Kalki Avatar & End of the World

by Sankar Murugappan

As per the Brahmanic Puranas, Lord Vishnu has taken 9 avataras or incarnations during the course of history, all in North India, to save mankind and destroy the enemies of the Brahmans. This concept of avatars or incarnations, which was associated with the Vedic god Vishnu, was one of the prime reasons why he ultiamtely eclipsed all other Vedic gods. For, incarnation served to `identify' local independant Aryan and pre-Aryan gods as incarnations of Vishnu, and eventually submerge them as part of Vaishnavism. Hence the number of incarnations of Vishnu has been steadily increasing. First there were only 3, then 12, then 24 and now an infinite number ! Even bigoted and fraudulent god-men are now considered incarnations in this sick so-called `religion' of Vaishnavism ! This also shows that Vaishnavism is a direct outgrowth of the Vedic religion, with the Smarta faith arising later as a bridge between the Vedists, Vaishnavas and pre-Aryan Shaivites.

In order to grind the masses of helpless Sudras (Dravidians, Dalits, Adivasis) into a state of eternal darkness and gloom under the iron grip of Vaishnavism, the wily and cunning caste of Brahmins invented the Kalki myth. This Kalki avatar is an incarnation of Vishnu that is yet to come at some arbitrary point of time in the future. This avatar will destroy all the enemies of Aryan-Vaishnava Hindus and restore absolutist Brahmin tyranny. In this manner the White Brahmins maintained the masses of Sudra Blacks in a state of perpetual fear and submission. A similar artifice was used in the North by the Aryan Hindus to maintain the Dalits and Adivasis in slavery.

Indeed, Vedic Vishnu is the god who has always supported the Brahmins. In the words of Ganesan, " Even Lord Vishnu has been cited and made their mouth piece." This is not surprising, since the ancient Dravidians have been worshipping, since Harappan days, the pre-Vedic god Shiva who is not even mentioned in the Vedas. It is only when the Aryans conquered and enslaved the Indigenous Dravidians that they were forced to worship Vishnu. Often, masses of Sudras were forcibly converted to Vaishnavism by Aryan tyrants at the point of the sword.

In order to maintain their vice-like stranglehold over the population, and to degrade their intellectual capabilities, the Brahmins have been spreading mental poison among the masses. Palmistry, astrology and Vishnu-worship are only some of the different types of venom spread amongst the Indigenous Sudras. Another such venom was the artificial fear of a fictitious monster Kalki, who loomed as an ever-present demon waiting to destroy the enemies of the Brahmins. In this manner the Brahmins prevented even tbe thought of a revolt arising in the minds of the stupefied masses of Sudra idiots.

1984 Kalki Scare

The Aryan Vaishnava fanatics have always been spreading fear and terror by periodically claiming that `Kalki is about to come to cleanse the world of those who are not the slaves of Brahmins'. Indeed, irrationality is deeply ingrained in this inherently fundamentalist religion called Vaishnavism. In 1984, the Puranas written centuries back, had predicted the arrival of Kalki :
" And also as per puranas the tenth avathar called Kalki avathar should have taken place during 1984 - the Avathar riding on a horse back and brandishing a sword in one hand to extirpate the population in order to reduce the bhoodhara. And such a himalayan task is expected of to be performed by Rajni as per Yaghava Muni. A human being is being deified as God - a real aping of the primitive period's events."
-- [ Ganesan ]

Vishnu and his 9 Avathars

A detailed analysis of history shows that Vaishnavism, an outgrowth of Vedism, was the religion of the Brahmins when they invaded South India along with the blood-thirsty Aryan hordes of that monster, Rama. Thus, that demon Rama was deified to the level of a God for services rendered to the Aryan Brahmin priesthood. Vishnu is the god of Brahmanism and fascism, and Vaishnavism, along with its ancestor Vedism, are the fountain from which the poison of apartheid and racism spread all across the world. Desribing Vishnu's partiality to Brahmins, Ganesan writes :

" Whenever the Brahmins faced any opposition from other communities, they invoked Vishnu to create himself to put down such rebels - whether a ruler or an individual but mostly non Brahmins. It was not known to anybody till today as to what was the cause for the cordial relations between Brahmins and Vishnu. But Vishnu had always remained enemical to the fourthgraded Sudras for no valid reasons. For the sake of the Brahmins, Vishnu had obliged 9 times by taking Avathars in the country. The Brahmins had lot of heinous practices and they quoted their doings with religion for their convenience. "
-- [ Ganesan ]

1962 Kalki Scare

Another piece of mental pollution spread by the Brahmins into the minds of Sudras was that a super star Rajni would be reborn as the Kalki avatar in 1962 :
" The sensational news that the Super Star - Rajni - will take the Kalki Avathar in a couple of years and the scare and catastrophe predicted for the year. 1962 are both alike in one respect : utter falsehood. The Indian Astrologers created a scare that eight planets would be coming in conjunction and bringing in their wake the end of the world in 1962. Millions of hearts were fluttering with agony and anxiety. The ever blood sucking astrologer minted money forecasting and predicting the catastrophe and then suggesting safety methods - whatever struck in their minds. Mr. Nehru, the then prime minister, scoffed and mocked at the news. But the evercredulous people, the priests and philosophers and the astrologers remained locked indoors only to eat their humble pie the next day. The much dreaded day of doom dawned. The usual sun rose in the east shedding his usual luster on this earth; the sky looking bright and clean; the atmosphere as placid as ever before; the trees rustled; the birds chirped and flew gaily. The innocent coolies and the vegetable vendors on the street were busy with their usual business. No catastrophe happened that day or any other day thereafter."
-- [ Ganesan ]

Yaghav Muni's Prediction for Kalki 2000

A fanatic Vaushnava Brahmin, Yaghav Muni, following the utter failure of the Vaishanva astrologers in wrongly predicting the advent of Kalki in 1962, conveniently shifted the supposed arrival to a later date.
"Yaghava Muni - a self styled and asserting himself a living siddha of these days - has come out with a most sensational news on Madras Sun TV on 11.4.1998 that Mr. Rajnikanth (Rajni) - a super star of the cine field - will become an Avathar - called Kalki Avathar - the tenth in the series. He has also said that Rajni will become an Avathar in a couple of years on Rajni attaining his age of 49 years. This Yaghava muni's news is rediculous and too absurd for rebuttal and refutation by any one. It is a matter of regret that even at close of the 20th century, our society is blindly believing such gossips. But one thing is certain for which the society should feel happy is that this Yaghava Muni - a rambler - is not yet deified as God because he is not a Brahmin."
-- [ Ganesan ]

The motive for inventing the doomsday Kalki myths were exactly the same why the Church in Medieval Europe invented doomsday myths : to maintain the population in perpetual fear and darkness, thereby forcing people to waste their lives in prayer and slavery to the priests.


[ Ganesan ] - `Kalki Avathar - Yaghava Muni - Rajnikanth' , A.M. Ganesan, Modern Rationalist , Vol. 24 (January 1999 ) No.1; http://www.periyar.org/mr/9901mr14.htm

by Sankar Murugappan Volume 2, Issue 6 (Dec. 2000)

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