Allah the Fraud and Plagiarist


I think Allah is fraud he is not the real god if he is god where was he when the Moslem people of Gujurat state needed them badly?

What was Allah the merciful doing while the Moslems of Gujurat were raped, killed and butchered, burned?

Did Allah hear the cries of the Moslems in Gujurat? Was the most benevolent HOME in his begum's skirt? He didnít hear the cries of Gujurati Moslems and missed the whole act of Gujurat?

I think Allah is Fraud unless someone proves he is not Fraud.

Allah is the plagiarist, why because he took everything from the book of Jews and copied all the names and everything except for minor quarks like Jesus the pbuh is gay according to KriestFuckorís articles on the net. Also he created Mohammed pbuh story and used the same old book and calls it the last and final book for all mankinds. I think it is lame and Allah should be punished and sent to jail for cheating and copying after his jail sentence he should be awarded a prize for deceiving the world with a googly of a sort with Mohammed and his vision. Mohammed of all is a man of dishonesty and no integrity and according to the net articles he is a prime suspect for rape. There are lot of sites which stand by this line I donít believe in cut n paste so you can search.

I wish Allah was original and same as god of Jews but nothing but a fraud and plagiarist not only that he is the Devil in creating a mess on this earth. Brother killing brother and honor killings. Allah is the deceiver of the world. There are lots of sites proving the slick Allah afterall ainít a god but a wily deceiver.

To all my African American Brothers, do we like slavery? NOPE. Following Allah is nothing but going back to slavery, as you have to bend over 5 times a day so that he can get quick pleasure out of it. If we bend over backwards once or twice in our life time we can receive monetary gains from our employers and associates but bending in front of Allah five times a day wonít get you anything but one more slave master who canít provide anything let alone the safety of life.

To all the sisters out there (black, white, yellow, brown like me) if you can marry a real American who pays taxes, who fights for the country not run like a cowards (All Moslems and Saddam and Bin Laden), Who is legal please stand by him and donít let go.

Prove me wrong if you think, "Allah is Fraud, Plagiarist" Not.


Allah is not Plagiarist, here is originality in Allah's book? Rebuttal by

The Virgin Mary

In many places, the Qur'an mentions Mary as the sister of Moses and Aaron and the daughter of Imran. The Qur'an has confused Jesus' mother with Aaron's sister because both of them carry the same name, though there are several centuries between them. The Qur'an indicates that Mary (Christ's mother) had a brother whose name was Aaron (chapter 19:28) and a father whose name is Imran (chapter 66:12). Their mother was called "the wife of Imran" (chapter 3:35) which eliminates any doubt that it confuses Mary, mother of Jesus, with Mary, sister of Aaron.

Muslim scholars acknowledge what happened and they are confused and fail in their desperate attempts to justify this grave error. Their contradictory interpretations fail to help them to find a solution to this dilemma. Let us examine these interpretations to see these conflicting views.

In the context of his comment on the Qur'anic statement that Mary is Aaron's sister (which is recorded in chapter 19:28), al-Baydawi (p. 405) said,

"Oh, sister of Aaron (the prophet). And she was an offspring of some of those who were with him who belonged to the same class of brotherhood. It was also said that she was one of Aaron's descendants though there were a thousand years between them. It was said too, that he (Aaron) was a righteous or a wicked man who lived during their time (time of Mary). They likened her to him to ridicule her or to insult her."

Yet Baydawi's statement is repealed by the Qur'an because the Qur'an did not refer to a moral relationship but stressed the literal meaning. If the Qur'an had meant to elevate Mary to the same level of Aaron, the prophet, or to the status of a daughter of Imran, why then did it mention that her mother was the wife of Imran as it is recorded in chapter 3:35? It is very obvious that the matter was either confused in the mind of Muhammad or of Gabriel, the angel! It is not acceptable that the Qur'an intended to say that Mary enjoys the same status as a sister of Aaron and a daughter of Imran. Therefore it is impossible to treat Mary (the mother of Jesus) as if she were the sister of Aaron and Moses.

The contemporary scholar who translated the Qur'an which was authorized by the Saudi authorities said (in the introduction of page 47 of chapter of the Family of Imran),

"Al Imran takes its title from v. 32, where `the family of Imran' (the father of Moses) occurs as a generic name for all the Hebrew prophets from Moses to John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. This with the mention of the mother of Mary as `the wife of Imran' (v. 34) and the words `sister of Aaron' addressed to Mary (XIX.28) have given rise to a charge of anachronism. Some say that the prophet confused Mary, the mother of Jesus, with Mary, the sister of Moses. Most Muslims believe (on the authority of the Qur'an) that the grandfather of Jesus Christ was named `Imran' which may also have been the name of the father of Moses. In Surah XIX 28 where Mary is addressed as `sister of Aaron', they hold the ancestral sense to be the more probable, while denying that there is any reason to suppose that the virgin Mary had not a brother named Aaron."

Thus, they fail to explain to us why the Qur'an said that the mother of Mary was the wife of Imran, especially if the Qur'an intended (as they say) to show the moral relationship only. It is an obvious historical mistake, my dear reader, because Mary had no brother named Aaron.