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Sanskritists float New Theory of Gravity

After having `proven' to their own satisfaction that there was never any Aryan Invasion, and consequently no Sudra Holocaust, Negationists and believers in the Vedic Sindhu Theory have now moved on to make further astounding discoveries. Wherever they go, the `indigenists' are turning established history and science on its head. The latest in this trail of new discoveries is that Newton did not discover gravity. The credit belongs to - who else ? - two Brahmin researchers Arya Bhatt (Bhatt is a common Brahmin title even today) and Bhaskar Acharya (Acharya is a universal Brahmin title).

Newton did not discover Gravity !

Saffron Government's Latest Discovery

Deccan Chronicle
Deccan Chronicle , Mon. 1 Jan. 2001,

Mera Bharat Mahan: Sangh floats new theory of gravity

New Delhi, Dec. 31: If you thought you knew gravity was discovered by Newton, Columbus discoverd America and Pythagoras formulated his famous theorem, think again. An RSS booklet is doing the rounds, giving its own version of history and scientific achievements. Going by the booklet `Garv se kaho hum Hindu hain' (Say with pride we are Hindus), the world's existence over the last 1,000 years and more was futile. For, all that was there to know was already known to ancient Hindus. Like Aryabhatt and Bhaskaracharya knew about gravity at least 500 years before Newton did.

Or that Indians landed in the US before Christopher Columbus did. And Bodhayan defined the geometrical principle in the sixth century which is in fact the Pythagoras theorem. Known for their outrageous views, the RSS has this time targeted science itself. It brazenly discounts Benjamin Franklin's discovery of electrical force saying electricity, magnetism, sound and ether were defined in vedic times.

In medicine, the Sangh says Sushrut, who existed 2600 years ago, operated on cataract, caesarean delivery and organ transplant.Naval transport began in river Indus 6,000 years ago, the world's first dam- based water reservoir was built in Saurashtra and an artificial lake Sudarshan made on Raivatak Hill in Chandragupta Maurya's reign. The booklet also claims that Hindus invented the number system as well as the decimal system. Though Aryabhatt used shunya in sixth century, the concept was known thousands of years before him in pre-vedic times, the RSS adds.

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