Torture and Execution

The Sudra Holocaust involved the most inhuman torture of the indigenous Sudras at the hands of the Aryan invaders. Not only were Sudras killed en masse during wartime, they were often executed in peace-time by the most heinous methods imaginable and for the flimsiest of reasons. This peace-time murder of Sudras lasted for much longer periods than the intermittent warfare, and made a significant cumulative contribution to the total democide of the Sudra Holocaust and the ultimate annihilation of Sudroids in the Indus-Ganges valley.

Pouring of Boiling Oil into Sudra Mouth

The Aryan Brahmins imposed the most inhuman systems of repression upon the non-Brahmins which involved the most perverse and inhuman acts of torture imaginable. The heinous forms of murder included the pouring of boiling oil into the ears of Sudras -

Manu Smrti VIII.272
" If a Sudra arrogantly teaches Brahmins their duty, the king shall cause hot oil to be poured into his mouth and into his ears."

Pouring of Molten Metal into Sudra Ears

Not only was boiling oil poured down the ears of independant Sudras, in certain other cases molten metal was used instead. Thus, the Brahman law-giver Gautama prescribes the following savage punishment for Sudras who listened to recitations of the Aryan Vedas -

Gautama Dharma Sutra 12.4
" Now if a Sudra listens intentionally to (a recitation of) the Veda, his ears shall be filled with (molten) tin or lac. "

Cutting off of Sudra Tongues

Another cruel and inhuman method which the `holy' Hindu texts prescribe for torturing Sudras is the cutting off of their tongues for speaking out against the Aryan and, later, the Brahmanic tyranny. -

Manu Smrti VIII.270
" A once-born man (a Sudra), who insults a twice-born man with gross invective, shall have his tongue cut out; for he is of low origin. "

Gautama Dharma Sutra 12.5
" If a Sudra recites (Vedic texts), his tongue shall be cut out. "

Negationist Hindutva and Pseudo-Secular historians often claims that these laws were not enforced in actual practice. This theory is refuted by the testimony of several travellers, who explicitly mention that this Brahmanic punishment was actually practiced. Indeed, many travellers were eye-witness to such cases. Witness the following passage by Al-Beruni -

Confirms Amputation of Sudra Tongues

" The Vaisya and the Sudra are not allowed to hear it [ the Veda ], much less to pronounce and recite it. If such a thing can be proved against one of them, the Brahmans drag him before the magistrate, and he is punished by having his tongue cut off. "

`Al-Beruni's India,' transl. E.C.Sachau, Vol.I, Ch.XII, p.125 ]

Thrusting of Iron Nails into the Mouth

Another cruel method of torture which the Aryan regimes enforced upon the Sudras was the thrusting of a red-hot iron nail into the mouth of Sudras who had committed minor transgressions -

Manu VIII.271
" If he mentions the names and castes (Jati) of the (twice-born) with contumely, an iron nail, 10 fingers long, shall be thrust red-hot into his mouth ."

Chopping off of Limbs

For the most trivial of infringements, the Sudra could have his hands, feet or legs chopped off by his Aryan tormentors. The savage Brahmins never hesitated to immediately inflict the heinous tortures perscribed in the Vedic texts and mercilessly chopped off the hands, feet, legs and fingers of their Sudra slaves.

Manu VIII.279-280
" With whatever limb a man of a low caste does hurt to (a man of the three highest castes) even that limb shall be cut off ; that is the teaching of Manu. He who raises his hand or a stick, shall have his hand cut off ; he who in his anger kicks with his foot, shall have his foot cut off ."

Manu VIII.282
" If out of arrogance he [ a Sudra ] spits (on a superior), the king shall cause both his lips to be cut off; if he urines (on him), the penis; if he breaks wind (against him), the anus."

" If ha lays fold of the hair(of a superior), let the king unhesitatingly cut off his hands , likewise (if he takes him) by the feet, the breard, the neck or the scrotum."

Such punishments were also meted out during the totalitarian regime of Pandit Kautilya " "If a woman labourer after receiving her wages did not turn up for work, her thumb was cut off." [ Arthasastr.II.23 cited in Jain, p.234 ]

The traveller John Fryer, who visited India in the 1670s and hence an eye-witness to Brahminist oppression, described the dehumanising effects of Brahmin rule in Maharashtra : " The cruel exactions of Mahratta rule were patent on all sides. The great fish preyed upon the little ones, until the poorer classes wer brought into eternal bondage. The Brahman officials tortured the revenue farmer and the farmers tortured the cultivators." [ Wheeler and Macmillan, p.62 ]. This was during the tyrannical rule of the Peshwa Brahmins and confirms the cumulative effects of their oppression of Marathas and Dalits.

Gashing and Branding

Another inhuman method of torturing Sudras was the method of gashing and branding. " If a low-caste man who tries to place himself on the same seat with a man of a high caste, shall be branded on his hip and is banished, or (the king) shall cause his buttock to be gashed." [ Manu VIII.281 ]

Sawing alive

If a Sudra Negroid remembered verses from the `holy' Vedas, he would be sawed alive -

Gautama Dharma Sutra 12.6
" If he [ a Sudra ] remembers them [ Vedic Verses ], his body shall be split in twain. "

The reason for these inhuman acts was solely religious bigotry on the part of first the Aryan invaders who followed the hate-filled verses of the Vedas, and subsequently by the unparalleled fanaticism of the Brahmins who ruthlessly enforced the savage Manu-Smrti and Kautilya Arthasastra upon the Sudras.

The life of a Sudroid Negro is, as per the `holy' Hindu law-books, lower than that of an animal. " The Vaisya and the Sudra are not allowed to hear it [ the Veda ], much less to pronounce and recite it. If such a thing can be proved against one of them, the Brahmans drag him before the magistrate, and he is punished by having his tongue cut off ." [ al-Beruni.i.125 Ch.XII ]

The Arab traveller further noted the manner in which the Brahmins persecuted the Sudras - " Every act that is considered the privelege of the Brahman, such as saying prayers, the reciting of the Veda, and offering of sacfirices to the fire, is forbidden to him, to such a degree that when, eg. a Sudra or a Vaisya is proved to have recited the Veda, he is accused by the Brahmans before the ruler, and the latter will order his tongue to be cut off . However, the meditation on God [ is not prohibited ]." [ al-Beruni.ii.127 Ch.LXIV ]

In general, the life of an indigenous Sudra is considered lower than that of an animal -

Manu Smrti XI.132
" Having killed a cat, an ichneumon, a blue jay, a frog, a dog, an iguana, an owl, or a crow, he shall perform the penance for the murder of a Sudra."

After such mind-boggling atrocities, it is indeed surprising that the Sudras survived. This was due to their sheer will of survival. No surprise then, that Mani Varadarajan has called for the observance of a `Dalit Holocaust Day' -

"Dalit Holocaust Day - August 18"
Mani Varadarajan , alt.hindu, Thu, 17 Aug 1995

Dear Friends,

Please observe a moment of silence in the memory of all those human beings who were slaughtered by the merciless sword of uppercaste Hindu


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