Sanskrit Year 1999 - But Nobody Speaks It !

by Thangam Ponnalagu

As part of its secret agenda to enforce Hindutva and enslave the Sudras to the Brahmin yoke, the Brahmin Government has decided to declare 1999 a Sanskrit Year. This despite the fact that nobody speaks it ! The following article amply exposes the fascist nature of this Brahmin conspiracy.

Modern Rationalist, Vol. 24 ( March 1999) No.3

1999 Sanskrit Year - A Hidden Agenda of Hindutva ?

Editorial by K. Veeramani,

" The Human Reseources Minister Mr.Murali Manohar Joshi has announced that the Year 1999 would be celebrated as "Year of Sanskrit" on March 18th. The Government Press release says "The focus of the year - long celebrations would not only be the popularisation of Sanskrit amongst the general public but also the development of such programs which would lead to long-term and permanent development of Sanskrit, an official release said today.

A number of activities including setting up of Sanskrit academies in States where they did not exist and publishing children's literature in Sanskrit were on the anvil for the year. The Government also planned to organise Sanskrit conversation camps and seminars on Sanskrit and science in schools and colleges during the year, release said. - (The Hindu - 14.3.99)

What is urgency for popularising Sanskrit? It is nothing but implementation of the hidden agenda of the BJP to appease the R.S.S. According to the consitution of India, VIII schedule, there are 18 national languages Sanskrit is one among them?

According to the information published in the year book published by Government of India 1999, a reference annual given at page 17 followings statistics speak for themselves. (Refer page 2)

Not even one percent of whole population of nearly 1000 millions has declared it as their mother tongue. It is called Deva - Basha (language originated from god) what a great myth is this. it is nothing but a cultural invasion of and in road into the rights of other people.

Whether the Human Resource Minister consulted other Ministers in the states? The approach is automatic and undemocratic and also unethical.

Hindu Sanskrit culture alone in not Indian culture. It is against all canons of secularism. All the progressive forces should get united and oppose this tooth and nail.

When the whole world is moving forward taking the people to 21st century, this kind of move takes the country to second century B.C. can we afford it?


{ 1999 } - `1999 Sanskrit Year - A Hidden Agenda of Hindutva?' , Editorial by K. Veeramani, Modern Rationalist, Vol. 24 ( March 1999) No.3;

by Thangam Ponnalagu
Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 2, Issue 6 (Dec. 2000)

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