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Vedas have Nuke Power

Deccan Chronicle , 29 Dec. 2000

Vedas have nuke power, says scholar

Hyderabad, Dec. 28: While the world seeks newer ways of harnessing nuclear growth and atomic energy, India's Vedas apparently knew about them all along.

The Rig Veda speaks of the `complete atomic structure' in the 164th suktha in the first mandala and modern science could do better than explore the gene structure, says noted vedic scholar Kemchand Sharma. In town to display his healing powers, Sharma says the hidden wisdom in the vedas is `beyond' the grasp of modern science and technology.

Talking on `Nuclear Growth in Vedas', at a function of the Rajasthani Graduates Association, Sharma sneered at the Big Bang theory. `Contrary to the belief that the Universe was formed after the great explosion, space and planets came from the Brahman,' he claimed. Explaining the origin and growth of life, Sharma quoted the Vedas on ?karan, sthula and sookshma?. Sharma says modern science would reach a dead end with the DNA molecules but atomic and nuclear energy could be created, controlled and used for better purposes.

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