Mission Statement

Dalitstan is a registered non-profit organization founded in 1999 to promote the cause of the oppressed in India. The oppressed people in India, typically Dalits, are subject to numerous atrocities committed primarily by extremist Hindu groups in the country. Due to their disadvantaged state of poverty and relatively low literacy levels, Dalits are typically unable to defend themselves. We at Dalitstan, consider it our moral obligation to support them with any nonviolent means possible. To this end, our goals include:

We appeal to all Indians around the world and other interested parties to join us in our bid to forge for a better India, an India where all social castes and religious groups are given the freedom to live and express themselves according to their conscience. We are encouraged by the increased sense of community and accommodation in the world, the end of apartheid and oppression in other countries, and the efforts towards social justice globally. We are confident that with your help, India will soon become another success story of liberty and justice for all.