Secessionist Sites

Brahmin-Occupied-Governments - Links Collections

  • Brahminist Occupied Governments Central
    Comprehensive links to Secessionist Movements by Neo-Mughals.



  • Tamil Tribune
    Tamil Separatist Newspaper.
  • Telingana Nadu Journal
    Telugu Separatist Movement.

Khalistan (Khalsastan)

  • Burning Punjab
    Genocide of 300,000 Sikhs unleashed by the Brahminists under Pandita Indira Gandhi.
  • Council of Khalistan
    Official site of the Council of Khalistan.
  • Fort Panth Khalsa
    Khalistan Organisation
  • Khalistan: The New Global Reality
    Well-researched site.
  • Khalistan Government in Exile
    Official Government of Khalistan.
  • Khalistan Affairs Center
    Khalistan Organisation.
  • Khalistan : Home of the Pure
    Well-designed website.
  • Khalistan Deeyan Goonzan
    Khalistan magazine.
  • Khalistan Zindabad : Sikh History
    Khalistan website.
  • Jaspreet and Daljit Page
    Site on Khalistan and Gatka.
  • Sikhism Links Punjabi Power
    Large collection of links.
  • Saint Bindranwala


  • Free Indian-Held Kashmir at Gun-Point
    True picture of Brahminist-Occupied Kashmir
  • Holocaust in Kashmir
    Graphic website on Brahmanic genocide of Muslims.
  • Jammu and Kashmir
    Gharib Hanif's web site
  • Kashmir: Desolation or Peace
    M.A.Siraj's book online
  • Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF)
    Secessionist site.
  • Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) UK
    Secessionist site from the UK.
  • Jammu-Kashmir Homepage
    Secessionist site, anti-Pakistan and anti-India.
  • Jihad-e-Kashmir
    Secessionist site.
  • Kashmir - Paradise on Fire
    Secessionist site.
  • Kashmir Council for Human Rights
    Human Rights violations in Kashmir.
  • PakNews: Kashmir
    Regular News
  • Rape of Kashmir
    Well-designed site, mirrored from http://www.homestead.com/kasheer/kashmir.html
  • Pakistan : Kashmir
  • Kashmir - Why should we care ?
    Books on Kashmir


  • Mughalstan Nation
    Major website advocating Mughalstan.
  • Pan-Islamic Mughalstan
    Islamists for Mughalstan.
  • Mughalstan Research Institute
    Islamists for Mughalstan.
  • Jihad-e-Mughalstan
    Holy War for Mughalstan.
  • Hezb-e-Mughalstan
    Party dedicated to the liberation of Mughalstan.
  • Mughalstan Caliphate Museum
    Elementary website introducing the Neo-Mughal movement.
  • Qutb's Mughalstan Homepage
    Elementary website introducing the Neo-Mughal movement.
  • Mughalstan Message Board
    Free Discussion on Mughalstan.


  • Sakastan Liberation Organisation
    Hindutva Parivar faction supporting Marathastan
  • Rajputana Liberation Front of Sakastan
    Hindutva Parivar faction supporting Marathastan


  • Rajputana Liberation Front
    Seeking to establish a Rajputana or Rajputstan.


  • Gujarat Swarajya Sangh
    Seeking to establish a free Gujarat.


  • Maratha Rashtra Parishad
    Hindutva Parivar faction supporting Marathastan

Manipuri Secessionism

  • Manipur People's Liberation Front
    Manipuri Army.
  • People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK)
    Fighting for Independance for Kangleipak (Manipur)
  • Revolutionary Peoples' Front Manipur
    Figting for Manipuri Independance Movement.

Tripura Secessionism

  • Tripura Peoples' Democratic Front (TPDF)
    Tripuri Independance Movement.

Assamese Secessionism

  • United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA)
    Assami independance army.

Brahmanist Genocides

  • Holocaust in India
    Genocide of Dalits, Sikhs, Assamese, Nagas and Indian Muslims.
  • RAW
    India's CIA, its true terrorist face unmasked at this extensive page.
  • Dial100 : Indian Polics Exposed
    The corrupt and criminal acts of the Mumbai Polics exposed at this site run by non-Brahmin ex-cops.

Other Secessionist Movements in South Asia

  • World Sindhi Congress
    Sindhi Independance Movement.
  • Fourth World Documentation Project
    Various self-determination movements.
  • Terrorists, Freedom Fighters and Crusaders on the Net
    Various self-determination movements.
  • Para-States - Liberation Movements, Terrorist Organisations and Others
    Basic info on global paramilitary organisations.