Sudra Holocaust Museum
Genocide of Dalits
in the
Indian Union (1947ff.)

Updated : April 15, 2001

This section of the SHM documents the modern genocide of Dalits in South Asia. The continuing killings is indeed a `fossil' of the Sudra Holocaust, and an appalling chapter. This section is regularly updated as documentation for the continuing Sudra Holocaust. Note: For articles marked `link', hit your browser back button to return to this page.

Genocide of 1 Million Dalits
The Pioneer
The Pioneer, 30 Jan. 2000 (http://www.dailypioneer.com)
"... The religion based on caste system has annihilated millions of Dalits over the centuries. About three million Dalit women have been raped and around one million Dalits killed from the time of Independence. This is 25 times more than number of soldiers killed during the wars fought after independence. That is why Dalits do not need Aryan culture or Hindu Dharma based on caste any more. ..." [Dr. Tulsiram]

Atrocities: 2001

  • Dalit woman, 5 kids burnt alive (April 8, 2001) (link)
  • Dalit leader murdered (March 13, 2001) (link)

Atrocities: 2000

Pile of Skulls

Mass Murder of Dalits : Ethnic Cleansing in South Asia

2 Dalits killed Per Day
40 Million Dalits Enslaved
Promotio Justiae
No. 71, July 1999
Daily Star News
Volume 2 Number 276, Sun. May 30, 1999
"The 1991 Government survey of India states that on an average day, two Dalits are killed, three Dalit women are raped, two Dalits' houses are burned and fifty Dalits are assaulted by people of a higher caste." " More than 60 per cent of Dalits are landless. Over 40 million of them are bonded labourers. Dalits are the worst victims of labour coercion."

Atrocities: 1999

Ranvir Sena: The Brahmin Army
Detroit News
Detroit News, Tuesday, February 17, 1998
" [H]igh-caste Brahmins formed a private army, the Ranvir Sena, to stop communists from encouraging Dalit field workers to demand higher wages "

Atrocities: 1998

  • Bihar: Rapistan for Dalit Women (Nov. 2, 1998) (link)
  • Dalit Girl blinded (Dec. 15, 1998) (link)
  • Dalit Boys tortured for Dating High-caste Girls (1998) (link)
  • Dalit Woman burnt alive in Himalayas (July 20, 1998)
  • Hands of 7 Dalit children burnt (December 28, 1998) (link)
  • Dalit houses burnt by Marathas (September 18, 1998) (link)
  • Nagribazar Massacre : 10 Dalits Killed (May 11, 1998) (link)

Atrocities: 1997

Atrocities: 1996

Atrocities: 1995

  • Dalit girl blinded for using Cup (August 1995) (link)

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