Elementary Evidence for the Sudra Holocaust

The concept of a Sudra Holocaust is generally denied by the Brahmanist Government. It does not require the knowledge of an archaeologist, however, to grasp the historicity of the Sudra Holocaust. Elementary, day-to-day facts indeed prove that such an event occurred.

Dravidians in the South

The very fact that the Dravidians are located in the South proves the historicity of the Sudra Holocaust. Their presence in the South virtually eliminates their post-Aryan immigration from a more southern region.

Brahuis and Northern Dravidians

The survival of Brahuis and other Dravidian isolates in remote regions of the North indicates that they were pushed aside by invading Aryans. Northern drift of the Brahuis into already existing Aryan populatin is refuted by the Brahuis' habitation of isolated mountains - a feature which can only be explained by their being driven from the plains.

Caste System

The survival of a caste system, with the three Aryan castes of Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas and the Negroid Sudras at the bottom is a merely a replication of what occurred in the US South. Caste systems were establisherd wherever one race conquered another. The Sudras are repeatedly referred to as `black', `thick-nosed' and `full-lipped' in Sanskrit and Prakritic texts, and caste in Sanskrit is `varna' or skin-color. A section of the Sudras comprise the Chandallas or Black Untouchables - the people who later came to be known as Dalits. The caste system is thus, in itself proof of a Sudra Holocaust.

Continuing Caste Wars

Caste wars rage in various parts of India. In Bihar, the Bhumihar sub-caste of Brahmins is engaged in violent struggle against the Dalits. In Sri Lanka, the Sinhala-Buddhists are engaged in civil war against the Tamil Shaivas.

Four Castes

Whereas all Indo-European peoples possessed three castes, the Indo-Aryans possess four. The fourth caste thus necessarily represents the enslaved and subjugated indigenous Sudras. The Latins possessed the Flavians (priests), Milites (warriors) and Plebins (commoners), which ocrrespond to the Aryan Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas.

Annihilation of Shaivism in North India

That the Shaiva religion flourished in the Indus Valley civilization is proven by the discovery of Harappan seals bearing the figure of seated ithyphallic Shivas. However, at the present day, Shaivism is confined to the Dalits and Adivasis, who form 25 % of the population. There are also very few Shiva temples, and Brahmanism (Vedism and Vaishnavism) are the predominant religions of North India. Shaivism, meanwhile, continues to flourish in south India, with Tamil Nadu as its prime locus. This fact once again can only be explained by invoking the Sudra Holocaust, with the Shiva temples and Shaivite civilization which was built up by the indigenous Sudroids being wiped out by the Vaishnava Aryans.

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