Dalit Sena

The Dalit Parivar

Dalit Sena

The Dalit Sena - `Dalit Army' - was founded by Ram Vilas Paswan in Bihar in order to form a unit for the self-defence of the Dalit community. This was done in response to the formation of senas or militias by other ethnic groups, such as the Ranvir Sena (for the Bhumihar sub-caste of Brahmins), Brahmarishi Sena (anothe Sena for Brahmins), the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (or RSS, which targetted Christian and Muslim Dalits), the Rajput Sena and others. Several of these senas openly started massacering Dalits, and the establishment of the Dalit Sena promoted the self-defence of Dalits against these nefarious elements. Knowing that the various Brahmin and Rajput terrorist outfits enjoyed covert government support, Shri Paswan established the Dalit Sena based on the doctrine of `leaderless resistance'. This stroke of brilliance led to the mushrooming of various Dalit Senas all across south Asia, a process which continues today. A true model of democracy, no permission is required from Shri Paswan, the BSP, or any other member of Dalit Sena, in order to set up a local unit of the Dalit Sena.

Dalit Panthers

The Dalit Panthers is the south Asian branch of the Black Panthers of America. Several of its cadre are in fact American Blacks who have volunteered to fight on the side of the Black Untouchables in the caste wars raging across south Asia. The Dalit Panthers are now found in most major cities, and they adopt the same methods against the Indo-Aryan police as the Black Panthers adopt aggainst the Anglo-Saxon police.

Dalit Sena Womens' Wing

Formed in response to several rapes and murders of innocent Dalit women in Bundelkhand by Brahmins and Rajputs, the Dalit Sena Womens' Wing imparts training in self-defence to Dalit women. Following the motto `self-defence is every woman's right', these women are the amazons of the Dalit Parivar. Fearless and firmly dedicated to the Dalit cause, the equality granted to women in traditional Dalit society is in sharp contrast to that prevailing in Aryan society. Thus, there are no `Ranvir Sena Brahmin Womens' wing,' or `Rajput Sena Womens' Wing'.

Tamil Nadu Dalit Sena

One of dozens of organisations which now call themselves `Dalit Sena', the Tamil Nadu Dalit Sena is modelled on the original Dalit Sena founded by Shri Ram Vilas Paswan in Bihar. Representing the Dalits of Tamil Nadu, it is an ally of the various Dravidian parties. Indded, its cadre are more dedicated Dravidianists than some of the other so-called Dravidian parties, which have sacrificed all ideology in the mad scramble for political power. This is a natural development, given that the south India Dalits are actually known as `Adi-Dravidas' - `Original Dravidians'.

Bahujan Samaj Party

The parliamentary wing of the Dalit Parivar, it strives for the upliftment of the `bahujans' (`dominant people') - the dalits and backward castes - through parliamentary means. Several of its cadre are members of other Dalit Parivar organisations as well. It stays aloof from actual acts of violence, thereby maintaining legitimacy in the court of law. Instead, acts of violence and retaliation against Brahmins, Rajputs and Banias are carried out by other units of the Dalit Parivar.

Dalit Sena