Brahmin-Occupied Government Supports Dalit Killers

India has once again proven that it is nothing but a `Brahmin-Occupied Government' (BOG), just like Nepal. This is shown by the impunity with which the Brahmin gangsters and criminals operate. One need only recall the Brahmins Romesh Sharma, Sukh Ram, P.V.N.Rao and countless other pious Brahmins who have looted crores of Rupees from innocent Indian tax-payers. The fact that these criminals are still on the loose shows that they enjoy the protection of the Brahmin-controlled bureacracy and the Brahmin-occupied political leadership. However, a far more deadly breed of Brahmin criminals stalks the countryside of South Asia, putting innocent Sudras to death merely because they were born with the wrong skin color. These Brahmin terrorists belong to `Hindutva', `Communist' (ie. Kautilyan) or `Pseudo-Secular' militias which enjoy the support of the BOG. The deadliest of these are of the `Hindutva' variety, of which the Ranvir Sena is the most well-known.

" The extent of political patronage extended to the Ranvir Sena can be gauged by the fact that while a large number of Naxalites are killed in encounters [ with police ] not a single Ranvir Sena man has been subjected to this fate. The administration awakes a little later when it comes to tackl[ing] these armies. The outfit [Ranvir Sena] had declared a few days before the Jehanabad [Bathe] carnage that it would soon make a national and international headline. "

The Pioneer, December 12, 1997.

" Like other senas before it, the Ranvir Sena enjoys considerable political patronage. The sena is said to be dominated by politicians from various parties, including Congress, the Janata Dal, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)."

Human Rights Watch, World Report 1999.

The respected international human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch, completely exposed the slow genocide perpetrated against the Dalits by the Brahmin terrorists. The following extract from its widely-read World Report, 1999, exposes the nexus between Brahmin politician and Brahmin terrorist -

Ranvir Sena Massacres and State Complicity

" In the districts of central Bihar, over 300 people were killed between 1995 and October 1997 in large-scale massacres committed by the Ranvir Sena. Three massacres since October 1997 have increased number of deaths to over 400. Human rights activists add that many have also been killed in smaller confrontations. Extrajudicial executions of Naxalites, coupled with evidence of police collusion with the Ranvir Sena, as documented below, have led to charges that the sena is being backed by the state administration and non-left political parties to check the growing Naxalite movement. Soon after a January 1999 sena massacre in Shankarbigha village, Jehanabad district, a senior police official was quoted as saying, " The administration would be happy if they kill the real extremists among the Naxalites, but they are killing soft targets like women and children and attacking villages of Dalits and weaker sections, which are unprotected.

Like other senas before it, the Ranvir Sena enjoys considerable political patronage. The sena is said to be dominated by politicians from various parties, including Congress, the Janata Dal, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which in 1998 led India's coalition central government. In turn, the BJP has enjoyed Bhumihar support in local elections, as described below. Notorious Ranvir Sena leader Bharmeshwar Singh is also a known BJP activist. While Bihar's former Chief Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav, a member of a powerful backward caste, has accused the BJP of backing the sena, he himself has been blamed for only going after Naxalites, despite vows to disarm caste armies. Moreover, state agents at the village and district level are dominated by upper-caste members who often operate as functionaries of mainstream political parties [and] are either active with or sympathize with the Ranbir Sena.

According to press reports, in districts across central Bihar, and particularly in Bhojpur district, the police force has traditionally been dominated by Bhumihars and Rajputs. Since the implementation of the Mandal reservations, the OBCs too have been represented, but these are primarily Yadavs and Kurmis who also happen to be the new landowners in the districts. Caste as a factor in the police and administration is relevant in Bhojpur more than anywhere else in Bihar."

Reference - `Human Rights Watch World Report : India, 1999', Published by Human Rights Watch.

These reports from respected media sources reveal that the Brahmin terrorists of deadly outfits such as the Ranvir Sena, Bajrang Dal, BJP, VHP and other Hindutva militias are actively aided by treacherous Brahmins from within the Brahmin-Occupied Indian Government. The passing of each day brings to light new and horrific stories of mass deaths and ethnic cleansing of Sudra Blacks at the hands of these Brahmin terrorists all over India. The impunity with which these fanatics operate shows that no Sudra is safe from these Brahmin butchers. Their cruel murder of innocent women and children show that they are fully brainwashed with Vedic barbarism. One need only recall the verses from the Vedas exhorting the Aryan White to kill the Sudra Black -

Rig Veda IX.73.5
" Praise be the stormy Aryan Gods who rush on like furious bulls and scatter the Black Skin."

These terrorists also receive substantial support from the Pseudo-Secular Brahmins across South Asia. The Pandits, Acharyas and Vaidikas constantly preach hatred against Sudras (Blacks), and the Vishnu temples are repositories of weaponry and provide sanctuary for the pious Brahmin terrorists. If these bigoted Brahmins are not stopped it will not be long before India becomes a Brahmavarta inhabited only by pure-blooded Brahmins. One need only remember the thousands of years of tyrannical rule which these savages enforced upon the Indians during the Brahmanic Dark Ages. They engineered the cataclysmic foreign invasions that devastated India and collaborated with the invaders in order to keep the non-Brahmins enslaved. The Indian Government must take steps to stamp out these treacherous Brahmins and destroy the infrastructure of the Brahmin terrorists operating from Brahmavarta.

-- Surinder Majhi,
Dalitstan Journal
Volume 1, Issue 2 (Oct. 1999)

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