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Hindistan - Hindi Raj

The Hindiwallah Empire
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Map of Hindia, the
so-called Indian Union
The So-Called "Indian Union"
"Hindia" (Image courtesy TNLF)


Hindi-Sanskrit: The hybrid mixture of Hindi and Sanskrit which is the official language of the Indian Union; officially known as `Khari Boli' or `Modern Standard Hindi'.
Hindiwallah: A person from a Hindi-speaking state, mainly applied to the Brahmins and Banias, who are usually the most vigorous supporters of the language.
Hindistan or Hindia: The Hindi-speaking states of UP, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan and HP. Rajasthan still has a strong indigenous Rajput-Rajasthani culture, whence it is sometimes not included.
Hindustan: `Land of All Hindus', as opposed to Hindistan, the Hindi cow-belt.
Dalitstan: The regions historically known as Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Gondwana which are dominated by Dalits, or Black Untouchables.
Akhand Bharat: Hindi term for the Brahmanic chauvinist concept of a `Greater India' including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Afghanistan and Tibet.

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