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Updated: Jan. 1, 2002
Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! We wish all our readers a Happy New Year 2002!

As alert readers will notice, this website has been undergoing a major expansion phase in the latter half of 2001. That phase is now over! We wish to thank all those who helped us redesign the site, especially Kandan and Pillai who created the wonderful new 3d logos and new page designs. We would like to have your feedback on the new Dalitstan Journal, especially with regard to design.

As many of you have noted, Dalitstan Journal has undergone expansion in terms of number of articles published as well. This is due to the astronomical increase in submissions we have received. In order to keep up with the volume, it was necessary to change the old directory structure. This means that he URLs of some of the old articles have moved. All articles are still there, you may just have to search a little bit. We recommend clicking on `site map' above. I you are a webmaster linking to them, please update your links. Note that this won't happen again as the articles are now in their permanent locations.

Dalitstan Journal is a bi-monthly publication devoted to high-quality research on Dalit-Dravidian issues. In order to view the latest edition, please click the Reload button on your browser. The current issue is Jan. 2002

Latest Issue

Volume 3, Issue 1 (Jan, 2002)


Bible of Aryan Invasions

Waves of Aryan invaders & the Sudra Holocaust

Brahmin Gold

The fabulous amounts of wealth looted by Brahmins.

Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded

Debunking the One-Hindu Religion Theory

Genocide of Women in Hinduism

Mass Murder of Women in Hinduism

Anti-Sanskrit Scripture

Exposing Sanskrit, `holy' language of the Brahmin race.

What is this Hindu Rastra ?

Understanding Hindu Rashtra better.

O You Hindu Awake !

A wake-up call for the low-caste Sudras

The Hindutva Offensive

The Hindutva attack.


Mahatma Phule on the Anglo-Brahmin Conspiracy

Collapse of the Brahminist Empire

Gandasa's classic book on the coming break-up of the Indian Union.

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