Nuclear War for the Protection of Holy Brahmavarta

All the Nuclear Fire-power of India

Is Only Meant to Protect Brahmavarta !


The `Holy Land of the Gods', surrounding Kannauj is the ancestral home for the overwhelming majority of South Asia's Brahmins. It is also the region with the highest proportion of Brahmins in South Asia. With Brahmins occupying all governments, secretly or openly, in India, it is this land which is considered the most sacred of all by all 6 orthodox (`astik') schools of Brahmanism. All the nuclear firepower of India is solely meant to defend this region. The other surrounding areas, inhabited by impious Mlecchas, are, according to the holy scriptures of `astik' Hinduism, worthless.

The Rest of South Asia can End up like this :


This wsa proven when the Brahmin rulers of India declared that they would go to any extent, even nuking the whole of Asia, in order to protect this `holy' land.

Pandit Vajpayee
` Shortly thereafter [ Pokharan II ], another minister, Mr Madanlal Khurana, declared that

" India was ready fight a fourth war with Pakistan ! "

- Madan Lal Khurana,
the Aryan Baniya Minister of the
Brahmin Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Prime Minister of India,
cited in `BJP dangerously out of touch with reality' ,
Sameer Jalnapurkar, Rediff News, May 26, 1998,

Just in case China had any doubts it could lay hands on Brahmavarta, the Brahmins also warned them of dire consequences if they even dreamt of such acts. This was clearly stated by the Guju Baniya mouth-pieces of Big Brahmin Vajpayee, Mr. Advani and Mr. Khurana :


" Mr Advani has been warning the Pakistanis of 'costly' consequences if they failed to 'roll back their anti-India policy'.

As if that was not enough, George Fernandes again publicly broadcasted in Bombay his assessment of China as India's greatest threat. The following day, Mr Advani was at it again: India would deal with 'in a pro-active manner' with 'any further misadventure' on Indian territory, he said.

`BJP dangerously out of touch with reality'
Sameer Jalnapurkar
Rediff News, May 26, 1998,

That is why the Tamils did not celebrate when the Brahmins of Brahmavarta decided to go nuclear. They know that the Brahmins only care about Brahmavarta, the `Sacred Region' around Kanyakubja or Kannauj. This was clearly exemplified by the following extract of an article which appeared in the Tamil Tribune newspaper :

Tamil Tribune, June 1998
" There was much cheer and self-congratulation about the recent testing of five atomic bombs by the Indian government. From the perspective of Tamil Nadu, I see nothing to cheer about this newly gained expensive, high technology weapon and military might. This is a Hindian atomic bomb (not an Indian atomic bomb) whose sole purpose and rationale is the protection of the Hindi heartland and the northern borders close to this Hindi land from its northern neighbors, namely, Pakistan and China... Until the Indian government ... demonstrates its intention of treating all Indians as equal (unlike the present status of treating Hindians as first class citizens and Tamils as second class citizens and vassals), there is nothing for Tamil Nadu to cheer about the recent testing of atomic bombs by the Indian government."

`Tamil Nadu has Nothing to Cheer about the Indian Atomic Bomb'
Usha Ramanathan

India Abroad, July 2, 1999

RSS calls for use of nuclear weapons


NEW DELHI -- The hard-line Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) last week called for the use of nuclear weapons to end the Kargil stand-off and "teach them (Pakistan) a lesson."

Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -- the ideological offspring of the RSS -- however, dissociated itself from its parent organization's call, attributing it to ignorance.

"These people do not know what they are talking about. They should have used greater discretion, greater restraint," BJP vice president K.R. Malkani told India Abroad.

Another BJP vice president, J.P. Mathur, described the call as a "sort of emotional outburst against Pakistan's perfidy." He said the RSS viewpoint did not influence the government's approach to the Kargil crisis, adding that Vajpayee's assurance of "no-first-use" prevails as far as country's nuclear policy is concerned.

The call to use nuclear weapons against Pakistan was made in an editorial in the RSS journal, Panchjanya, which warned the government that tolerating Pakistan's "misdeeds" any further would be construed as "cowardice."

"Enough is enough, now teach them a lesson," the editorial said, and asked the Prime Minister to consider the nuclear option to put an end to what it called "the long history of Pakistan's treacherous acts against India."

The editorial went on to add: "Rise Atal Behari, who knows whether you have been destined to write the last chapter of this process. After all, why have we made the bomb? Only for the sake of its successful testing?"

The editorial appeared less than two days after Vajpayee's principal secretary, Brajesh Mishra, reaffirmed India's policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons.

Although Vajpayee and other senior BJP leaders have been members of the RSS, the Prime Minister has always distanced himself from its hard-line pro-Hindu philosophy.

So, in order to save the `holy land' of Brahmavarta and its `wonderful' capital Kannauj from Islamic `invaders', the Brahmins are willing to plunge all of South Asia into a nuclear holocaust. All Telugus, Tamils, Keralis and Kannadigas have been put in jeapardy by the plans to save Brahmavarta and all the `learned' Brahmins therein. What do we South Indians gain from the Brahmin bomb ? Nothing at all. Let the Muslims take Kannauj, and let them transform it into a graveyard for all Brahmins. That would be the most excellent solution to India's Brahmin problem, which has plagued all non-Brahmins for centuries. The Sudra Holocaust and attendant extermination of Sudroid Negroes in North India, the mass rape of Dravidian women in the Brahmin-enforced Devadasi system, the cruel castration of thousands of Sudra men on account of Brahmin-inflicted Hijrahism and the savage customs of Vedic sati, Manuite racism and Vedic apartheid have occasioned the most severe paralysis of the peoples of Sudrastan. In order to prevent the total annihilation of our race, we Dravidians should support the Muslims of Mughalstan in obliterating the cancer of the 6 schools of Brahmanism and the lethal danger posed by the deadly Brahmin race.

-- Thangam Pillai,
Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 1, Issue 2 (Oct. 1999)

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