The Buddhist & Mongol Resistance

For more than 2000 years, the Aryan-Hindu invaders have devastated Nepal, uprooting its indigenous religion of Buddhism and exterminating the Mongoloid inhabitants. Hundreds of Buddhist temples were destroyed or forcefully converted into Hindu tamples, the Tibeto-Burman languages undermined by means of Brahmanic Sanskritisation and Nepali women forced into the shameful flesh trade as concubines and `Devadasis'. All these millenia old Brahmin-inflicted institutions have now reached monstrous proportions : the Buddhist religion has been virtually exterminated, Tibeto-Burman languages are nearing extinction, and hundreds upon thousands of Mongoloid women are forced into prostitution by the Brahmin Mafia. This tyranny now threatens to finally annihilate the indigenous civilization. Finally, the indigenous Mongoloids population has realised the incredible damage inflicted upon it by the Brahmin monsters, and is now beginning to resist the oppression.

Article Index

  • Mongol Gun-Fodder for Brahmin Army
  • Why is Gopal Gurung not as innocent as the Sons of God ?
  • Aryan Hindu Persecution of Indigenous Mongoloid Buddhists
  • The Brahmin Stranglehold over Nepal
  • Origin of the Nepali Flesh Trade
  • Origin of Himalayan Polyandry
  • Rise of the Mongol Resistance
  • Rise of the Indigenous Buddhist Resistance Scares Aryan Hindus

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