcode(post), K.K.Dist.

(2)Mr.N.Sadasivan Nair, Kadakuruchy Veedu, Kollemcode,(post), K.K.Dist and

(3)Mr.Prabha kumar, Soumya House, Venkavillai, Kaliyakkavilai (Post), K.K..Dist.

In our caste, the custom is to bury the body within the compound of our house. Using our Shocked state of mind to their advantage they had executed this before our relatives could arrive. This planning details we could gather from the people who had gathered at our house. When body had arrived in our house, family members of neighbours living close to the computer centre told my mother that at the time of my brotherís death he had called for my mother ("amma"). They also told that after his death only he was taken to the hospital (These versions were very well correlating with the versions from the hospital staffs). They added that there were many stories behind this incident and during the arrival of body in our house Mr.Suresh Kumar was absconded from the site

Past Police/crime records Co-accused

# The suspects in the present case Mr.Sree kumaran nair, Mr.Vinu Kumar etc were already facing police cases in connection with various attacks (Police station) and, Murder attempts) etc.

Within 2 weeks of time after my brothersí death Mr.Chandran and his friends had got the Team Computer centre inaugurated and made it functional and Mr.Suresh Kumar was joined as one of the important staff member in the particular computer centre.


      1. My brothers death was happened in the highly suspicious circumstances allegedly due to an electric shock, but according to us, his death has not been caused due to electric Shock because there was no any sign which shows that the death has been caused due to Electric Shock even if, it is execution by electrocution. Therefore we had lodged the Police Complaint to the local Police Station but they have not taken any cognizance and refused to lodge the F.I.R, which is mandatory on their part U/s. 154 of Cr. P.C.
      2. That every information relating to the commission of a cognisable offence, if given orally to an officer in charge of a police station, shall be reduced to writing by him or under his direction, and be read over to the informant; and every such information, whether given in writing or reduced to writing as aforesaid, shall be signed by the person giving it, and the substance thereof shall be entered in a book to be kept by such officer in such form as the State Government may prescribe in this behalf.
      3. That after refused to lodge the F.I.R. we have made the Complaint to several authorities listed in (see Annuxure-2)

On 26/09/2002, however there is no response from the said Authority, no direction was given to the Kollemcode Police Station and therefore once again I, Mr.Shaji.C.Kumar (elder brother of Late.Shelin.C.Kumar) made a Complaint to Inspector General of Police on 30/10/2002 and also a Copy of the Complaint was sent to the competent authorities listed in (see Annuxure-3)

(d) Despite the fact that

(a) No F.I.R has been lodged by the Kollemcode local Police Station, and the officers concerned were assaulting, threatening and also insisting to write the cause of death was accidental from my parents.

    1. If my parents were not giving the write-up elsewhere they will charge case against us. I do not understand the negligence of the officer and police department against the human right and justice.

(c) Inspector of police Kollemcode police station (Mr.Ranga Swamy) was transferred is taking special interest to protecting the suspects and promised that the case should close without any investigation.

(d) Whatever complaints sending by us to Superintendent of police was disappearing before reaching to hands of Superintendent of Police, Kanyakumari District that because some interested staff members in his good offices were doing such things without any difficulty.

    1. Various agencies (listed in annexure1&2) were contacted for the justice no response. We are knocking each and every door for the justice on humanitarian ground.
    2. Every then and their Officers belonging to the Police department calling my parents and forcefully getting some write ups in favour of the suspects.
    3. Suspects listed above were roaming freely without any worry; we were leading an endangered life calling for protection and safety.

* "I would like to present some pieces of evidence clinch the issue given in (annexture-5)"

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,




List of the prime suspect with adresses



(i) Mr. Chandran T.Jaya, (Age 27),

S/O Mr.Thankayan Nadar, Pana Ninta Vilai Veedu,

Kalluvettan Kuzhy, Kollemcode (PO), Pin 629 160,K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.

(ii) Mr.K.N.Suresh Kumar, (Age 48),

S/O LATE. Mr.Narayanan Nair, S.K.Bhavan,

Vatta Vilai, Kollemcode (PO), Pin 629 160, K.K.Dist. Tamil Nadu.

(iii) Mr.Krishna Kumar, S/O.Mr.Sivarama Pillai,

Chittagathuvillai Veedu, Kannanagam,

Kollemcode(PO), Pin 629 160, K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.

(iv)Mr. Shrikumaran Nair, S/O.LATE Mr.Narayanan Nair, Iluppamoodu Veedu,

Kollemcode(PO), Pin 629 160, K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.

(v) Mr.Vinesh, S/O.Mr.Krishnan Kutty,

Pilavazhanchi Veedu, Kannanagam, Kollemcode(PO), Pin 629 160, K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.

(vi) Mr.Vinu Kumar, S/O Mr.Sankara Pillai,

Pallathottam Veedu, Kannanagam,

Kollemcode(PO), Pin 629 160, K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.

(vii) Mr.Prince, S/O. Mr. Justus,

Vellam Kolli Veedu,Prince Cottage, Kollemcode(PO), Pin 629 160, K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.










List of the Agencies contacted for justice


(i) Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Chief Ministers Office, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

(ii) Chief Secretary to Government of Tamil Nadu, Public Secretariat,Chennai- 600 009.

(iii) District Collector, Collectorate, Nagercoil-629 001, K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.

(iv) Inspector General of Police of Tamil Nadu, Head Quarters, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

(v) District Superintendent of Police (Dy.S.P), Collachal, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.

(vi) Inspector of Police (CI), Kollemcode Police Station, Kollemcode(Post), K.K. Dist, Tamil Nadu.



Second List of agencies contacted for the justice


  1. Home Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs (Investigation), Government of India, North Block, Jaisalmer House, Lok Nayak Bhavan, New Delhi.
  2. Hounourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Chief Ministers Office, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  3. Honourable Home Minister of Tamil Nadu, Home Department, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  4. Chief Secretary to Government of Tamil Nadu, Public Secretariat, Chennai-
  5. 600 009,Tamil Nadu.

  6. Collector of Kanyakumari District, Collectorate, Nagercoil, Pin 629 001,K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.
  7. Inspector General of Police of Tamil Nadu, Head Quarters, Chennai,Tamil Nadu.
  8. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Crime Branch CID, Chennai-2,Tamil Nadu.
  9. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Thirunelveli Range, Palayam Kottai, Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.
  10. Superintendent of Police,Kanyakumari District, Nagercoil, K.K.Dist, Tamil Nadu.
  11. Inspector of Police, Kollemcode Police Station, Kollemcode, K.K.Dist,Tamil Nadu.














Third List of agencies contacted for justice


(1) The Chair Person, Tamil Nadu Human Rights Commission,

Justice Pratap Singh Maaligai (Second Floor), No.35,

Thiru Vi.Ka.Salai, Rayapettah, Chennai-600 014, Tamil Nadu, India.

(2) Honourable Home Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs (Investigation and Grievances Cell),

Government of India, North Block,

Jaisalmer House, Lok Nayak Bhavan, New Delhi.

(3) Hounourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,

Chief Ministers Office, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

(4) Honourable Home Minister of Tamil Nadu,

Home Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

(5) Chief Secretary to Government of Tamil Nadu,

Public Secretariat, Chennai- 600 009.

(6) District Collector, Kanyakumari District

Collectorate, Nagercoil, Pin 629 001,Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.

(7) RDO, Padmanabhapuram, Nagercoil,

Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.

(8) Inspector General of Police of Tamil Nadu,

Head Quarters, Chennai.

(9) Deputy Inspector General of Police,

Crime Branch CID, Chennai-2.

(10) Deputy Inspector General of Police,

Thirunelveli Range, Palayam Kottai , Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

(11) Superintendent of Police Kanyakumari District, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu.


Annexture -5.


  1. My Brother was admitted in the Rita Nursing Home, instead of a Government Hospital, at about 10 P.M. Ė after about one hour of the death of the person concerned.
  2. By the time my self Mr.Shaji.C.Kumar elder brother of Late Shri.Shelin.C.Kumar, my mother and my other brothers reached, it was seen that the Accused had already kept ready more than a dozen cars and they were all quickly dumped into these vehicles and drove away to Sri.Padmam, Kalluvettan Kuzhy, Kollemcode.
  3. The deceasedís mother, my self and my other brothers were all in a shocked condition and we spent the night by weeping, crying and praising the deceased.
  4. The Accuses and associates conspired together and as against the well-known custom of burying the body in our community, they got it burnt quite early in the morning itself. When my self protested against the treatment to the dead body and the hurry with which the cremation was done, their opinions were brushed aside.
  5. More Significantly, the accuses and associates (relatives) took more initiative to dispose off the body and they have apparently not allowed others even to come near the body.
  6. Even the public who attended the funeral got more suspicious and they sent a complaint in writing to the Superintendent of Police and others, but no worthwhile investigation or inquiry was ever done so far.
  7. After such complaint from the public, the Inspector Mr.Ranga Swamy went on pressurising my parents to give a statement that the deceased died due to accident. The said Inspector took law into his own hands and went on pressurising my parents and threatened them to be locked up unless such a statement is given.
  8. Mr.Ranga Swamy played another dirty trick. In order to induce confidence in the berried family, he proclaimed at the police station that it was a clear case of murder and that all the culprits would be arrested and put behind the bars. However, he even refused to register FIR.
  9. In spite of transfer of the said officer, he often visited the Kollemcode police station and was found in the jolly company of the Accused and their accomplishes.
  10. Perhaps, what pained us more is the fact that our written complaints to the higher authorities also fell on deaf ears. No investigation has so far been carried out, even though the actual murder took place as far back as on 12-06-2002. It is also significant to note that some of the accused are still underground, making it absolutely clear that they are murders of first rank. They are (a) Mr.Chandran T.Jaya (b) Mr.K.N.Suresh Kumar (c) Mr.Krishna Kumar and (d) Srikumaran Nair. Their whereabouts are known to the local police and particularly the said Inspector Mr.Ranga Swamy.
  11. We suspect that lot of money has been spent by the accused to suppress such a heinous crime, where a young man of 28 years have been done to death by a group of criminals.