Feminist Sites

Ancient Sudroid civilizations permitted great freedom to their women. Indeed, certain Kerala castes are still matriarchal, and it is no coincidence that many modern Dalit women are in the forefront of the Dalitutva movement - including Phoolan Devi, Mayawatiji, and many others. Hindutva, which seeks to revive ancient patriarchal Brahmanic norms, is naturally opposed to Dalitutva and Feminism. Feminism is hence a naturally allied ideology of Dalitutva.

Feminist Websites

  • Amazon City
    Online community for Women.
  • Boston Women
    Online community for Women.
  • Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy and Utopia
    Mirror of http://feministsf.org
  • Webgrrls International
    "The women's tech knowledge connection."
  • WomensNet Home
    Comprehensive site on womens' issues.
  • Women's Freedom Network
    Alternative to extremist feminism.
  • Women Leaders Online
    "The first and largest women's activist group on the interne"

Feminist Organisations

  • Armenian International Women's Association
    Online community for Women.
  • Association of Libertarian Feminists
    To "encourage women to become economically self-sufficient and psychologically independent"
  • Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World
    Research organisation.
  • IDEA Women in Politics
    Organisation supporting women in politics.
  • Women for Women International
    " Non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to the financial and interpersonal support of women survivors of war, genocide and violence. "

Feminist Homepages & Articles

  • Anarcha-Feminism
    Homepage fusing anarchism and feminism.
  • Anarchafeminism (Anarchist Feminism)
    Homepage fusing anarchism and feminism.
  • Wendy McElroy Home Page
    Individualist Feminism.
  • Why Women are Oppressed ?
    Exploring the reasons behind the oppression.
  • XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography

Feminist Links Collections

  • The Electrapages
    Large links directory for women.
  • Femina
    Large links directory for women. Mirrored at www.femina.com
  • Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
    Large links directory for women.
  • Netguide: Womens Guide
    Large links directory for women.
  • FMF - Feminist Gateway
    Large links directory for women.

Warning: The following sites are anti-feminist. However, these links are not given because we approve of their message, but because it is our firm belief that to successfully combat these nefarious elements, it is essential we understand their ideology. Please note that their ideology is refuted at many of the sites given above.

Anti-Feminist Sites

  • Anti-Feminist
    Discussion and Resources by J.Kalb.
  • Critiques of Feminism
    " Debunking feminist authors and oft-repeated feminist myths."
  • Catholic Anti-Feminism