Ocean of Story - A Mirror of the Times

by Poovalinga Thangavel

The Ocean of Stories were originally an Old Gujarati series of tales, which were later translated into Sanskrit and stolen by the Brahmins. Instead of being hailed as the work of Gujaratis, which it acutally is, it is now falsely portrayed as the achievement of bigoted Brahmins. Can a group as inherently fanatic and narrow-minded as the Brahmin pundits even dream of such a work ? Never ! Instead, this work amply displays the quiet infiltration of Brahminist ideology into secular culture. In order to maintain their aboslute power and vicious dominion over the `Dasoo' masses, these scorpions planted stories inculculating superstition, the virtue of sati, the necessity of worshipping white Brahmins as gods, the viability of Vedic varnashramadharma apartheid, and other mental poison that led to the preservation of Brahmin tyranny.

Sati -
The barbaric Aryans introduced the horrific practice of Vedic human sacrifice (purushamedha), female infanticide and Vedic widow-burning (sati) on their invasion of India. With the transition from Vedic Dark Age to Sutric Dark Age came a transition from Aryan domination to Brahmin domination. The Brahmins continued the earlier Vedic practices of apartheid and sati, which the Aryans had practiced, in order to eat into the genetic stock of the Sudras and Aryans alike. Thus, the Ocean of Story contains many stories of `virtuous ladies' performing sati :

Amputation -
In order to destroy the very backbone of the non-Brahmin races, the Pundits inculculated in them a hatred of their women. Indeed, Brahmanic India (1500 BC - 1000 AD) was the darkest age for women in the history of the world. There are various stories where women are amputated for minor crimes :

In short, the Ocean of Story fully depicts the barbarity of India during the Brahmanic Dark Ages (200 AD - 1000 AD), as well as the extent of Brahmin abuse of literature to further their wicked aim of absolute domination over the subjugated Indigenous races.


[ Oc ] = `The Katha Sarit Sagara, or Ocean of the Streams of Story', tr. from Sans. C.H.Tawney, 1880, reprint 1968 Munshiram Manoharlal vol.i.

by Poovalinga Thangavel
Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 2, Issue 6 (Dec. 2000)

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