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Brahmin Raj 1999-2000

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Full Article Index (1999-2000: Volumes 1 and 2)

  • Rajiv Gandhi - Bofors Brahmin! - The Brahmins behind the Bofors Scam

  • Jayalitha - Corrupt Brahmin Film Actress - A Summary of Jayalalitha's Brahmanic Corruption Scams

  • Narasimha Rao the Brahmin Convicted of Corruption - Another Brahmin engaging in Corruption

  • Romesh Sharma the Brahmin Criminal - Brahmin Conspiracies, Brahmin Corruption!

  • Indian Newspaper calls for Expulsion of Brahmins from Bihar! - Mainstream newspaper calls for `Final Solution'

  • Classification of the Brahmanic Dark Ages

  • Brahmanism - Religion of Hate and Exploitation

  • Brahmin Criminals dominate Psec Candidate List

  • Steepest Defence Hike in Indian History - War-mongering Pundit Vajpayee the Brahmin hikes defence spending.

  • Kautilyan IT Bill Introduced - Brahmin Thought Police in Action.

  • Kalidasa's 800 year Life

  • Kalki Avatar and End of the World - Kalki Incarnation: Another Brahmin conspiracy

  • Literature - the Failure of Ancient India

  • Lost Races - People Obliterated by Brahmanism

  • Lost Vedas - How Much is Lost?

  • Nazism - Its Brahmanic Origin - On Blavatsky, Savitri Devi and A.K.Mukherji

  • Nehru and the Afghan Invasion - the Brahmin role in supporting Soviet genocide of 1 million Muslims in Afghanistan

  • Nehru on Brahmin Bomb

  • The Ocean of Story - Mirror of the Times

  • Palmistry - Brahminist Power Methods

  • Narasimha Rao the Brahmin and His Final Solution to `Sikh Problem' - Shocking article unveils Brahmin conspiracy to eradicate Sikhs from India.

  • Sikhs greet RSS Brahmin with Swords

  • Sanskrit Year 1999 - But Nobody Speaks It !

  • Sanskrit, English and Dalits - Scholarly article on language.

  • Sanskritization and Hindicization - The unholy alliance between Brahminists and Hindi fanatics.

  • Sati was started for preserving Caste - Cementing the inhuman caste system.

  • Sanskrit - A Language of Obscurantism - From the Modern Rationalist

  • State Terror in Punjab - Mass extermination of Sikhs during Brahmin Congress regime.

  • Theories on the Survival of Erotic Sculptures on Brahmanic Temples - The erotic sculptures on Vaishnava and Vaidik temples are survivals of demolished Shaiva temples.

  • UP's Killer Cops - Who are the Terrorists?

  • Vedic Origin of Racism - How did Racism originate?

  • Why Science declined in Ancient India ? - How Brahmins destroyed Buddhist science in andient India.

  • Is the Gurukul System of Education suitable for India? - The faults of the Brahmin education system.

  • The Brahmin Conspiracy to Destroy the Indian Constitution - The slowly unfolding anti-Amedkar Conspiracy by Nehruvians and Hindutvadins.

  • Manu and the Indian Constitution - What does the learned Pandit Manu have to say?

  • Founding Fathers of Totalitarianism - Comrade Kautilya and Comrade Nehru

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