Lost Races - Nations Obliterated by Brahmans

by Muthu Kalayalagan

The cataclysmic Aryan invasions plunged India into 1000 years of complete darkness from 1500 BC to 500 BC. These Vedic Dark Ages were marked by the spread and supremacy of the Aryan race. After this, during the Sutric and Puranic Dark Ages, the Brahmans usurped the dominion that previously belonged to the Aryans. During this period the Brahmins represented absolute power, obliterating nations and entire peoples at will, bringing mighty empires to crumble to dust and exterminating millions of helpless humans. The very fact that the Brahmins have outlived all other ancient races testifies to their ruthless extermination of non-Brahmins throughout history.

Where are the Magadhans ?

In ancient Indian history, the Magadhan kingdom of the Sudra Nanda and Mauryan dynasties was one of the largest and greatest ever. The language of the empire was Magadhi, and this language was the mother tongue of all the inhabitants. Now, there is no trace of this empire and no nation of Magadha exists. An isolated degraded speech called Magahi is still spoken by a handful of wretched inhabitants in southern Bihar. What happened and how did this once-mighty nation vanish ? How were its once-prosperous builders reduced to the current state of perpetual hunger and malnourishment ?

The answer is that the Magadhan Empire was completely eradicated as a result of Brahminist policies. The Brahmin Kautilya and his pupil Chandragupta Maurya engineered Alexander the Great's invasion of India. Candragupta is thought to have even fought in Alexander's army. Alexander did not himself invade central India, but provided sufficient aid and soldiers to Candra Gupta to do so. With this help, Candra Gupta displaced the Sudra dynasty of Magadha and usurped its civilization.

When, after a few decades the Brahmins realised that the Mauryas were too much inclined to such anti-Vedic religions as Jainism and Buddhism, they destroyed this state. The Brahmins could have engineered the massive 12-year famine in Magadha that led to the deaths of almost 50 million people, although this is somewhat speculative. The kingdom was broken up, with the Brahmin Sungas snatching Magadha, and the Brahminist Satavahanas gobbling the Deccan. The fact remains, that the Brahmins came to power on the ruins of the Magadhan state.

Where are the Panchalas ?

The Panchalas were an Aryan tribe (jana) which settled in the modern eastern Punjab region. After existing as a stable nation that was the size of France for more than a thousand years, this race ceased to exist. Why ?

Once again, the Brahminist policies at work. This race was simply exterminated during one of the many Brahmin-engineered invasions of Hunas, Kushanas or Turks.

The Brahmans, throughout history, encouraged foreigners to invade India as this caused more mayhem and democide of non-Brahmans. In addition, the permanent settlement of foreigners on Indian soil would create perpetual conflicts among the mass of non-Brahmans, thereby perpetuating Brahman rule.

Where are the Assyrians ?

The Assyrians are referred to as Asuras in Sanskrit. They have disappeared from the face of the Earth. So have the Panchalas, Hunas, Rakshasas, Koshalas, Panis Dasuyas and the Latas, the Kalingas.

Yet the Brahmins have outlived all these nations. Their language, Sanskrit, survives and is still spoken by them. All the peoples mentioned above have been wiped from the face of the Earth whilst the Brahmins survived. Either the Brahmins have some uncanny ability to survive, or they had a hand in the destruction of these Dasoos.

Here are some other questions for the Brahmanist historians, who always attempt to deny the ghastly results of Brahminist policies :

by Muthu Kalayalagan
Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 2, Issue 6 (Dec. 2000)

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