In the US House of Representatives

TUESDAY, MAY 25, 1999

[ Congressional Record, Page: E1076 ]

Mr. Speaker, I was disturbed to hear that the Defense Minister of India , George Fernandes, led a meeting of some of the world's most repressive regimes at which they agreed that their main goal was to `stop the United States,' according to the Indian Express. Fernandes himself called the United States `vulgarly arrogant.' This should offend anyone who cares about this country.

Countries represented at this meeting, according to the newspaper, were Communist China--which has been stealing American nuclear secrets and pouring illegal money into our political campaigns, Libya, Russia, Serbia--the country we are currently fighting, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and Castro's Cuba. Now, Mr. Speaker, I know a bit about Cuba. Castro's dictatorship in Cuba is one of the most brutal in the world. It has killed and tortured thousands of its opponents.

By now, we all know the stories of how the Indian government has killed tens of thousands of Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Dalit untouchables, and others. Just in recent months, I am informed that an Australian missionary named Graham Staines and his two young sons were burned to death in their Jeep by a militant theocratic Hindu Nationalist gang affiliated with the RSS, which is also, I am told, the parent organization of the ruling BJP. I am informed that there are 17 freedom movements in India and the ongoing political instability there may be bringing India's breakup close. We should support the peaceful struggle for freedom throughout India .

India destablized South Asia with its nuclear weapons' tests. It was a close ally of the Soviet Union and supported the invasion of Afghanistan. I am told that it has the most anti-American voting record of any country in the United Nations with the exception of Cuba. Why does a government like that continue to receive aid from the United States?

Mr. Speaker, the time has come to stop supporting governments that actively work against us. We should cut off all American aid to India and declare our support for the freedom movements through democratic plebiscites. These are important steps to extend the hand of freedom to the people of South Asia.

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