3 Churches attacked in Indore

Pioneer, May 13, 2000

3 churches attacked in Indore


Miscreants ransacked a church damaging the holy cross and threw stones at two other churches in the city on Thursday night, police said.

The Additional Superintendent of Police Bhagwant Singh Chauhan said security had been beefed up in the vicinity of the three churches and a manhunt had been launched to arrest the culprits following complaints by the church priests.

Father Ramesh Chandekar of St Paul's Church said that miscreants damaged the holy cross, the prayer place and broke holy utensils and the mike system.

He said the miscreants also threw stones at a church in Vandana Nagar and the Messiah Vidya Bhavan, another church on the Jail Road. Senior police officials rushed to the churches on getting information of the attacks and posted policemen for security.

Additional SP, Jaideep Prasad, said police has made some preventive arrests and is in contact with the religious heads of the institutions.

-- Tanya Newar,
Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 2, Issue 3 (April 2000)

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