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Brahmin Power 2001

Pandit Vajpayee

Brahmin Prime Minister of the Indian Union

Article Index (2001)

Volume 5

  • One Million Men Forcibly Sterilized by Brahmin Indira Gandhi - `Population Control', Brahmin Style.

  • Indira Gandhi: Greatest Female Mass Murderer in Human History was Brahmin (Under construction)

  • Swamy: It is the Right of Brahmins to Accept Money

  • UP transformed into a Brahmin-Occupied Government - "A brahmin state party president, a brahmin Assembly Speaker, a brahmin director-general of police and now a brahmin chief secretary! And possibly a brahmin governor in the next few days too."

  • Brahmin BJP sells Vajpayee the Brahmin to Brahmins

  • Indira Gandhi's `Kashmiri Mafia': All were Brahmin! - Indira's inner circle of Emergency terror: Kaul, Dhar, Haksar, Nehru, Kao - all were Brahmin!.

  • General Vaidya's Assassination Celebrated - Indira's fellow Brahmin General and Mass Murderer - General Vaidya, was killed in revenge for his genocide of Sikhs.

  • Partition a Brahmin Conspiracy: Islamic Voice - Islamists reveal: The Mass Murder of Millions of Innocents a Brahmin Plot.

  • Rao behind Babri Demolition - VHP reveals another Brahmin Conspiracy

  • Robbing, Attacking Christians Fine: Shankar Prem the Brahmin - Another Brahman Hate-Monger pours acid on Christians.

  • Destroy Pakistan: RSS Brahmin Leader - Brahman Hate-Monger Sudarshan calls for the destruction of Pakistan.

  • Brahmin Krishnaswamy appointed as Head of Air Force - Brahmanisation of the Indian Armed Forces continues under Atal Vajpayee.

  • Brahmins Doctors Ordered to Inject Poison into Non-Brahmin Children: Dawn - Dawn unveils Brahmin Conspiracy to exterminate non-Brahmins by poisoning.

  • Kaulist Brahmin Imperialism behind 1962 China Debacle - Psycopathic Pandit Kaul launched madman invasion of China

  • `Every Kashmiri Brahmin in North India was invited' - Nehru's fantastic wedding

  • Brahmin Hat-Trick in Tamil Nadu - Three Most Powerful People in Tamil Nadu: All are Brahmins!

  • Indian Corruption a Brahmin Conspiracy: Mahatma - The Mahatma on the Origin of Corruption

  • What the Brahmanic CBSE wants Deleted from History - The deleted CBSE passages

  • Sikhism Deleted from Indian Textbooks in Brahmin Plot - Contribution of Sikhs to Later Mughal Empire wiped out by Murli Joshi!

  • Dalit Resistance against Brahmin Erasure of Caste System - All-India SC/ST Federation threaten to take the issue to the elections

  • Pandit Vajpayee erases Anti-Brahmanism from History - Brahmanic Thought Control at its Best from Pandit Joshi and Pandit Vajpayee

  • Caste System Erased from Indian History! - Brahmin Conspirators erase their crimes from the very face of the Earth

    Volume 4

  • Tendulkar is richest Cricketer in the World
  • Indian Law `An Anglo-Brahminical Hybrid'
  • Morarji Desai: Urine-Drinking Brahmin PM
  • Pandit Nehru's Homosexuality
  • " Pandit Nehru had a Bastard Son "
  • Pandit Nehru died of Syphilis: The Tribune
  • " Nehru's Admiration for Hitler "
  • " The Nehru-Gandhi Family was Brahmin "
  • Gururaj Deshpande: World's Richest Indian is a Brahmin
  • Infosys : Brahmin IT Empire
  • "Brahmin Troika " rules India
  • " The BJP Team is dominated by either Brahmins or upper castes "
  • " Why has the UP Government posted only Brahmin Officers in Lucknow? "
  • Brahmins constitute 84% of HP, 32% of UP
  • Brahmin Grip on the Indian Press

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