Pan-Negroism in New Guinea

Pan-Negroism in New Guinea

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times; "A West Papua independance declaration is likely to provoke new bloodshed," (Friday, April 20, 2000) by Dana R. Dillon; clearly points to what Blacks worldwide have been successfully eliminating around the globe; THAT BEING OPPRESSION, OCCUPATION AND COLONIALISM THROUGH ARMED STRUGGLE. It has been made clear and is a known fact, that the Black Melanesian as well as Black people in other parts of Asia are part of the Pan-African or Pan-Negro peoples and that the elimination of racism, religious colonialism and racism and colonialism is the aim and objective of Pan-Africans worldwide.

The article makes a crucial point which leads many to believe that an enormous conflagration will erupt in Asia very soon among the oppressed Blacks and the oppressors, and that current wars in Africa and other regions are merely a prelude of and preparation of things to come in the Black regions of Asia.

The writer of the article, Dana R. Dillon continues, "East Timor was rife with military crimes, but even now in the restive province of Aceh, the military is conducting 'security operations," considered b many to be the worse in memory for naked violence. If this is how the Indonesian military treats the Acehnese-fellow Muslims belong to the Indo-Malay ethnic group and largely prefer to remain part of Indonesia--how much worse will it be for the Christian, dark-skinned and independant-minded Papuans?"

Good question asked. However that writer is probably not aware of the worldwide objectives of Pan-Negroism which is to protect Blacks worldwide, to regain and maintain Black lands and territories, to preserve Black culture and to work together for Black economic, military, cultural and scientific advancement worldwide.

Now the fact that the Black indigenous peoples of Melanesia are being attacked and are about to become the victims of genocide, the objective to fortifying the Pan-Negro movement both economically and militarily is even more crucial.

In regards to the objectives of Pan-Negroists (Pan-Africanists) throughout the world, here is a reference dealing with the subject of Black liberation in Melanesia using any means necessary, from the book: DALIT: THE BLACK UNTOUCHABLES OF INDIA, by V.T. Rajshekar, "Blacks as a Golobal Community," by Runoko Rashidi. "In a 1976 interview with Black Books Bulletin, Foreign Minister Ben Tanggahama of Papua New Guinea stated:

"Africa is our motherland. All of the Black population which settled in Asia over the hundreds of thousands of years, came undoubtedly from the African continent. In fact, the entire world was populated from Africa. Hence we the Blacks in Asia and the Pacific today descend from proto-African peoples. We were linked to Africa in the past. We are linked to Africa in the present. We will be linked to Africa in the future." (p.54) The Black Untouchbles of India, V.T. Rajshekar, R. Rashidi and Y.N. KLY; Clarity Press, Inc. Suite469, 3277 Roswell Rd., NE Atlanta, Georgia 30305 U.S.A

Rashidi continues, "C. Madung described Melanesia, the Black Islands of the South Pacific, as the eastern flank of he Black world when an uninterrupted belt of Black populations stretched across Africa, Eurasia, Australia, Oceania and ancient America." You see in this revelation, which is well known by Africans and is part of African historical and traditional oral and written history, the idea of Pan-Negroism or Pan-Africanism is a very old idea that is based on the fact of Blacks havinig owned and occupied much of the lands where they exist today and are in many ways oppressed and degraded. The aim of Pan-Negroists or Pan-Africans is to rejuevinate and rebuild the ancient Black Belt and improve the lives of Blacks worldwide through economic, poitcal, cultural, military and religious unification.

New Guinea is the largest and most populous of the Melanesian islands. Indeed, it is the largest island island in the world after Greenland. It is tremendously wealthy in mineral resources including uranium, copper, cobalt, silver, gold manganese, iron and oil. Now split in two during the colonial era, New Guinea has, until lately, contained a RACIALLY HOMOGENEOUS POPULATION OF FIVE TO SIX MILLION AFRICOID PEOPLE. The eastern half of the island became independant in 1975 under the name of Papua-New Guinea, with Michael Somare as its prime minister. The western half of New Guinea, however, along with a significant portion of the total population of the island, which is estimated to be three to four million people, has been seized by Indonesia as its 26th province. " For the people of West New Guinea, Indonesia has been and continues to be a brutal and aggressive occupying power. Under Indonesian rule, since 1963, the Melanesians have been subjected to both physical and cultural genocide."


Runoko Rashidi continues, "A major part of the Indonesian regime's genocide policy is the physical replacement of Melanesians with Indonesian nationals. In 1963, when the Dutch occupation of West Guinea ended and conrol passed to Indonesia, the struggle for national independance accelerated. In that year, the Free Papua Movement was formed. Interestingly enough, the REPUBLIC OF SENEGAL EARLY ON PROVIDED ITS TERRITORY AS A BASE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES OF THE SELF-PROCLAIMED REVOLUTIONARY PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF WEST PAPUA NEW GUINEA."

African inspiration has also spread to East Timor and other regions of Melanesia where the work and determination of Africa's Portugese colonies to eliminate Portugese colonialism has been successful have also been inspired by the wars of liberation that have occurred in Africa. The same goes for the Kanaks in New Caledonia, whose inspiration comes from Africa's liberation struggles as well.

Pan-Negroism is strong and doing the work it was intended to do in Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America, the South Pacific and India. In most cases the determination of Blacks to unite and to join forces with other Blacks is the key to gaining the inspiration, material and military help that is needed.

Randal Robinson, is one of the proponents of Pan-Africanism in this present time. Rev. Leo Sullivan and other African-Americans, as well as leaders (and observers) from the Black nations and Black communities of Latin America, Africa, Oceania, Europe and other regions participate in the anual African-African-American summit held in Ghana, West Africa every year. That summit disscusses a mumber of issues dealing with economics, liberation of Blacks, overcoming and lessening poverty, creating strong and stable economies, stopping and working on lessening unnecessary violence. (see African Link Magazine, Third Quarter, 1999: 'Highlights from the 5th African-African American summit," pg. 13 African Link, P.O. Box 5132, New York, NY 10185-0056.

These summits and various other cultural events are very important in reestablishing lost and lessened cultural and racial familyhood that came about due to the ravages of colonialism. This year, from mid-August to early September, one of the most important activities which brings in Pan-Negro peoples from the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Melanesia, the Phillipines, South East Asia and India will be taking place. It is called the African Marketplace and Cultural Faire, and is an international faire that encourages peoples of African origins from all over the world, who live in Los Angeles to participate. This festival has been taking place for over ten years. The festival is held at the corner of Crenshaw and Rodeo Boulvard in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Africa may have its droughts, its wars and its economic problems, and Blacks in other nations may face discrimination and racism, but no Black nation, culture of people should stand aside and watch injustice against Black people contine anywhere on earth, no matter what languages we speak, what ethnic groups we belong to or what region of the world we live...oppression against Blacks is a declaration of war against all Blacks. Fortunately, Blacks are battle-hardened fighters in Africa and parts of Asia, psychologically battlehardened in the Americas, therefore, there is no way any Black nation or community will sit around and let our Black brothers and sisters in any part of Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas or elsewhere become the victims genocide. Now the time has arrived for all liberation movements and fighters in the Pan-Negritic world to join forces to stop the genocide being committed against Black people anywhere on earth. WAR WITH THE OBJECTIVE TO STOP OPPRESSION AND GENOCIDE IS CALLED "JUST WAR" THE RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE AND SELF-DETERMINATION IS NEVER COMPROMISED. WORKING TO GAIN FREEDOM AND SELF-DETERMINATION FOR BLACK PEOPLE AND OTHER NEGROID PEOPLES IN ASIA AND MELANESIA HELPS FURTHER TO STRENGTHEN THE BLACK WORLD AND USHER IN A NEW ERA AND ANOTHER RENAISSANCE (THE LAST ONE WAS FROM 700 A.D. to 1600 A.D.) WHEN THE BLACK MOORS BROUGHT A CULTURAL AND MATERIAL RENAISSANCE TO EUROPE AND AFRICA.


Author : Paul Alfred Barton
P.O. Box 653,
Hanford, California, U.S.A Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 2, Issue 3 (June, 2000)

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