Letter & Article Submission Guidelines

Invitation for Submission

Dalitstan Journal invites submissions of links, news reports, well-researched articles, and documentary material for publication. If you come across any site relevant to the Dalitstan ideology, please inform us with the link. If you come across any article relevent to Dalitstanism, please inform us, preferably with the link only and not the full article. Post the link or comments at the forum, http://dalitstan.org/one/ ; or send the link to dalit@dalitstan.org

Letters and Comments

In the spirit of Freedom of Speech and Free Inquiry, Dalitstan Journal publishes Readers' Comments, and responds to selected ones in the journal itself. In case you wish to write to the journal, please submit your message to the Dalitstan Forum at http://dalitstan.org/one/ . Freedom of speech applies to that forum, no message shall be deleted for at least one month. Your comments here shall be openly available for all to see. However, the forum is updated every few months; your articles shall only be permanent if they appear in the journal.

Requirements of Letters

(1) Note that if you wish to have your article published, you must provide an email address or postal address to prove that we are not `making up' fake responses.

(2) Your comments should be longer than one sentence. Letters may be for or against the journal, or criticising the journal as a whole. Complete freedom of speech applies.

Article Guidelines

Articles submitted to Dalitstan Journal should conform to the following guidelines : -
  • Full (publication, publisher, page no.) and verifiable source references must be provided.
  • It should be in English.
  • References should preferably be via internet URL locators (such as http://dalistan.org) as this speeds up the verification procedure. Articles referring to print references take much longer for verfication. Please note that articles with unverifiable references cannot be published.
  • By submitting any article, you automatically certify that the article shall be available under the Dalitstan Journal Public Licence free from any copyright. You also certify that you shall not claim any copyright rights in future over any article or material you submit.
Submit the article to the Editor of Dalitstan Journal, dalit@dalitstan.org.

By default, we shall publish your name as the author of the article. If you do not wish that to be done, please say so explicitly. Please do not expect a reply from us; due to an immense number of articles coming in every day we cannot respond to all submissions. Also, every article submitted is heavily edited, unverifiable references are removed and sentences changed. Many good articles also cannot be published due to stringent requirements of quality.

If you wish to merely submit your own article without references, then you can still send the article for inclusion in the Dalitstan `Articles' section. Send opinions, etc. to dalit@dalitstan.org.

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