Nazism Web-Sites

Given below are links to Nazism websites, not because DalitNet believes in Nazism, in fact DalitNet condemns the savage Holocaust perpetrated against Jews. The links are presented for two real purposes. Firstly, several links expose Hindutva as the very ideological basis of Nazism. The triumph of Hindu Nationalism in India led to celebrations in Nazi circles worldwide. Secondly, other links should convince our Jewish readers that neo-Nazism is still fundamentally anti-Jewish. The close support Israel is giving to Hindutva against a perceived `Islamic Peril' is thus backfiring into virulent anti-Semitic Nazism elsewhere across the globe. The Swastika is Rising, and sadly Israel is unwittingly aiding that rise.

Nazi Organisations

  • Heathenfront
    Attempting to revive the "pre-Christian" religions.
  • Thule-Net
    In German. The ancient Thule society which founded the principles of Nazism based on the Vedas.

Nazism & Hindutva Articles

  • A Religion for Aryans
    Neo-Nazi article at Stormfront extolling the Hindu concept of karma and its justification for Aryan racial supremacy.
  • Nazism and the Occult
    The Occult and Hindu-Aryan Roots of Nazism, mirrored from http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/2163/aryan.htm
  • Racial Realities of India
    Excerpt from David Duke's book, `My Awakening'. Illustrates the fixation of Nazis with Indo-Aryan caste.
  • Savitri Devi
    Full Biography of the Hindu-Aryan Priestess of Adolf Hitler. Note the close connection of Hinduism and Nazism.
  • Subhas Chandra Bose, The Indian National Army, and The War of India's Liberation
    The Upper-caste Bengali leader's connections with Hitler exposed on this Nazi site. Full biography by Ranjan Borra
  • Varsha Bhosle draws lessons from the politics of Austria
    Noted Hindutva columnist Varsha Bhosle openly celebrating the victory of fellow right-wing Nazi Joerg Haidar's Party in Austria.
  • Complexion
    Bar Kumarasinghe's article on Sinhala nationalism.

Nazi Websites

  • Bund Heimattreuer Frauen
    Women Nazis.
  • Combat Germania
    Nazi warriors.
  • German Propaganda Archive
    A Study in Nazi and East German Propaganda.
  • GOAL Reference Library
    Online Nationalist books.
  • Grossdeutschland
    Article studying Grossdeutschland.
  • Grossdeutschland
    Site on Grossdeutschland.
  • Heimatseite
    Nazi site.
  • Hitler Historical Museum
    Writings by Adolf Hitler, who was a strict vegetarian as per Hindu `ahimsa' concepts.
  • Heimatkunde
    The German homeland.
  • Kameradshaft Germania
    Hosted at yoderanium.com
  • Kameradshaft Germania (mirror)
    German organisation.
  • KKK Austria
    International KKK.
  • KV Bochum
  • Kraftland
    Nazi culture.
  • National Socialist German Workers' Party Propaganda
    Anti-Christian, Anti-Jewish website.
  • Nationaler Fahrgemeinshaftdienst
    Another site at yoderanium.
  • Nationaler Widerstand
    National Resistance.
  • Neue Deutsche Wochenshau
    Women Nazis.
  • Nazi Propaganda
    Posters and Graphics of the Nazi Era.
  • Our Legacy of Truth
    Series of articles on Nazism.
  • Revilo P. Oliver Collection
    Nationalist Articles.
  • Truth At Last
    Nationalist News.
  • Underground Skinhead Action
    Another yoderanium website.
  • Werwolf Kommandantour
    Nazi culture.
  • Widerstandsburo
    Another site at yoderanium.

Nazism Links Collections

  • Academic Freedom Links
    The largest collection of nazism links on the net.
  • American Nazi Party Links
    Large collection of right-wing links.
  • Burks' Nazism Links
    Large collection of right-wing links in German.
  • Wiesethal's Links to Hate Sites
    Large collection of fascist links.
  • Lycos Hate Directory
    Large collection of Nazi links.
  • Netscape Directory of Hate Groups
    Large collection of Nazism links.
  • White Racialist Links
    Large collection of Nazism links at yoderanium.

For Jews worldwide, two `threats' present themselves. One is Nazism and its ally, Hindutva, and the other is Islam. 12 years of Nazism led to the Holocaust of 5 million Jews, whilst more than 1000 years of Semitic Islamic rule witnessed only mild persecutions of Jews. What shall the Jews choose ? Their fellow Semitic Muslims or the Nazi-Hinduvadins ? For humanitarian reasons, DalitNet sincerely hopes they do not choose the latter. For this purpose, DalitNet urges its visitors to convince fellow Jews about the perilous path undertaken by Israel.