News Sites

Is there a Faster Way to Get International News ?

Indian Newspapers

  • Asian Age
  • Bijili
    Excellent News Summary.
  • Deccan Chronicle
  • Deccan Herald
  • Economic Times
  • Economic and Political Weekly
  • Financial Express
  • Hindustan Times
  • Indian Express
  • Outlook
  • Pioneer
  • Statesman
  • Telegraph
  • The Hindu
  • Times of India
    One of the largest circulation dailies of India.
  • Tribune India

Indian Magazines

  • The Week
    Weekly Indian News Magazine.
  • Outlook
    Weekly Indian News Magazine.
  • Frontline
    Well-researched fortnightly Indian News Magazine published by Tamil Brahmins. Displays veiled pro-Brahmin anti-Dravidian bias.
  • India Today
    Indian News Magazine.


  • Dilip D'Souza
    Intelligent colmunist..

Western Newspapers

  • AsiaWeek
  • BBC
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • CNN
  • Economist
  • International Herald Tribune
  • Independent
  • London Times
  • Los Angeles Times
  • New York Times
  • Newsweek
  • Reuters
  • Sanjo's News Links
  • Spiegel
  • Sunday Times
  • Time
  • Inter Press Service (IPS)


Israeli Newspapers Sites

  • Jerusalem Post, Newspaper
  • Jerusalem Music Center
  • The Wall
  • Torah On The Net
  • Tour Israel
  • Temple Mount
  • Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Virtual Jerusalem, Newspaper
  • Holy Land - Jerusalem
  • Migrating Birds
  • In Israel.com
  • Meimad, For a Jewish and Democratic Israel
  • Jerusalem Theatre

Islamic Newspapers

  • Arabic News
  • Dawn
    Pakistan's largest English Newspaper
  • Friday Times
  • Frontier Post
  • Gulf News
  • Jang Group
  • khilafa.com
  • khilafa.org
  • News Network International
  • Pakistan-News
  • Pakistan Newspaper Summary
  • 786 News
  • The Nation

Usenet Newsgroups

  • soc.culture.indian
    soc.culture.indian via dejanews.
  • soc.culture.pakistan
    soc.culture.pakistan via dejanews.
  • soc.culture.tamil
    soc.culture.tamil via dejanews.
  • soc.culture.usa
    soc.culture.usa via dejanews.
  • misc.immigration.usa
    misc.immigration.usa via dejanews.
  • misc.immigration.canada
    misc.immigration.canada via dejanews.

Strategic Analysis and Intelligence

  • Institute of Defence Studies
    Major institute for analysis, with veiled Hindutva bias.
  • South Asian Analysis Group
    Major institute for analysis, with veiled Hindutva bias.
  • Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)
    A Western view of RAW's disruptive activities, which include engineering Sunni-Shiah clashes in Pakistan.
  • WorldNetDaily
    Good intelligence updates

Usenet Posters

  • Sid Harth
    Sid Harth's usenet posts, also available at his websites:
    • Sid Harth : News and Views
      Sid Harth's website.
    • Sid Harth : News and Views
      Sid Harth's tripod mirror.
  • Madurai Veeran
    His usenet posts.
  • Khshatrapa Gandasa
    Articles by the Father of the Sakastan Movement.
  • Rajput Saka
    Articles by a Rajputstan nationalist
  • rajpoot99
    Articles by a Rajputstan advocate
  • thoku123
    Articles by the Thoku.
  • Mr. Linga
    His usenet posts.
  • SeNeKa
    A Mughalstan Nationalist.
  • OM
    His usenet posts.

Discussion Boards

  • CNN Message Boards
    Important message boards.
  • CNN Chat
    Interactive Chat on CNN.
  • IndiaTalk at Talkcities.
    Several Chatrooms.
  • Times of India Message Boards
    Several message boards.
  • hindustan.net boards
    Several message boards.
  • Hinduism and Hindu History Discussion Forum
    Sudhir Birodkar's message board free for all.
  • India Discovery Boards
    Indian Boards.
  • South Asia Boards
    Several boards open to all.
  • HVK Message Boards
    Hindutva Boards
  • Sword of Truth Forum
    Hard-core Hindutva Board (usually censored)
  • OBM Network
    Islamist Boards
  • Paknews Forum
    Pakistani Boards
  • Pak Gupshup
    Pakistani Boards
  • MSNBC International News Bulletin Board
    International Board
  • Forum Hub
    Tamil Boards