Kalidasa's 800-Year Life !

by Kedar Meenakshisundaram

The Brahmanic Dark Ages of India (200 AD - 1000 AD) were one of the darkest eras in human history, far exceeding the Medieval Dark Ages in Europe (500 AD - 1400 AD) both in terms of duration and barbarism. The Aryan Brahman caste maintained all other races in enforced illiteracy by means of the Vedic apartheid laws. Races such as the Sudra Blacks, the Scythic Rajputs & Vaishyas, the Mon-Khmer Bengalis and the Mongol Nagas were crushed to a sub-human animal existence of perpetual degradation and undernourishment on vast forced-labour fields (agrahara and sasana villages). Hence, the literary output of Brahmanic India was extraordinarily poor, just as the Medieval Dark Ages were in Europe. In addition, almost nothing is known about the famous authors of this age. All that is known even about the most famous works and authors is that they were written sometime during this 1000-year era of Vedic vandalism ! Occasionally, it has been possible to reduce the uncertainty to 500 years.

The most famous author of these Brahmanic Dark Ages, we are told by the Brahmans, was Kalidasa the Brahmin. Like all other authors of this dark era, almost nothing is known about him. Where he lived and who were his descendants and ancestors is not known. When he lived is also not known; as per the most modern research, he could have lived anytime during a period of spanning 8 centuries :

" The greatest Sanskrit poet and dramatist, Kalidasa, regarded Vatsyayana as a venerable sage. Unfortunately, the date of Kalidasa is itself subject to controversy, being placed anywhere between the 1st century BC and the 5th century AD. "

-- John W. Spellman, in Introduction to `The Kamasutra of Vatsyayana',
Richard F. Burton, Penguin India Ltd. 1990 New Delhi, p.14

The reason he was allowed to learn to read and write was that he was a Brahman. That is quite obvious, since if he were a Sudra Black or Vaisya Aryan, he would bever have been allowed to even pick up a book. He would have had lead poured in his ears ! In addition, Encyclopedia Britannica admits that nothing is known about the Aryan Hindu authors :

"As with most classical Indian authors, little is known about Kalisasa's person or his historical relationships. His poems suggest but nowhere declare that he was a Brahman."

-- Encyclopedia Britannica , Vol.6, p.693 `Kalidasa'

There were several reasons why this is so - Indeed, the uncertainty in Kalidasa's date spans an entire 800 years ! By contrast, works in other Dravidian languages are accurately dated. Important Telugu works are all dated to within a few years, even if several centuries old. Compare Dravidian brilliance with Aryan-Hindu idiocy -

" It is certain only that the poet lived sometime between the reign of Agnimitra, the 2nd Sunga king (c. 170 BC), the hero of one of his dramas, and the AIhole inscription of AD 634, which lauds Kalidasa."

-- Encyclopedia Britannica , Vol.6, p.693 `Kalidasa'

A happy 800-year birthday to Kalidasa ! The best Sanskritological research conducted over two centuries has been able to narrow down the greatest Sanskrit poet's life to an exact date lying somewhere in an epoch of 800 years ! Surely a very civilized and most refined era !

by Kedar Meenakshisundaram Dalitstan Journal,
Volume 2, Issue 6 (Dec. 2000)

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