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Updated: May 3, 2001






Elementary Evidence for the Sudra Holocaust

The Invasions

History of Aryan Conquest of India told in Modern Genes

The Aryan Invasion of India

Methods of Extermination

Torture and Execution

Genocide of Dalits, Indian Union 1947ff

A compilation of documents relating to the mass murder and genocide of one million Dalits since the foundation of the Indian Union in 1947.


RigVeda composed in Afghanistan

Vedas have Nuclear Power, claims Brahmin Scholar

Sangh floats new theory of gravity

Prof. Zydenbos Refutes Pandit Rajaram's Out-of-India Theory

Ambedkar on Aryan Invasions

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Bible of Aryan Invasions
By Prof. Uthaya Naidu

Brahmin Gold
By Prof. Shankar Nadar

Genocide of Dalits
Dalitstan Journal

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