Pandit Nehru died of Syphilis: The Tribune
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Respected Indian Newspaper `The Tribune' reveals Pandit Nehru died of Syphilis!

The Tribune
The Tribune , Tues. Oct. 12, 1999 (

Probity in public life

A. Ghosh, Houston (USA)

The article on Gandhi's bacteriologically provoked health problem may have been thought-provoking 75 years ago, if the Indian public had been aware of it. Don't they say, "things that you do not know, cannot hurt you?" But we did tide over it.

On the other hand, we had more serious problems at hand quite recently, but for some reason no one cared. I refer to Prime Minister Nehru's suffering from syphilis. No doubt, all his personal doctors were aware of the deadly malady.

Pandit Nehru, a Syphilitic Womanizing Brahmin, could never have been the Founding-Father of the Indian Union

The Real Founding-Father of the Indian Union was the educated Dr. Ambedkar

In the hagiology of Indian and Hindutva nationalism, Pandit Nehru is acclaimed as the `Founding Father of the Indian Union', and is proudly upheld by the Brahmins as one of their most illustrious members. Everywhere in the Indian Union today, one finds a Nehru school, a Jawaharlal museum or a Pandit Nehru street. Evidently, the Union's first Prime Minister - a Brahmin from Kashmir - has attained a near god-like status, largely thanks to propaganda from the Brahmin-controlled Indian press. Yet how much does this Brahmin deserve the title?

For fifty years, the Brahmin-controlled Indian mass media has been brain-washing the world about the supposed achievements of Pandit Nehru. Now, after fifty years of deceit, lies and deception, the facts have finally come out. Pandit Nehru died of the dreaded syphilis, as revealed by the mainstream Indian newspaper, The Tribune.

There is now no denying the fact that it was Dr. Ambedkar who was mainly responsible for all positive contributions to the new Indian republic. While Dr. Ambedkar was well-educated, Pandit Nehru's sole claim to his seat was that he was a Pandit educated in a mandir and that he was a Brahmin. Not only this, but he was a philandering womanizer to boot, having fathered at least one bastard son by a Sanskrit scholar called Sharda Mata. Now comes the most deadly revelation that this fanatic narrow-minded Brahmin debauch contracted syphilis from one of the many women he had taken to his bed.

American Publisher reveals Pandit Nehru died of Syphilis

" Pandit Nehru was laying in bed with his mistress Edwina Mountbatten. The man never ever took the trouble to visit any battle fronts, either in Kashmir, Tibet or in the North-East when the Chinese communists attacked India. Our boys had to fight a singularly difficult battle which had been rendered impossible by Nehru's ideological stupidities, who suffered from hallucinations and used to imagine himself as a 'British' Viceroy of India after the departure of Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma. The man's retribution did come by divine intercession, one would say; he died a victim of syphilis. "

Bal Raj Madhok, `Kashmir - The Storm Center of the World,' Foreword by Publisher, A. Ghosh Publishers, 5720 W. Little York, #216.

`Nehru had a Bastard Son'

Another `dirty secret' of Pandit Nehru is hat he had a bastard son, a fact recently revealed by his own special assistant: "[I]f M.O. Mathai, at one time special assistant to Nehru, is to be believed, Nehru fathered a son by a woman called Sharda Mata (assumed name) who gave birth to the child in a convent in Bangalore. "I made discreet enquiries repeatedly," writes Mathai, "about the boy but failed to get a clue of his whereabouts." Continues Mathai: "Had I succeeded in locating the boy, I would have adopted him. He must have grown up as a Catholic Christian blissfully ignorant of who his father was." (Reminiscences of the Nehru Age by M.O. Mathai)." [ `Hard Facts' by Madan Gupta, Outlook India, 25 Jan. 1999 ]

Brahmins infect Sudra women with Syphilis

Those Brahmins and caste Hindus who were infected with syphilis like their leader Pandit Nehru, often believed that this deadly disease could be cured by having sex with Sudra women: "For centuries Hindus have been infecting the Dalit woman by forcing them to have sex, under the belief that sexual intercourse with women belonging to sweeper castes is a sure cure for syphilis" [ Bhagwan Das, 1995. "Socio-Economic Problems of Dalits," in Dalit Solidarity. Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (ISPCK) Bhagwan Das and James Massey, eds., 1995. ] This horrible practice amongst Brahmins has led to the spread of sphyilis, gonorrhea, AIDS and other similar deadly venerael diseases amongst the Sudra populations of South Asia.


by Dilip Majhi
Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 4, Issue 4, July 2001

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