The Pope is "Wolf" and a "Conspirator" : BOG

This is the supreme Vedic philosophy as expounded by the Organiser, the periodical published in India. The same periodical also alleged that the Pope was peddling nuclear weapons ! All this would seem to have come straight from an insane asylum. Unfortunately, Organiser is the mouthpiece of the RSS, an organisation which is the parent body of the BJP, the political party currently in power in the Brahmin-Occupied Government (BOG), namely the Government of India ! In several articles, the Organiser screamed of a "Christian Conspiracy" to destroy the world, and the "grave dangers" which would attend the Pope's visit. -

Organiser, November 21, 1999, Vol. LI, No. 17

Dangerous consequences of Papal visit

Shyam Khosla

The conspirator

It would be too simplistic to expect Pope John Paul II to be straightforward. He is not only the head of the Catholic Church but also a conspirator par excellence. (Sorry, Your Holiness for being so blunt). I am one of those who had had the opportunity to go through the Pope's biography by Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi and vividly remember that within years of becoming the head of the Catholic Church, the first Polish to become a Pope conspired with William Casey, the then Director of infamous CIA, and US President Ronald Reagan to bring about the collapse of the Polish state. His biographers are no critics of the Pope. They are his ardent admirers and gave detailed account of the role played by him in ensuring that a Catholic becomes the head of the State in his homeland.

Here our Brahminist author claims that Reagan and the Pope "conspired" to bring about the "collapse of the Polish state". What our evidently neo-Kautilyan author happily chooses to ignore is that "the Polish state" at the time was a totalitarian Communist state responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses on record. The entire free world took decisive steps against these vicious regimes, and in this the Vatican, the Free West, and the mujaheddin in Afghanistan. It is only neo-Kautilyan India under the Brahmin dynasty of Pandit Nehru which supported the Soviet Union. Once again, the Congress and BJP have shown themselves to be pious followers of Pandit Kautilya !

The articles published are solely designed to inflame hatred in the minds of gullible lower-caste Hindus and are full of errors. Thus, after raising a hue and cry regarding the non-existent threat from conversion activities, the same Sangh mouthpiece then claims that conversions are banned by the Supreme Court of India ! -

Organiser, November 21, 1999, Vol. LI, No. 17

Supreme Court of India bans Conversions

" Charging the Christian missionaries with violating the Constitution of India, he revealed that a Supreme Court judgment in 1977 had clearly declared conversion as an unconstitutional activity holding that the right to propagate religion didn't constitute the right to convert people of one religion to another."

Now, if conversions are banned, what is the big fuss being made by the `astik' Brahminists ? Later, another article compares the Vatican to the Soviet Union, but then criticises the Pope for having fought against that self-same state ! Talk about confusion confounded.

Organiser, November 21, 1999, Vol. LI, No. 17

Cabbages & Kings - The Pope lets down secularists


By brazenly proclaiming India as the launching pad for Christianity in Asia, the Pope has exposed himself as a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

"HE CAME, HE SAW, HE CONQUERED the secular State". Or at least so he imagined. This should be the apt description of the last week's imperialist invasion of India by the Roman Catholic Supremo who heads a totalitarian organisation as bigoted and insidious as the once mighty Soviet Union, which is supposed to have disintegrated by the crusading buffeting of the Polish pontiff himself. ... In any case, taking full advantage of the customary hospitality due to the head of a state, the puffed up religious crusader lost no time in casting off his deceptive mask and went ahead with his real business of exhorting his flock in unambiguous strident tones to get ready to wage a decisive war of conversions on the Asian people.

This then, is the state of affairs in Brahmin-Occupied India. The Psychopathic Pandits really think that all other Indians are as stupid as they are, and believe anything merely becase a Brahmin has said so !

-- Surinder Majhi,
Dalitstan Journal
Volume 1, Issue 3 (Dec. 1999)

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