Human Rights Sites

International Human Rights

  • Human Rights Watch (HRW)
    One of the premier international human rights organisations.
  • Amnesty International
    The most famous human rights agency in the world.
  • Christian Persecution Report
    Monitoring persecution of Christians worldwide.
  • American Center for Law and Justice
    Legal human rights issues.
  • Anti-Slavery
    Working to abolish slavery.

Indian Human Rights Organisations

  • Persecuted for Christ in India
    Fighting Persecution of Christians in India.
  • Human Concerns
    Magazine on Human Rights in India.

Indian Human Rights

  • Amnesty International Submission to Indian Government
    Amnesty Internation on Human Rights in India.
  • State Collusion with Brahmin Terrorists
    Amnesty Internation proves that State supports Murderers of Dalits.
  • `India : Women Resist Rape as Weapon of Suppression'
    by Laxmi Murthy, Inter Press Service, Nov.6, 1997
  • India's Rejected
    Time article on the plight of Dalits.
  • Massacre of Dalits by Police
    Indian Express, Saturday, August 16 1997.
  • 61 massacred in Bihar as Ranvir Sena goes on killing spree
    Indian Express,Wednesday, December 03 1997.
  • HRW Letter: Killings of Dalits in Andhra Pradesh (India)
    Sidney Jones, Asia Director of Human Rights Letter, July 28, 1998
  • In India's caste system, some groups still suffer from gross exploitation
    Earth Times, June 1-30, 1999
  • Hunger, poverty and little hope: Living in India's lowest caste
    Earth Times, August 1-15, 1999
  • Battling drug abuse in South Asia: Revealing details of hidden problem
    Earth Times, October 1-15, 1999