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  • Proud Black Buddhist webmaster writes in
  • `Indians must work together'
  • `Make Bonds with Afro-American Guerilla Warriors !'
  • Dalit Strategist suggests Intelligence Operations
  • From the Punjabi Dalit Tigers
  • `It is true Brahmins banned beaf-eating in order to starve indians'
  • ``This is really a good effort to orgnise all the DALITS'
  • `Your Site is a Sixer'
  • Great site for our people
  • `Please editor speed up the creation of dalitstan'
  • Paul Barton sends in a link
  • The Black Population Must increase
  • India is a lawless country
  • Tamil Eelam is the Gateway to Dalit and Dravidian movement in india
  • Vijay Kumar writes to Mr. Ankal
  • "I have just come out with a Booklet"
  • " Congratulations "
  • " Wonderful Work - The Need of the Hour"
  • "All the Brahmins can do is Spit Venom"
  • "I intend to rally around the Dalit Cause For all Africans"
  • "Great Work ! Keep it up. Jai Phule !"
  • Re: Brahmin India will Crush You Dalits
  • "Proud to be a Dalitstani"
  • Runoko Rashidi Compliments Dalitstan Journal
  • Brahmin Jokes
  • "Dravidians and Dalits Unite !"
  • "Good Work" by Pak Zindabad

  • Letters Against Dalitstan Journal

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  • `The message for new generation is most dangerous and inflammatory for future of India'
  • `I felt very bad seeing this site'
  • `Your site sucks with Brahmin Jokes. They are merely adapted from Other Jokes put up by Brahmins.'
  • `Who are you Fooling ?'
  • "As a Dalit Professional, I was deeply ashamed of our Website"
  • "You thoughts are suicidal"
  • Sudheer Birodkar to dalitstan.org
  • " This is the Most Disturbing Site on the Internet "
  • "There are no Brahmin Terrorists "

  • Hate Mail against Dalitstan Journal

    The 3500-year Racial War of Aryan Hindu versus Sudra Black
    continues in Cyberspace

    Warning : Some of the language used in these messages below may be insulting, demeaning and unsuitable for minors. If you are a minor in your country or are offended by racist insults, please go to the Main Index now by clicking here By proceeding beyond this point, you certify that you are not offended by racist insults and are not a minor.

    Article Index

  • `We Sentence you to Death': Hindu Tiger Force
  • `Dalits are Black Gandoo Pigs'
  • `I have never come across such a worst web site, spreading hatred to the core'
  • `You are non-believers and followers of DMK'
  • Aryan Liberation Corps: Your People will Experience the Worst Type of Ethnic Cleansing History has ever seen
  • Dalits are Bastards
  • You Dalits are shit-carrying Monkeys !
  • "The Dravidians and untouchables are in a degraded condition ... because this is natural to their race."
  • `All Dalits are Dumb Blood-Sucking Leaches'
  • `You black bastards will be butchered by our Shiv Sainiks like cockroaches.'
  • `i am gonna devise biological weapons against you sob's you will be destroyed'
  • " I condemn your Site "
  • " We Brahmins are far Superior to You Dalits"
  • " You Madarchod Dalits lick the Choots of your Mothers and Sisters !"
  • " Dalits should be Wiped out from the Face of the Earth"
  • " Brahmin India will crush you Dalits like an Eggshell ! "
  • " Bury your Dirty Black Dalit Monkey Asses in a Grave "
  • " You are Pests who invoke all kinds of Shit in Innocent People's Brain "

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