Rise of the Mongol Buddhist Resistance

The Mongol Resistance is rapidly spreading throughout the Himalayas, giving Brahmins sleepless nights !

Sikkim Observer, December 21, 1996

Gopal Gurung's Mongol National Organization gaining ground in eastern Nepal

Nepalís controversial politician Mr. Gopal Gurung, President of Mongol National Organization, is not only a frequent visitor to Sikkim and Darjeeling but says that his party, which contested the last parliamentary polls in Nepal, is gaining ground in eastern Nepal.

So far, the MNO has captured eight districts in Nepal, boasts Mr. Gurung, who unsuccessfully contested the parliamentary polls in 1994. His party has, however, not been registered by the Election Commission of Nepal. But this fact does not perturb Mr. Gurung who says, "Even Nelson Mandelaís African National Congress was not recognize earlier but not it has formed the government."

Asked whether he had plans to meet the Chief Minister, Mr., Pawan Chamling, the soft-spoken Nepali leader said although he helped to dislodge the former Chief Minister, Mr. Nar Bahadur Bhandari, he has no intentions of meeting Mr. Chamling.

Reacting to reports of GNLF units being set up in eastern Nepal, Mr. Gurung said several Nepali leaders have been meeting the GNLF supremo Mr. Suhash Ghising. Many of those who have been associated with the GNLF are sponsored by the "place", meaning the Nepali monarchy, Mr. Gurung said.

Asked why the Limuwan Liberation Front President, Mr. Bir Nembang had fallen out with him, Mr. Gopal said, "he has no depth of understanding and no vision." He added, "His men are now with me." Mr. Gopal said while he was fighting for 80 percent of the Nepalese, who are presently politically and economically exploited, the Frontís political perception is limited to a part of the eastern region which is dominated by the Limbu.

Mr. Gurung pointed out that his party had control over at least eight districts mostly in the eastern region. Presently, the MNO has 35,000 members all over Nepal. Mr. Gopal, who was jailed during the Kingís regime for his "Communal Politics" says by the year 2003 he hopes to have at least 20 MPs from his party.

Mr. Gurungís controversial book, "Hidden Facts in Nepalese Politics"(originally in Nepali, now translated into English) is widely circulated in Sikkim and Darjeeling. He is not working on another book on a similar theme-domination of Brahmins in Politics of Nepal and India.

So parties which get no seats are given official recognition, whilst parties which win 8 seats are not recognised by the Brahmin-occupied Government of Nepal ! All this shows that the Brahmins have transformed Nepal into a hell-state with only Brahmins being able to hold jobs and obtain promotions whilst the rest of the population are condemned to eternal Vedic slavery.

- Tanya Newar,
Dalitstan Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2 (October 1999)

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