Buddhist Renaissance

The Buddhist Age was the Golden Age of Indian History. Science, literature and the arts flourished, and peace prevailed. This glorious period of Indian history came to an end with the rise of Brahmanism, a cult of racism and hatred. For more than 2000 years, Brahmanism has been waging a war against Buddhism. Hundreds of Buddhist temples have been destroyed or forcefully converted into Hindu tamples, and Indian languages have been undermined by means of Brahmanic Sanskritisation. In Nepal, Brahmanisation has had the most devastating effects, uprooting its indigenous religion of Buddhism and exterminating the Mongoloid inhabitants. Nepali women have been forced into the shameful flesh trade as concubines and `Devadasis'. All these millenia old Brahmin-inflicted institutions have now reached monstrous proportions : the Buddhist religion has been virtually exterminated, Tibeto-Burman languages are nearing extinction, and hundreds upon thousands of Mongoloid women are forced into prostitution by the Brahminist Mafia.

The Learned D.Sarasvati, Brahmin Founder of Arya Samaj, on Buddhism
" Buddhist assertion is as valueless as the mutterings of a patient suffering from delirium "

`Satyarath Prakash,' by Dayanand Sarasvati, Ch.10, Page. 517, cited in `Hindu-Sikh Conflict in Pubjab,' by S. M. Sathananthan et al., Transatlantic India Times 8 Ashen Grove, London, SW 19.

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