Sudra Holocaust Museum

Due to the predominance of Brahminist intellectuals in all sections of the Indian Government, the Government of India has been for the last 50 years propagating various negationist theories aimed at denying the Sudra Holocaust. These attempts range from the blatant right-wing Vedic Indus Theory (VIT) espoused by Hindutva to the less blatant 'soft' AIT espoused by Pseudo-Secularists. All these theories are exposed in this section.

Asko Parpola refutes Vedic Indus Theory
N. Rajaram, Brahmin Historian & Father of Vedic Indus Theory

" [N]umerous facts suggest[] that the Harappans mainly spoke a Dravidian language. The Harappans are estimated to have totalled at least one million people, while the primarily pastoralist Aryan-speaking immigrants could have numbered only a small fraction of this. "

Of Rajaram's 'Horses', 'decipherment', and civilisational issues Asko Parpola, Frontline, Volume 17 - Issue 23, Nov. 11 - 24, 2000


" One of the most prolific chauvinistic writers, [Rajram] indiscriminately lashes out ... at "western" Indological studies .. or at the supposedly "Marxist Delhi historians", at Muslims and Christians inside India, fanning communal hatred and promoting an imagined, ideal and perennial India that never existed. "

'A Bushy Tail: The Piltdown Horse,' Michael Witzel, Outlook India, November 06, 2000


Asko Parpola debunks Vedic Indus Theory

Rig Veda composed in Afghanistan

The Direction of Harappan Writing

The Vedic Piltdown Horse

Westward Ho! The Incredible Wanderlust of the Rgvedic Tribes Exposed

Horseplay in Harappa
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Romila Thapar demolishes Vedic Indus Theory

Vedas have Nuclear Power, claims Brahmin Scholar

Sangh floats new theory of gravity

Prof. Zydenbos Refutes Pandit Rajaram's Out-of-India Theory

Taj Mahal was Hindu Temple

Negationist Researchers adopt Herbal Fuel

Vedic Indus an `Optical Illusion'

Sanskritists float new Theory of Gravity

Harappan Horse-Seal a Hindutva Fabrication

Columbus beaten by Vedic Sailors

Ambedkar on Aryan Invasions