Brahmanism - Religion of Hate and Exploitation

by Siva Rangan Rao

Vedism and its off-shoots Vaishnavism and Smartism, collectively bracketed under the term Brahmanism or Brahmana dharma, is essentially a religion based on hatred and exploitation. Indeed, Brahmanism is not a religion at all, but a form of apartheid, the Vedas being racist texts akin to the Slave codes used in the US Deep South. The deadly poisons of racism and totalitarianism aprung from the Vedas and from Hindu India this venom spread into Europe. When these slave codes were translated into European languages by Indologists, these ideas of the supremacy of the White Man spread like the pestilence throughout Europe, leading to the misery of slavery and apartheid in the US South and in South Africa, and to the terrible Aryan Nazism in Germany. Swami Dharma Anand Tirtha has summarised this form of hatred :

"When the ancient priests set themselves up as an exclusive caste of Brahmans in order to establish their self-assumed superiority, they had to inflict degradation on all other Hindus (i.e., original Indians) and press them down to various layers of subordination. They had to keep the people divided, disunited, weak and degraded, to deny them learning, refinement and opportunities of advancement, and permanently and unalterably to tie them down to a low status in society. The Hindu social organization based on hereditary castes was evolved by the Brahmans with the above object and was enforced on the people with the help of foreign conquerors. "

-- `History of Hindu Imperialism' ,
Swami Dharma Theertha,
Madras, 1992, p.164.

One need only remember the horrible customs of

  • Sati (Brahmin burning of mainly Dasoo or non-Brahmin widows),
  • Hijrahism (Brahminist mass castration of Sudra men to serve as male dancers in temples, and to act as servants to Brahmins),
  • Female Infanticide (Brahmin mass murder of female infants)
  • Devadasism (White Hindu-Aryan sexual exploitation of Black Sudric women)
  • Vegetarianism (Brahminist mass starvation of non-Brahmins)

    which the Brahmins inflicted on the masses in order to understand the true animal level to which the Indigenous Indians had been degraded to.

    Advice : Oh Dasu ! Trust the Brahmin at thy own risk. Cheating a Dasoo is no crime in Ved Dharma. Betraying a Dasoo is no sin to a Brahmin. A drunken drug-addict, lying Brahmin is a thousand-fold better in the eyes of Vishnu than a truthful, pious, honest Sudra. If you still doubt this advice, go and read the Vedic law-book expounded by Manu !

    -- Shiva Rangan Rao,
    Dalitstan Journal,
    Volume 2, Issue 6 (Dec. 2000)

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