Brahmin-Engineered Genocide of 1 Million Muslims in Afghanistan

Brahmanism in its six `astika' (orthodox) schools preaches the most intense hatred for Muslims (mlecchas). Pandit Nehru the Big Brahmin was no different in this regard. The sole aim of all his policies may be viewed as the extermination of Muslims from the face of the Earth and the establishment of a totalitarian Kautilyan state in India. Communism is essentially an outgrowth of Kautilyanism, and Pandit Nehru was thus an ardent supporter of Soviet Russia. The Nehruvian plan was for the Soviets to overrun Afghanistan and then conquer Pakistan, when India would formally join the Red Block, having crushed Eastern Islam from both sides. As a result, more than 4 million Afghans were forced to flee their homeland : -

Pandit Nehru : Engineer of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan


Encycopedia Britannica Vol. 1 (15th edition), p.128

" The Soviet troops attempted to crush the [ Islamic ] insurgency by various tactics using tanks, helicopter gunships, jet fighters, artillery barrages and bombing raids, but the highly mobile guerillas eluded these attacks. The Soviets then attempted to eliminate the mujahiddeen's civilian support by bombing villages, burning crops and slaughtering livestock. These brutal tactics depopulated the rural areas and sparked a massive flight from the countryside; by 1982 some 2.8 million Afghans had sought refuge in Pakistan and another 1.5 million had fled to Iran."

When Daud Khan (Prime Minister of Afghanistan 1953-63) turned to the Soviet Union for assistance and introduced Communism into Afghanistan, he was acting as a pawn in the larger Brahmin-Soviet-Zionist conspiracy to annihilate eastern Islam. The Congress Party would have us believe that Pandit Nehru's voluminous correspondence with Russians and his visits to the USSR were just for fun and sight-seeing, but such fairy-tales have little substance in fact : a conspiracy was being hatched to crush Afghanistan and Pakistan from both sides. The gradual spread of communism and the eventual invasion of Afghanistan are entirely the result of Nehru's assurances given to the Soviets. The final Soviet invasion on December 24, 1979 a few years after Nehru's death in 1964 was the culmination of this long drawn-out plan. Just to make sure the Americans would not support Afghanistan the US ambassador Adolph Dubs was killed on Feb. 14, 1979 - before the Soviet invasion. Whether by Soviet KGB agents, or Brahmin RAW agents, or perhaps some other organization, is not known. What is known are the fantastic results this reaped for Brahmanism : one-third of the Muslim population of Afghanistan was driven out, and it seemed that Islam itself was in danger of being uprooted in Afghanistan.

At one time, the number of Muslim refugees reached 6 million !

6 Million Refugees : Victims of Brahmanist Politics

February 14, 1999

Millions of Afghan refugees in exile after Soviet pullout

` Ten years after the last Soviet soldier pulled out of Afghanistan, 2.6 million Afghans still live in exile, from the camps of Iran and Pakistan to the suburbs of Frankfurt, Paris and London.

Twenty years after the Soviet invasion provoked an avalanche of refugees, Afghans remain the single largest refugee group in the world, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees said in a statement marking the 10th anniversary of the Soviet pullout.

By the end of 1979 -- the year the Soviet army entered Afghanistan in support of the communist regime which had seized power the previous year -- there were already 400,000 refugees in Pakistan and 200,000 in Iran.

By 15 February 1989, the number had risen to a staggering 6.2 million, split almost equally between the two neighboring countries, "which showed extraordinary generosity in hosting such a vast number of refugees on their territory," the U.N. said. '

The Brahmins continued to support the Najibullah regime, supplying arms to their Kautilyan comrades. During the course of the war, more than 1 million Afghans perished.

Brahmanic India and Zionist Israel

The Only States to Support the Murderous Kautilyan Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan !

This is stated in the New York Times :


India To Provide Aid to Government in Afghanistan


New Delhi, March 6: India agreed today to provide what a Government spokesman described as humanitarian and technical aid to President Najibullah's Government in Afghanistan, the Press Trust of India reported.

The Government statement, which gave no details, followed a news conference today in which the Afghan Foreign Minister, Abdul Wakil, said he had come to India to ask for material and diplomatic assistance. Afghanistan, now under a state of emergency, is trying to cope with food and fuel shortages as well as an unstable security situation after the withdrawal of Soviet troops on Feb. 15.

Mr. Wakil also said his Government needed help in putting pressure on Pakistan to stop arming the Muslim guerrilla armies trying to topple the Najibullah regime.


The Indian spokesman did not say what kind of assistance New Delhi might give to Kabul.

India has been alone in South Asia in support of the Soviet-backed Najibullah Government in Afghanistan. India, a nonaligned nation that has generally supported Soviet foreign policies in Asia. continues to maintain a diplomatic presence in Kabul, although all Western and several Eastern European embassies have withdrawn.

At the news conference Mr. Wakil also attacked Iran for wanting to establish a fundamentalist Islamic regime in Kabul. He accused Teheran of being in league with Pakistan in supporting the guerrilla armies.

Iran's role is seen by most other regional nations, however, as more uncertain and problematic following high-level Iranian visits to Moscow and a visit to Teheran by the Soviet Foreign Minister, Eduard A. Shevardnadze.

Iran and Pakistan have apparently not been in total agreement on policies for post-Soviet Afghanistan. Many Pakistanis believe that Iran and Saudi Arabia are competing for influence in Afghanistan, despite the embarrassment this might cause Islamabad, which tries to maintain good relations with both countries.

In Kabul today, an Indian news agency reported, a weekly magazine appeared on the streets carrying an article and the first picture of the former Afghan King, Mohammad Zahir Shah, to appear since his ouster in 1973. Afghanistan, the Soviet Union and India have all tried to persuade Zahir Shah to return as head to a neutral, possible interim, administration in Kabul.

Some of the more powerful, conservative Islamic opposition groups are opposed to the former King's return.

However, the miraculous occurred : the Afghan mujaheddin, buttressed by freedom fighters from all over Islamistan ( the Islamic world ) pushed back the Soviets. Shortly thereater, the very Soviet Union itself collapsed, and several Muslim nations living under Stalinist tyranny were liberated. Now, the mujaheddin are seeking to liberate the Muslim-majority areas in India and create an Islamic state stretching from Bengal to Punjab ! The fall of the Brahminist Hindu state would liberate millions of oppressed non-Brahmins from the Kautilyan yoke. Sudras (Dalits, Dravidians), Muslims, Nagas, Mizos, Sikhs and all other oppressed nationalities of Brahmin-Occupied India must unite to overthrow the Kautilyan state. Now, after the fall of the Soviet Union, it is only Israel that is supporting Kautilyan Bharat. One down - two to go !


Author : Nur Muhammed
Designer : Bandi Tirki & Ashok Oraon
Dalitstan Journal,
Vol.1, 1999, Issue 1 (August)

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