Anglo Christian Missionary and Infant Sons Burned Alive in Orissa (Jan 22, 1999)

The advent of Christmas, 1998 marks a shift in the pattern of genocide meted out by the Brahmin-Occupied Government of India. After Pandit Nehru and the Brahmins partitioned India in 1947, engineering the Partition Holocaust, the Brahmins under Indira Gandhi targetted the innocent Sikhs, murdering 300,000 of them. Subsequently, Pandit Rajiv Gandhi invaded Sri Lanka and exterminated more than 10,000 Tamils there. Then it was the turn of the Indian Muslims : Pandit Vajpayee destroyed the Babri Masjid and murdered 10,000 Muslims in well-organised pogroms. Then the wrath of the Brahmins descended upon the helpless Christians. Hundreds of Christians were massacred, scores of nuns raped, and dozens of churches demolished. One of the incidents which occurred during the systematic persecution and mass murder of Indian Christians was the savage murder of Graham Staines.

Graham Staines was an Australian missionary working in the Eastern districts of Orissa, one of India's poorest states. He was involved in curing leprosy amongst the Dalits, the Black Untouchables of India. Dedicated and hard-working, Graham Staines regularly toured the region in order to reach inaccessible Dalit villages. It was common for him to sleep overnight in his jeep on account of poor communication and transport facilities. On one such night, a mob of 100 brainwashed Brahminist Hindu fanatics cowardly surrounded the jeep Graham Staines was sleeping in, and torched it. Graham Staines was burned alive. Most shocking was that Graham's two infant sons also perished in the blaze. Even the Brahminist Pseudo-Secular Press of India could not hide a crime of such enormity from international view -

The Indian Express, Bhubaneswar, Jan 23, 1999

Missionary, sons set afire

by Srimoy Kar & Bijay Chaki

BHUBANESWAR, Jan 23: The campaign against Christians, so far largely limited to Gujarat, took an ominous turn with an Australian missionary and his two sons being torched to death in Keonjhar district early this morning.

Based in Baripada since 1965, Graham Stewart Staines, 58, ran a leprosy hospital and was the secretary and treasurer of the Evangelical Missionaries Society in Mayurbhanj. Staines was sleeping in his jeep with his two sons, nine-year-old Philip and seven-year-old Timothy, when a group of 100 people allegedly poured petrol and set the vehicle ablaze. The incident occurred in Manoharpur under the Anandpur police station.

According to reports from Baripada, another Australian, Gilbert Venge, and a lecturer, Rajendra Swain, who accompanied Steins to Manoharpur, escaped as they were sleeping inside the village church. The attackers spared the church.

Subhas Chouhan, convenor of the state unit of Hindu Jagaran Samukhya, alleged that Staines was killed because he was ``proselytising.'' Sayingthat people may have killed him in a ``fit of rage,'' Chouhan said that the issue should not be communalised.

Janata Dal president Ashok Das has blamed the Bajrang Dal and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad for the incident. He also criticised prime minister A B Vajpayee for giving a call for a national debate on conversions.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the Government and the Congress party. While no official word came from either, both the Home Ministry and the Congress high command are keeping a close tab.

Home Ministry sources said a report from the Orissa Government would be sought. Vajpayee has also been alerted about the incident. Meanwhile, Australian High Commission officials told The Indian Express in New Delhi that they were still awaiting details. A consular official is planning to fly to Calcutta en route to Orissa tomorrow while the High Commissioner has spoken to Home Secretary B P Singh about the incident.

This is the second incident within the last two months when Christianshave been killed in Orissa. Two undertrial prisoners, both Christian, were dragged out from prison by a tribal mob and burnt to death in front of the police at R. Udaygiri on December 8. Besides, 111 houses belonging to the community were also burnt to ashes. Sources said some villagers tried to prevent the mob from setting Staines's jeep ablaze but were chased away. It was regular for Staines to spend the night in the jeep whenever he was on tour, sources said. Staines, described by local residents as ``popular and affable'' was well known for his charity work. He had gone to Monaharpur yesterday afternoon to attend a camp organised by the local church. He is survived by his wife Glades and daughter Easter, 13, both of whom were at Baripada.

Glades said she was ``greatly shocked but not angry.'' She is believed to have told the Australian High Commission that she and her daughter ``are not stranded in Baripada and the locals are sympathetic.'' The funeral is scheduled for tomorrow.

Prayer halls attacked

A group of about 25 persons attacked two prayer halls in tribal-dominated Doswada village under Songadh rural police station in Surat on Friday evening.

According to the police, the miscreants destroyed furniture, musical instruments and walls of the prayer halls managed by the governing bodies of the Indian National Gospel Churches Federation and Good News Ministries Churches of Northern India for the last one decade.

Congress-BJP Conspiracy

The incident occurred in the Congress-ruled state of Orissa. Almost one year has since passed, and as of December, 1999, the culprits behind the savage killing have not been nabbed. Indeed, Congress is just a Pseudo-Secular mask behind which the fanatic Hindutvadins operate. A few months after the killing, the Wadhwa Commission Report into the inquiry, issued, once again, under the Brahmin-controlled Congress Party, said that the Hindu Parivar was innocent ! It is to be remembered that this same `Secular' Congress Party was in power when the Babri Masjid was destroyed, this same `Secular' Congress was in power when 300,000 Sikhs were massacred, and this same `Secular' Congress was in power when the Indian Army murdered 10,000 Tamils in Sri Lanka.

After the Wadhwa Commission Report, the same outfit, the Bajrang Dal, went on a killing spree to celebrate - another handful of Christians were murdered !

Who Killed Staines ?

It was clear from the onset that the Hindu Parivar was behind the savage and cowardly murder. Indeed, a few days later, a lower-caste member of the Hindu Parivar, Madan Lal Khurana, laden with pangs of guilt, publicly declared that the Hindu Parivar was responsible. Mr. Khurana was a member of the BJP Union ministry, and was very close to the inner circles of the BJP. He was forced to resign from the party on account of his being of lower Bania caste. In a public statement, he revealed that an organisation called `Bajrang Dal', founded by Brahmins from the RSS, was behind the incident. -

Times of India, Feb 1, 1999

Staines' killing: Khurana points to Bajrang Dal

NEW DELHI: Former Union minister Madan Lal Khurana on Sunday told newspersons a senior home ministry official had informed him that the Bajrang Dal was involved in the killing of the Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons in Orissa.

The remarks are significant as BJP president Kushabhau Thakre and Union home minister L K Advani had denied any involvement of the Bajrang Dal in the killings.

Mr Khurana who resigned from the Union Cabinet on Saturday, said ``A senior officer of the home ministry told me that the Bajrang Dal was allegedly involved in the Orissa incident.''

In fact, in a strongly-worded letter to Mr Thakre, Mr Khurana said the ``inhuman burning alive'' of the Australian missionary and his two sons had ``totally shattered'' him and he was feeling ``ashamed''.

Mr Khurana, condemned the ``pseudo-Hindutva'' being practised by certain sections. ``What we understood as Hindutva in the (Sangh) Parivar was not about destroying cricket pitches, burning cinema halls or burning places of worship. This is pseudo-Hindutva and I am against this,'' he said.

In his letter, copies of which were released to the Press on Sunday, he said this incident had further lowered the image of the party which had already suffered a setback due to the Hindu-Christian riots in Gujarat and the digging up of a cricket pitch by Shiv Sainiks in Delhi.

He said the ``recurrence of such incidents lends credence to my apprehension that some of the members of the Sangh Parivar are actively engaged in bringing a bad name and destabilising the Vajpayee government. In fact, I have been aware of their attitude towards Mr Vajpayee since the '50s''.

Clarifying his remarks on the Parivar, he said, ``I am not anti-Sangh Parivar with which I have been associated for the last 50 years, but only against those in the Parivar who want to tarnish Prime Minister Vajpayee's image.''

He said whatever he was today was due to the Parivar. Therefore, ``Nobody should abuse me of being anti-Parivar,'' he said, adding, ``I always fought for the organisation. I am not hankering after office. I have not committed any sin and I feel I did the right thing.''

In the letter, the second to Mr Thakre, he said he was deeply hurt to see the ``pitiable'' condition of the party as ``we have learnt since our childhood that the organisation is greater than the individual, and the country is all the more greater than the organisation''.

Mr Khurana said he had written these letters as he wanted to ``atone'' for what was happening in the country, as these went against the very precepts of Hindutva which he had learnt at the Sangh Parivar during the last 50 years.

These words from a highly-placed person within the Hindu Parivar ascertain that the Sangh was behind the gruesome killing. What is shocking, however, is that the Pseudo-Secular Indian media tried to somehow shift the blame onto the CIA and Pakistan !

Pseudo-Secularist Media : Hindutva Parivar is Innocent

Behind the facade of `secularism' put up by the Brahmin-Occupied Government of India lies the ugly face of Hindutva. Another fact which the Brahminist media chose to ignore is consistent reports that the killers sawed their victims alive, cut off pieces of the flesh of their victims, and then consumed it as per the Vedic rite of purushamedha or human sacrifice. Local reports indicate that it is only after the skin and flesh of the victims was peeled off and consumed by the cannibalistic Hindu fanatics that the innocent Christians were burned alive. However, all this was denied by the Pseudo-Secular Press, which claimed that it was somehow China which was behind the gruesome killing !

Monday, 1 Febuary 1999

Thakre disapproves of Khurana's allegation Fears destabilisation of Govt by Sangh members

NEW DELHI: BJP president Kushabhau Thakre said the ``campaign'' against minorities in the country was part of a ``conspiracy'' to defame the BJP and the government headed by it, and ruled out the involvement of Sangh Parivar outfits like the VHP and the Bajrang Dal in the recent violence against Christians.

``Those who are singing a bhajan against these is not a new bhajan. Even when they were in power, they could not find any evidence (against these organisations) in any violent incidents,'' he said.

Mr Thakre said the conspiracy was hatched by foreign powers who were not happy with this government because it was not ``pliable''.

``Give the dog a bad name and hang it,'' he said, in reply to a question whether the Sangh Parivar outfits were emboldened because of a BJP-led coalition at the Centre. The BJP leader said the charge that the Bajrang Dal was involved in the killing of the Australian missionary in Orissa was incorrect since the ``Bajrang Dal does not exist there (Keonjhar district in Orissa where the killing occurred).''

He disapproved of party leader Madan Lal Khurana's allegations against the Sangh Parivar organisations, saying, ``In politics, do not panic.''

Though the Vajpayee government would not spare any culprit involved in the recent attacks on Christians, even if he belonged to the BJP, VHP, RSS or Bajrang Dal, he said he would not condemn anybody just to please these parties.

Asked to identify the foreign forces behind the conspiracy, he said, ``It is obvious. They are those who are supporting Pakistan's clandestine nuclear programme.''

Mr Thakre viewed all these incidents as part of a conspiracy by ``vested interests who do not want to see India grow strong. So far, the governments had been pliable but this government is not pliable.''

Meanwhile, the Congress and the CPI lashed out at the BJP-led government for failing to prevent attacks on minorities, even as defence minister George Fernandes maintained there were ``forces within and outside'' trying to destabilise the government.

While Congress leader Pranab Mukherjee said conversion was a constitutional right and sought a central legislation on the issue, Mr Fernandes said certain elements were exploiting ``indigent circumstances'' to create a crisis.

Participating in a Doordarshan programme ``On the Record'', to be telecast on Monday, Mr Fernandes, while speaking on the recent attacks on Christians, said, ``There are forces within and outside who don't want this government.''

Agreeing with him, minister of state for human resource development Uma Bharati said there were ``powerful countries which did not want the BJP-led coalition to last''.

To this, Mr Mukherjee said if Mr Fernandes was making such allegations about certain foreign governments, ``I would like to know what initiative the government has taken in this regard with these countries.''

Mr Fernandes blamed the state governments where the incidents had occurred for not having taken action despite having received reports about threats or prevailing tension. (PTI)

It may now help to objectively analyse the real persons behind the attack. Firstly, the blame has been placed on one Dara Singh, a person of somewhat lower caste. This Dara Singh is a member of the Bajarang Dal, an outfit headed by a Jain, Thus, most of the blame for the incident has been placed on the OBCs and Jains. However, behind this veil of secrecy lie the Brahmins. It is indeed, Pandit Vajpayee and the Brahmins of the Congress and RSS who are behind the killing. Note the following :

  1. The RSS was created by the Brahmin Hegdewar.
  2. The Bajrang Dal was created by the RSS
  3. The Bajrang Dal is part of the Hindutva Parivar, an umbrella organisation headed by the BJP.
  4. The BJP is headed by a Brahmin, Pandit Vajpayee who is currently the Prime Minister of India.
  5. The Brahmin-controlled Congress Party was in power in Orissa when the incident took place. It is this same Congress which arranged for the concocted Wadhwa Commission Report.

Thus, the henchmen on the ground are non-Brahmin OBCs and Jains, yet the brains behind Graham Staines' killing are the Brahmins. The Brahmin is much too clever to get his hands dirtied, he hides behind the facade. Even if someone gets convicted, it will be Dara Singh, or the Jain head of the Bajrang Dal. Pandit Vajpayee and the Brahmin brains behind the murder shall get away scot-clean. Once again, Staines' killing illustrates the effects of the Brahmin philosophy of `Divide and Rule'.

-- Surinder Majhi,
Dalitstan Journal
Volume 1, Issue 3 (Dec. 1999)

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