Lost Vedas - How Much is Missing ?

by Mohan Kalayalagan

The Vedas are widely upheld by the Vaishnavas and Vedists (collectively known as Brahmanists or brahmanas) who have attempted to spread the racist doctrines embodied in those texts around the world. What these intolerant bigots always choose to keep quiet about is that much of these scriptures are lost. The main reason was that the fanatic Aryan Brahmins were too illiterate to remember all the masses of nonsensical superstitions contained in them. Of course they also could not write, and so forgot them ! K.A.Fracis has amply described this :

" This only reminds me of the fish incarnations of Narayana, the supreme god of Hinduism to save their fundamental religious scriptures, the four vedas, when they were thrown into ocean. The purpose of this MACHAAVTAR (incarnation as fish) was to save all the four vedas from being lost for ever. He did undergo the incarnation and did rescue the vedas for the time being - whether he could save them forever? No, is the answer, for the vedas none are available in all their entirety of the four vedas ie. RIG, YAJUR, SAMA and ADHARVA, when the first two are available with some hymns missing in each, third one is available with some major portion missing and in fourth one almost the whole veda is not available. As in the case of Lord Narayana's incarnation it was a temporary measure to save vedas for the time being only, the same being true. Jehova god's efforts to save all species of his creation also was a failure. Ofcourse every god is omniscient and omnipotent, I mean all knowing and all powerful POOR GODS! "
-- [ BibleIV ]

So why go on about the lost Vedas ? If all the rest is lost, the benefit done to humanity shall be immense, for then shall vanish the monstrosities of female infanticide, sati, racism, apartheid and all the filth that emanates from those texts.


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by Mohan Kalayalagan
Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 2, Issue 6 (Dec. 2000)

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