The Brahmin Stranglehold over Nepal

The tentacles of the Brahmanist power machinery pervade each and every single sphere of Nepali life. Over centuries of Brahmin domination, this totalitarian stranglehold has penetrated into every aspect of Nepali civilization. From the mass media to religion, from organised crime to administration and from prostitution rackets to the army, the Brahmin everywhere wields absolute power. The cumulative effect of this tuberculosis has been the asphyxation of the indigenous Mongoloid inhabitants and their degradation to the status of lepers and beggars in their own country. The Brahmin menace has assumed such horrifying proportions that it now appears close to acomplishing the final extinction of the Mongoloid race and religion in Nepal. In order to truly comprehend the extent of Brahmin control over Nepal, it is necessary to factually examine the Hindu power structure and take necessary steps to tackle the problem at the very root.

The Administration

The administration is saturated with Brahmins and allied Aryan castes from top to bottom. At each and every stage the aspiring Mongol meets Brahmin superiors who only permit his promotion if the Brahmin power strucure is not threatened. An idea of this near-total stranglehold over Nepali administration which the Brahmins possess can be had from the following figures :

Population of Nepal in 1975

Brahmin & Kshatriya 22.2%
Others 77.8%

"Nepal in Crisis",
Piers Blaikie, John Cameron and David Seddon,
Oxford University Press, 1980 & 1982.

However, although the Brahmins (referred to as Bahuns in Nepal) and their allies, the Kshatriyas (referred to as Chettries in Nepal) comprise only one-fifth of the population, they cornered more than 90 % of all higher administrative posts of the nation :

Secretary-level Administration, 1975

Brahmin & Kshatriya 92.8%
Others (mainly Newar) 7.2%

"Nepal in Crisis",
Piers Blaikie, John Cameron and David Seddon,
Oxford University Press, 1980 & 1982.

Growing resistance, however, forced the Brahmins to superficially part with some power. This they did, however, continuing to pull the strings behind the scenes. They accordingly gave some of the administrative posts to their new allies, the Newars, in return for an improvement in the caste scale for the Newars' loyal service. The Brahminists have thus managed to cling on to almost 90 % of the administrative posts of Nepal. This is evident by the following administrative level break-up in 1989 :

Secretary Level of Bureaucrats, 1989

Brahman 31.25
Newar 25.00
Chhetri 31.25
Tarai Peoples 9.37
Gurkha *** 0
Muslim 0
Non State & others 0

*** Gurkha includes Rai, Gurung, Magar, Tamang and Thakali (RLGMTT)

Ministry of General Administration, No. of Secretary 32,
cited in
`Hidden Facts in Nepalese Politics',
Gopal Gurung,
Po.Box. 2828, Kathmnadu, Nepal, pp115, 1995

This Brahminist control over administration automatically implies absolute control over any state-run enterprises. In other words, the enormous state-run industries, the state-owned forests and the enormous state-owned lands all are under the grip of Brahmins.


Of the senior army officials 81% of the higher ranks are occupied by the Bahuns and Chetries [ Chapter 6, Hidden Facts of Nepalese Politics, Gopal Gurung ]. It is this Brahmin-controlled army that is used to quell riots, arrest the Mongol opposition and silence discontent. It is this Brahmin-controlled army that used to send Gurkhas to die in far-off lands during the Anglo-Brahmin Empire in India. It is this Brahmin army that arrests Mongol youths for petty offences to be tried under Brahmanic law but permits the Brahmin-controlled mafia to continue the gigantic flesh trade in Mongol girls. This also acts as a reserve : in case of any rebellion by the Mongoloids, the army shall be called into duty to ruthlessly suppress it and plunge the nation into civil war.

Organised Crime

The bulk of the organised crime organisations of Nepal, which are mainly involved in illicit traffic in women and drugs, are controlled by Brahmins. The biggest gangsters, porno kings, betting parlor owners, pimps and dope pushers are all Brahminists, who control this industry which eats away at the very foundations of Mongol civilization. Occasionally, a figurehead is installed to fool the ignorant Mongoloids, but behind the scenes, the Big Brahmin pulls the strings. The entire prostitution industry of Nepal is in the hands of Brahmin criminals who engage in this highly lucratic traffic, selling helpless Mongol women to brothels all across India whilst the Brahmin-controlled police looks the other way. More than 25,000 such innocent women are serving in disreputable brothels in Bombay alone. The tentacles of related Brahmin mafias stretch all across India, and there are another inestimable tens of thousands of Nepali slave-women who have been trapped by the Brahmin Terror Network in other cities all across India. The high crime rate also leads to the raison-d'etre of the lucrative Brahmin-controlled law industry which provides employment for Brahmin judges, lawyers and law professors at universities.


The Brahmin stranglehold over the Nepali media has meant that Brahmanic civilizational norms have penetrated to the very core of Nepali culture, slowly but surely undermining it. Indigenous Tibeto-Burman languages have been steadily polluted with an ever-increasing number of alien Sanskrit words thrust into the vernaculars by the Brahmin brain-washing media. Thus the indigenous tongue has been corrupted into a mongrel hybrid of Sanskrit and Mongolic. The result has been the most fatal cultural tuberculosis of Nepal.

The Brahmin-dominated media network also specialises in the broadcasting of highly violent films. The sole intent of these shows is to destroy the morals of Nepali society by transforming the youth into enraged, violent mobs engaged in internal gang warfares. To a large extent, this has already succeeded, leading to the breakdown of the Nepali family-oriented society.

In addition, the Brahmin-controlled brain-washing apparatus spews forth the most obscene pornography that is solely designed to corrupt the indigenous Nepali youth and lure innocent Nepali girls into the Brahmin-owned prostitution racket. The films also depict interracial acts, mainly involving Nepali women and men of other races, especially Sudra Blacks and Caucasoid males. However, the reverse, namely Nepali men with Sudra and Brahmin females, are virtually absent. The hidden intent of these films is to portray the Mongol male as somehow lacking in masculinity whilst portraying Sudra and Caucasoid men as `superior'. These items of filth are not merely pornography, but are part of a sinister Brahmin-engineered plot designed to brainwash Nepali women into relations with Sudroid and Caucasoid males. The sole purpose of these Brahmin-produced films is to to lead to race-mixing and blood pollution amongst the indigenous Nepalis. The objective of this Brahminic tactic is to completely destroy the Mongoloid race by mongrelisation.


The Brahminist Mafia is also engaged in the highly lucrative drug trade, distributing highly addictive drugs all across Nepal. Whilst the Brahmin drug-pushers themselves do not take these drugs, they encourage the Mongol youth to do so, aided enormously by the Brahmin-controlled media. Large sections of the Himalayas, most notably the state of Manipur, has been transformed into nations of drug-addicts. In addition, the Brahmin-controlled government has prevented the supply of fresh needles to the addicts, leading to the spread of AIDS and HIV infections in the Himalayas. The result is that large sections of the Mongoloid population face extinction in the coming decades. The Brahmin-occupied government is simultaneously engaging in a programme of settling Aryan and higher caste Hindus in the depopulated regions. Thus, the previously Mongoloid-dominated region of Tripura has now been demographically altered and is currently a Aryan-Hindu dominated state.

Similar tactics are being used by Brahmin-Occupied India against Pakistan. The corrupt bureacracy is pushing vast quantities of deadly drugs across the border into Pakistan in order to destroy Muslim youth. : -

Untold Truth
`Pakistan's War on Drugs - Facts and Fallacy'
" In 1998, Pakistani law enforcement agencies seized 71,822 liters of Acetic Anhydride, the chemical essential for the production of heroin. Out of this quantity, 49,360 liters or 68.7 percent was of Indian origin trafficked into Pakistan, often with the connivance of Indian officials . To make matters worse the INCB Report for 1996 states that illegal opium poppy cultivation is being carried out in North Eastern India. Illegal manufacturing of psychotropic substances like Methaqualone is also being undertaken at clandestine Indian laboratories and large quantities are being smuggled to East and Southern Africa. These activities are likely to have adverse effects on international efforts to cleanse the region of poppy and heroin production."

The utilisation of addictive drugs to systematically destroy various races has been resorted to by Brahmins for several centuries. Thus, the Ayurveda and other Brahmin medical texts are full of various descriptions of different types of drugs and narcotics. These were supplied to the subject populations in order to destroy their youth.

The Future

The thrist for power as prescribed by the `holy' Arthasastra and an unbridled lust for fair-skinned Mongoloid girls are the main reasons behind the establishment of the totalitarian Brahminist state of Nepal on Kautilyan lines. Such is the asphyxating nature of this grip that Mr. Gopal Gurung was jailed for 18 months merely for speaking out against this tyranny ! It is only the intense efforts of human rights organisations that saved Mr. Gurung's life, for the Brahmins would have poisoned him in the manner prescribed in the Arthasastra. Mr. Gurung would have then joined the long list of leaders assassinated by Brahmins : Chaitanya, Dayanand Sarasvati, Gandhi, and many others. The bigoted Brahmin race, fed on the disgustingly racist verses from the Vedas have instituted a most horrible system of Vedic apartheid. The unparalleled trach record of the fanatic Brahmin savages in India speaks for itself.

All the debilitating Brahmin inventions of Sati, vegetarianism, devadasism, apartheid and enforced illiteracy were solely designed to exterminate non-Brahmins, and these crippling diseases are rapidly spreading through the veins of Nepal, sucking the very lifeblood of the indigenous race. If left to grow unchekced, this shall result in the complete annihilation of the indigenous Mongol civilization throughtout the Himalayas. After all that is what the Brahmins did to the Sudras in North India in order to establish the racially pure Brahmavarta !

The Brahmin Problem

It is evident from the above that the sole cause of all problems facing the indigenous Mongoloid populations at the present day are due to the highly-organised alien Brahmin race. Nor is the discussion limited to the present; the analysis above reveals that the problems that have been plaguing indigenous Mongol Nepalis for millenia are due to the Brahmins. All the devastating institutions of enforced prostitution, polyandry, shortage of land and mass famines, female infanticide and sati, have been enforced upon the Mongols by the Brahmins. Emotional upheavals are not the solution to this problem; a well-thought out strategy must be prepared to rid the Himalayan Mongols of this menace once and for all.

-- Niresh Tamang,
Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 1, Issue 2 (October 1999)

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