Jayalalitha : Corrupt Brahmini Actress Galore

Jayalalitha Jayaram has gone down in history as one of the world's move corrupt Brahmins ever. Born into a family of rich Mysore Brahmins, she turned to film-acting because her debauched father squandered the family fortune in pleasure. Turning to films, she soon rose to the status of Goddess on account of the craze for fair skin. With her white Brahmin skin she hence mesmerised the black Tamil audiences, and the Brahmin-controlled press eagerly buoyed her image. Thus, she managed to infiltrate the Dravidian movement. When she finally reached the top, she and her Brahmin conspirators looted the Tamil Nadu treasury of all its funds, stripping Tamil Nadu of all its wealth.

Brahmini Jayalalitha Destroyed Dravidian Era !

Reveals Economic and Political Weekly

Econ. Political Weekly, June 12, 1999

`End of Dravidian Era in Tamil Nadu,'

Ambrose Pinto,


" Being a brahmin she [ Jayalalitha ] was not at all ideologically tuned to the Dravida ideology. In fact, she was responsible for the appointment of brahmin archakas and promoting the cause of Brahmins as chief minister. Besides she inherited the AIDMK which was ideologically different from DMK. That is way when Jayalalitha aligned herself with the BJP a party of the Aryans, it was no surprise or shock."

May 7, 1999


"And yet Jayalalitha remains a media darling - at least in Tamil Nadu, where she is the last high-caste Brahmin leader with any clout. The equally Brahmin press plays a key role in nurturing Jayalalitha's political fortunes, as she is "one among us." One of the media-created exaggerations about Jayalalitha concerns her intellectual prowess. While none can deny her clipped, convent-educated English accent, it stretches credulity to call her an intellectual or woman of letters. She recently named among her favorites pot-boiler American novelists Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steel. This in a nation that has produced the likes of Salman Rushdie and R. K. Narayan."

- By A. S. Panneerselvan, Madras

Jayalalitha's Father Squandered Family Fortune !

Reveals Daily Star

Daily Star News
Volume 2 Number 237, April 19, 1999
Jayalalitha came from a rich Brahmin family and had a film star for a mother. Her father squandered away the family fortune, forcing his daughter to enter films and become the top Tamil actress of her day.

Jayalalitha : a Mysore Brahmini !

Indian Express, 16.08.2000

"It was within the Dravidian movement - at once political, social and ideological- that Tamil nationalism, in contradistinction to Indian nationalism, was fanned. I once wondered what was the headline story on the day I was born - 10 April 1941. I looked it up and found it was the day on which Periyar had welcomed Mohammad Ali Jinnah at a massive public meeting in Madras to link Dravidastan with Pakistan."

For, unlike in northern India where the upper castes constitute a significant percentage of the population, the upper caste population of Tamil Nadu was about five per cent, of which the Brahmins constituted two per cent, if that...

Jayalalitha is a Mysore Brahmin. ...the politically deprived upper castes of the south have shifted into business, rendering [t]hemselves ... more prosperous than in their wildest pre-Justice Party dreams.

`Southern Comfort' Mani Shankar Aiyer, Indian Express, 16.08.2000

More of Jayalalitha's Brahmin Corruption Rackets !

Fanatic Brahmins Loot Tamil Treasury under the Leadership of Fanatic Vaidik Jayalalitha

India Times
21 August 2000 (http://indiatimes.com)

Jayalalitha faces new corruption charge

CHENNAI: Police investigating a shares scandal filed a new corruption case Friday against AIADMK supremo Jayalalitha who is already facing a slew of charges. In its First Information Report filed in a special court, the Central Bureau of Investigation alleged Jayalalitha had indulged in corruption during her tenure as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Police say shares of the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation were sold cheaper to its joint venture partner, a private company, causing a loss of Rs 290 million to the government. In a hearing two years ago, the court had ordered the accused to make up for the loss by paying the sum to the government, but a higher court had later granted an injunction against the order. The CBI brought the charges after an 18-month inquiry. Judge Arumugaperumal Adithan will now rule whether there is enough evidence to arraign the accused. The special court, set up by the state government to try 46 corruption cases against Jayalalitha, her Cabinet ministers and top bureaucrats of her government, has delivered verdicts in nine cases.

Apart from one in which Jayalalitha was acquitted, the accused in all other cases have been convicted.

The Brahmin priestly gutter-creatures have been looting India for thousands of years. The triumphal march of Brahmanism resulted in the desolation and spoilation of most of India. India, once the greatest and scientifically most advanced nation in the world, was slowly poisoned by this breed of conspirators and destroyed. The most terrible and inhuman slavery was inflicted upon the `dirty' and `filthy' abrahmanas, until they were finally reduced to a status worse than sub-humans.

Indian Express, Wednesday, April 28, 1999

The Jayalalitha baggage

Ritu Sarin

... Jayalalitha's trouble with the law enforcement agencies began soon after she relinquished charge as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister in May 1996. Soon, the state's Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) launched a six-day search operation at her Poes Garden residence and business establishments, which led the agency to a virtual treasure trove. Courts were told that the raids resulted in seizure of some 28 kg of jewellery (worth Rs 51 crore), 91 wrist-watches, 41 air-conditioners, 10,500 sarees, 750 pairs of footwear and so on ...The raids also led DVAC to sheaves of documentspertaining Jayalalitha's properties and business transactions in which she had allegedly intervened as Chief Minister.

The investigations led the DVAC to some startling revelations. For instance, while before she was Chief Minister, Jayalalitha's assets were worth Rs 2.01 crore, after five years in power, her assets were calculated to be disproportionate by Rs 66.65 crore. The probe into the assets began in June 1996, on the basis of a complaint filed by Subramanian Swamy. After 1,053 witnesses and 15,000 pages of evidence were examined, a formal case under the Prevention of Corruption Act was registered.

The case of the prosecution is that while Jayalalitha along with her confidant, N. Sasikala and V.N. Sudhagaran, Sasikala's nephew, went on an acquisition binge between 1991 and 1996. They, the prosecution said, floated 32 business partnerships together, but there was very little activity that took place in these companies. And no Income Tax or Commercial tax was paid. In all, Jayalalitha and Sasikalaowned 11 properties (worth Rs 15.93 crore) and Jayalalitha's associates (held by them on her behalf) owned 109 properties (worth Rs 30.45 crore).

Among the business scams, courts have framed charges in three, including the case of disproportionate assets and colour TV case and chargesheets have been filed in the TANSI case and the coal scam. Briefly, the charges faced by the AIADMK supremo are as follows:

  • Land sold for half price by Chief Minister Jaya to citizen Jaya: A foundry unit owned by the Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation (TANSI) was sold to Jaya Publications in 1992, at almost half the price quoted in guidelines. Bureaucrats who had opposed the sale of the property were transferred. Jayalalitha signed both the sale agreements and her company got pecuniary advantage to the tune of Rs 3.5 crore. Several complaints were filed on the deal and in 1995, it was the Tamil Nadu Governor, M. Channa Reddy who gave sanction for prosecution.
  • Rural Tamil Nadu got the most expensive TVs: AsChief Minister, Jayalalitha approved purchase of 45,145 TV sets for rural habitations with a population of more than fifty families. Quotations from 197 firms were called and six of them finally participated in the negotiations. Jayalalitha, as Chief Minister, had personally intervened in the purchase and approved it at the highest rate. The estimated loss in the deal was Rs 10.16 crore.
  • Spare-part dealer imports coal: Here, Jayalalitha is alleged to have ordered imports of poor quality, over-priced coal from Indonesia, overruling objections of the Public Works Department. As Chief Minister, she allowed forging of tender documents and personally asked the Prime Minister to give customs exemption for the consignments. One of the importers was known to Sasikala and was discovered to be dealing in automobile spares. The loss, in the first coal contract being investigated, was of Rs 6.57 crore and a chargesheet, with 63 documents attached, has been filed.
  • Quarry licences renewed, rules violated: Inwhat is known as the granite case, Jayalalitha, who was also Industries Minister, faces allegations of illegally renewing licences of nine quarries, causing a loss of Rs 12.05 crore to the State. The licences had been granted overruling protects of the Law Department and bypassing the Finance Department. Instead of tenders being called, nominations were issued. The scam surfaced when Dhyaneswaran, an alleged associate of Jayalalitha, was raided by Income Tax officers. He later gave a statement listing all the bribes given by the lessees. Witnesses have confirmed the payments and the case is under investigation. Besides these, there are a spate of corruption cases faced by Sasikala, Jayalalitha's closest associate and Chairperson of JJ TV. In one case, she is alleged to have paid $ 880,000 to two companies without seeking the RBI's permission and made a third payment to Intersputnik Moscow. In another, she is alleged to have deposited $342,000 in an NRI account in Malaysia.

    A number of Jayalalitha's formercabinet colleagues and senior bureaucrats who worked with her are also facing the flak from the investigating agencies.

    Among the prominent persons to have their names clubbed along with the Jaya scams are former revenue minister S.D. Somasundaram, former speaker of the Tamil Nadu Assembly Sedapatti R. Muthiah, former health minister S. Muthuswamy, former agriculture minister K.P. Krishnan and former education minister K. Ponnuswamy.

  • TT
    Tamil Tribune, Sept. 2000
    " The ultimate goal of the Indian Government dominated and controlled by Hindian politicians is to destroy all other cultures-languages and Hindianize-Sanskritize the artificial `Indian Union' "

    `Sanskrit is their Father Language,' Thanjai Nalankilli, Tamil Tribune, September 2000

    Source: http://www.epw.org.in/34-24/comm1.htm

    by Nambi Oraon
    Dalitstan Journal,
    Volume 2, Issue 6, Dec. 2000

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