Anti-Christian War in Hindu Rashtra

In memory of Jesus Christ, who was murdered by the Roman polytheists, closely related to the Hindu Polytheists.

Article Index

  • Revolutionary Jesus
  • Dialogue, what dialogue and with whom ?
  • 3 Churches attacked in Indore
  • Hindu Fundamentalista attack Christians in Agra
  • Increase in Attacks on Christians in UP
  • Anglo Christian Missionary & Infant Sons Burned Alive in Orissa
  • "Evil Mother Teresa part of Global Christian Conspiracy"
  • Christian Priest Shot to Death by Arrows in Jamabani
  • The Pope is a "Wolf" and "Conspirator" : BOG
  • The Brahminist Plan to Exterminate Indian Christians
  • 4 Nuns Raped in Central India
  • Ethnic Cleansing in Hindu Rashtra
  • "Pope is Godman of Rome" : Hindu Parivar
  • No Apologies for this Holocaust !
  • "The Chinese are Killing Indian Christians"

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